Ocma Dfcop 4 Grade Bentonite

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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25 Metric Tons m.t.
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5000 Metric Tons per Month m.t./month

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

OCMA /DFCP 4 Bentonite


Sr. No.





17.0 m3/tonne


Filtrate loss

15.0 ml max.



12.0 wt% max.


Residue Greater than 75 Microns

2.5 Wt.% Max


Dry screen analysis passing through 150 microns

98 % min.

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Q:What is the rate of making bentonite?
One of the main purposes of bentonite is used as drilling fluid materials. Mudmaking rate is one of the main indicators to measure the slurry properties of bentonite, the unit weight of the bentonite can be formulated with the apparent viscosity of suspension liquid product 15mPa - S (m3/t).
Q:How can the solution be solved if the bentonite is not stirred?
The mud bentonite producers added too many polymers (such as amides), which were not easily dispersed.
Q:Can bentonite be used as expansion agent?
Sulphoaluminates refers to the concrete expansive agent and cement, water mixing after hydration ettringite concrete expansion agent.
Q:What is better, such as needling method, sodium base swelling method, needle coating method and adhesive waterproof blanket in Na bentonite?
Fordated documents, subsequent amendments (excluding corrections) or revisions do not apply to this standard, however, encourage the latest version of the parties to agreements based on this standard using these files. Any undated reference document whose latest edition is applicable to this standard.
Q:The action of adding sodium bentonite into cement
Bentonite can be used as waterproof materials, waterproof felt waterproof board, corrugated board with bentonite sandwiched between two layers of non-woven bentonite and a layer of non-woven fabric with a layer of plastic plate sandwiched with bentonite double waterproof plate, the material has been widely used in the subway, the bottom of the dam, the landfill in underground engineering in. Bentonite has high water tightness and self repair recovery function, its waterproof is dense (sodium bentonite in water under the condition of the formation of the diaphragm, the compactness of 30cm thickness of clay thickness about 5mm, equivalent to 100 times the), good performance of water preservation (sodium bentonite and water reaction when has the expansion force, L3l6 times so it can repair the surface of the concrete crack is less than 2mm) and permanent waterproof properties (sodium bentonite does not occur the phenomenon of aging or corrosion) and other characteristics. Bentonite is harmless to human body and has excellent environmental protection performance. Easy construction. Do not need heating and pasting, not affected by temperature. At the same time, the construction period is short, and compared with other waterproof materials, construction is relatively soft and simple. Just nails and washers. No special inspection is required after construction, and it is easy to repair if water proof defects are found.
Q:What is the gum price of sodium based bentonite?
Mix the bentonite with water and add the right amount of Magnesium Oxide.
Q:What do you mean by "200 eye bentonite" in the data?
Refers to the number of orders per square inch empty eye screen, 50 holes per square inch refers to the 50, 500 is 500, the higher the number, the more holes. In addition to said screen hole, it can be said at the same time for the screen by the particle size, the higher the number, the smaller the particle size.
Q:How does bentonite dry?
According to the characteristics of bentonite material, is the problem of how to improve the filling rate and prolong the residence time of the material in the cylinder body such as a comprehensive technical transformation of drying machine, using the new combined lifting device, no wind tunnel phenomenon of materials, in order to increase the contact area of bentonite particles and hot air to make. Bentonite can fully heat, dehydration; improve the thermal efficiency, but also improve the yield;
Q:What's the influence of Bentonite on the grouting when the shield construction is stopped?
Stop when the bentonite is used to protect the grouting pipe, a method for the long time stop by, stop after the slurry pipe filled with bentonite, external impurities is not easy with the water back to the slurry pipe clogging, so this is a simple and economical way to protect.
Q:How can organic bentonite and artificial bentonite be distinguished?
Test with alcohol. 100ml 1 grams of alcohol and earth. Shake well.
We have our own mines of bentonite, Kutch bentonite is famous in the world for it's extra ordinary quality. We have all grades in bentonite like cat litter, foundry, OCMA, API 13 A, DFCP-4, paint etc, We have our production plant in Kutch-Gujarat with in house r & d house and have well trained technical team, we can also provide bentonite lumps and granules also.We also trade in kaolin powder and lumps.

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