Wollastonite Powder-Grade B Ceramics Grad

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Wollastonite Powder-Grade B Ceramics Grad


Wollastonite is widely used in ceramic, coatings, plastics, rubber, welding, chemical, metallurgy, construction, automobile ,asbestos substitutes and paper industry . We can supply different grades of wollastonite powder, Acicular Wollastonite and other formal product.


Cas no: 13983-17-0

1*20 FCL can load about 25-27 tons.

Specification OF Ceramics Grade

DescriptionWhite powder

ItemsSiO2 %CaO %MgO %Fe2O3 % S %P %Al2O3Loss %

Grade A≥49≥46≤0.8 ≤0.3≤0.01≤0.01  ≤ 0.8≤1.5 

Grade B≥50 ≥43≤0.8  ≤0.3≤ 0.01≤0.01   ≤ 0.8≤3

Grade C≥51≥40≤0.8≤0.35≤ 0.01≤0.01≤ 0.8≤5

Size80-400 mesh or as request

Specification for Metallurgical Grade

ItemsSiO2 %CaO %MgO %Fe2O3 % S % P %Loss %White Grade

Grade A45-5638-43≤0.8≤ 0.2≤0.001≤0.0014.5-5.5  ≥80

Grade B49-5144-46≤0.8≤ 0.2≤0.001≤0.0011-2.5 ≥85

Size: From 80 mesh to 400mesh or adjusted according to customer’s request

Wollastonite Powder-Grade B Ceramics Grad

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Q:What are the surface modification methods and processes of wollastonite?
Wollastonite commonly used surface modification agent: at present, the wollastonite commonly used surface modification is the main agent of silane coupling agent, titanate and aluminate coupling agent, surface active agent and methyl methacrylate. 1 silane coupling modified silane coupling modification is one of the commonly used surface modification methods of wollastonite powder. The process of dry modification is generally used, and the amount of coupling agent is related to the required coverage and the specific surface area of the powder. Amino silane treatment of wollastonite, wollastonite content is 0.5% of the weight; methacryloyl oxygen containing silane dosage of wollastonite weight 0.75%, these two kinds of modified products were filled with nylon 6 and polyester instead of 30% glass fiber can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the products.
Q:Really useful stone powder and jade powder processing of jade? Do you glue it straight together or do you press it directly?
This identification method has a variety of jade, can be as light but not dazzling, let the light, the permeability is insufficient, it can be across the glass, if it is true, draw the engraving is not false, but also by the method of distinguishing rubber jade.
Q:Conglomerate can not be exploited to destroy
Limestone (Limestone), commonly known as limestone, is a major component of calcite. Limestone is a sedimentary rock. Sometimes contain dolomite, clay mineral and detrital minerals, gray, gray, gray and black, yellow, red, brown red color, hardness is generally small, and the violent reaction of dilute hydrochloric acid. The structure is complex, with two kinds of clastic structure and grain structure. The clastic structure is mainly composed of particles, crystalline matrix and bright crystalline cement. Also known as debris particles, mainly in clastic, bioclastic and oolitic, micritic matrix is composed of calcium carbonate fines or crystal particle mortar, mostly less than 0.05 mm, microspar cements are chemical precipitates filling in porous rock particles in between, is larger in diameter than the calcite crystal particles of 0.01 mm the grain structure is; crystal particles by chemical and biological chemical deposition of.
Q:Chemical TSP and wollastonite filled nylon do contrast to the good toughness
Cleaning and coated with anti - reflective film lenses, such as cameras, slide projectors, microscopes lens, can be used about 20% of alcohol preparation cleaning agent for cleaning. When cleaning application soft brush or cotton with a small amount of cleaning agent, from the lens center outward circular motion. Do not put this kind of lens soaked in cleaning agent cleaning; cleaning the lens shall not force wipe, otherwise it will scratch the antireflection film, lens damage.
Q:What's the use of wollastonite powder in coatings?How do you use it?
Ca3 Si3O9. Three triclinic. Usually flaky, radial or fibrous aggregates. White grayish. Glass luster, pearl luster. Cleavage surface hardness of 4? 0. parallel cleavage {100}, {001} parallel medium, two groups of angle is 74 degree. The cleavage surface density of 2? 78 ~ 91 g / cm 3. is mainly produced in contact metamorphic intrusive rocks and limestone belt as the main mineral component of skarn.
Q:The difference between wollastonite and calcite
Wollastonite is a kind of silicate, because the heat resistance of wollastonite with acicular, fibrous crystal morphology and high whiteness, good dielectric properties and high so it is widely used in ceramics, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction, machinery, electronics, papermaking, automotive and other industries.
Q:Can I use wollastonite mill or vertical mill for wollastonite powder?
The large particle size of the needle like structure of wollastonite is limited by the long radius failure, but if the ultrafine powder is produced, it is recommended to use the air mill.
Q:Excuse me, why is paste tile with stone powder, paste wall tiles with river sand?
1, cement mortar wall generally only a thin layer of powder, the larger particles can not meet this requirement, and the floor tiles of cement mortar generally above 5 cm, this problem does not exist, so the wall with fine sand, floor tiles can be used powder;2, because the wall is only a thin layer of cement mortar, bonding strength must be strong, can stick to the wall, otherwise, will be easy to fall, the formation of quality problems, can fine sand, sand and sand of the spacing between the inevitable small, it is easy to be filled with smaller particles of cement, so it will be cement, but can be combined to achieve both what no pores, so you can protect the brick wall and the adhesion area does not appear or rarely pore, so as to realize the brick wall and become one, as long as the cement strength is strong enough, it must firmly bond;
Q:Main characteristics of Wollastonite
Wollastonite is a chain metasilicate, and is a kind of fiber like needle. Because of its special crystal morphology, crystalline structure determines its properties. Wollastonite has good insulation, high whiteness, good dielectric properties and high heat resistance and weather resistance. Wollastonite is widely used in the fields of ceramics, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, plastics, coating and so on.
Q:What are the specific applications of wollastonite in coatings?
The use of needle like wollastonite, 1 building materials industry: EPS thermal insulation mortar, interface agents, construction steel waterproof, ceramic tile, marble sealant, adhesive polystyrene board, calcium silicate board, powder coating, polymer mortar, anti cracking and impermeable concrete.

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