Ocma Dfcop 4 Grade Bentonite

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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25 Metric Tons m.t.
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5000 Metric Tons per Month m.t./month

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

OCMA /DFCP 4 Bentonite


Sr. No.





17.0 m3/tonne


Filtrate loss

15.0 ml max.



12.0 wt% max.


Residue Greater than 75 Microns

2.5 Wt.% Max


Dry screen analysis passing through 150 microns

98 % min.

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Q:What's the effect of adding bentonite to concrete?
The cementing material of concrete in addition to cement has bentonite, clay and so on. It can be mixed with single clay or bentonite, and can also be mixed with two kinds of materials.
Q:Are heavy metals easily exceeded in zeolite powder? Where is the difference between zeolite powder and bentonite?
White mud can only play the role of adhesion, zeolite powder can play a role in adsorption!
Q:What is the influence of sodium temperature on the swelling force of bentonite?
What is the influence of sodium temperature on the swelling force of bentonite?Acid, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium silicate and so on
Q:Most people have to buy cat bentonite cat litter, but it is easy to be the cat lapped. What about licking?
Then look at it every day and see whether it has spirit. Once a month to three months, give it a roundworm.
Q:The action of adding sodium bentonite into cement
The lubrication of bentonite, sealing adhesion, thickening and gelling made of mud, used for lining various operations such as soil seepage, wall construction, grouting, pile, caisson, anti-seepage cement and concrete construction land, additive, solid water transport, sewage treatment and shield lubrication etc..
Q:Mud and Peng Runtu?
Bentonite is also called bentonite and bentonite rock. The development history of China's use of bentonite has a long, just as a detergent. (the Sichuan area for hundreds of years ago in open-pit mine, the locals bentonite clay powder). Were really used only a few hundred years of history in the United States. Ancient formation is found in Wyoming, a green and yellow clay, after adding water into a paste, then people who have this kind of clay, called bentonite. In fact, the main mineral composition of bentonite is montmorillonite. The content of 85-90%, some properties of bentonite are all is decided by the montmorillonite. Montmorillonite can show various colors such as yellow green, yellow white, gray, white and so on. A dense block, but also for the soil bulk, by hand grinding with smooth feel, small body water volume swell after several times to 20-30 times, is suspended in the water, water When it is low, it is mushy. The nature of montmorillonite is related to its chemical composition and internal structure
Q:Difference between expansion factor and expansion capacity
The swelling property of bentonite is expressed in terms of expansion capacity. The volume after expansion of bentonite in dilute hydrochloric acid solution is called expansion volume, expressed in ml / g sample.
Q:The distinction between bentonite and attapulgite and their respective uses
A crystalline hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate, has a unique layer chain structure characteristics, existing lattice replacement in the structure for crystal contains no quantitative Na+, Ca2+, Fe3+, Al3+, crystal acicular, fibrous or fiber shape. Attapulgite has a unique dispersion, high temperature resistance, salt resistance and other good colloidal properties and higher adsorption and decolorization capacity. And has certain plasticity and cohesive force, its ideal chemical formula is: Mg5Si8O20 (OH) 2 (OH2) 4, 4H2O. Having an intermediate structure between a chain structure and a layered structure. Attapulgite Chengtu shape, dense block produced in sedimentary rocks and weathering crust, color white, gray white, gray green, gray green or weak silky luster. The soil is exquisite, greasy and slippery, light and brittle, and the fracture is shell like or irregular, with strong water absorption. With viscosity and plasticity when wet, small shrinkage after drying, not show cracks, water immersion collapse. The suspension does not flocculate and settle in the dielectric.
Q:What is the effect of Bentonite on pellets compressive strength
As the production of oxidized pellets containing MgO additives by calcination of magnesite, investigated the effect of MgO content on the compressive strength of oxidized pellet.
Q:Is it true that montmorillonite content is determined by bentonite or clay?
Montmorillonite content between 70-80, to do paper flow aid, tire release agent. More than 85-95 of the content is called montmorillonite, used in the feed industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Montmorillonite is widely used, and montmorillonite content determines the grade of bentonite.
We have our own mines of bentonite, Kutch bentonite is famous in the world for it's extra ordinary quality. We have all grades in bentonite like cat litter, foundry, OCMA, API 13 A, DFCP-4, paint etc, We have our production plant in Kutch-Gujarat with in house r & d house and have well trained technical team, we can also provide bentonite lumps and granules also.We also trade in kaolin powder and lumps.

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