Metallurgical Wollastonite-Grade A With High Quality

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Wollastonite is widely used in ceramic, coatings, plastics, rubber, welding, chemical, metallurgy, construction, automobile ,asbestos substitutes and paper industry . We can supply different grades of wollastonite powder, Acicular Wollastonite and other formal product.

Cas no: 13983-17-0

1*20 FCL can load about 25-27 tons.


DescriptionWhite powder

ItemsSiO2 %CaO %MgO %Fe2O3 % S %P %Al2O3Loss %

Grade A≥49≥46≤0.8 ≤0.3≤0.01≤0.01  ≤ 0.8≤1.5 

Grade B≥50 ≥43≤0.8  ≤0.3≤ 0.01≤0.01   ≤ 0.8≤3

Grade C≥51≥40≤0.8≤0.35≤ 0.01≤0.01≤ 0.8≤5

Size80-400 mesh or as request

Specification for Metallurgical Grade

ItemsSiO2 %CaO %MgO %Fe2O3 % S % P %Loss %White Grade

Grade A45-5638-43≤0.8≤ 0.2≤0.001≤0.0014.5-5.5  ≥80

Grade B49-5144-46≤0.8≤ 0.2≤0.001≤0.0011-2.5 ≥85

Size: From 80 mesh to 400mesh or adjusted according to customer’s request

4: Picture

Metallurgical Wollastonite-Grade A With High Quality

Metallurgical Wollastonite-Grade A With High Quality

Metallurgical Wollastonite-Grade A With High Quality

Metallurgical Wollastonite-Grade A With High Quality

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Test Result

                         Chemical  Property 















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Q:What are the surface modification methods and processes of wollastonite?
Wollastonite is a calcium metasilicate mineral, often white and greyish white, with a glassy luster to a pearly luster. Because of its non-toxic, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal stability and dimensional stability, good mechanical and electrical properties, as well as strengthening and other advantages, it is widely used as reinforced fillers for polymer matrix composites.
Q:Really useful stone powder and jade powder processing of jade? Do you glue it straight together or do you press it directly?
Yes, this approach is imitation jade, general imitation Gao Pinyu, but is the use of stone powder and jade powder with glue condensation, compression, surface, and then polished can be
Q:Conglomerate can not be exploited to destroy
Limestone (Limestone), commonly known as limestone, is a major component of calcite. Limestone is a sedimentary rock. Sometimes contain dolomite, clay mineral and detrital minerals, gray, gray, gray and black, yellow, red, brown red color, hardness is generally small, and the violent reaction of dilute hydrochloric acid. The structure is complex, with two kinds of clastic structure and grain structure. The clastic structure is mainly composed of particles, crystalline matrix and bright crystalline cement. Also known as debris particles, mainly in clastic, bioclastic and oolitic, micritic matrix is composed of calcium carbonate fines or crystal particle mortar, mostly less than 0.05 mm, microspar cements are chemical precipitates filling in porous rock particles in between, is larger in diameter than the calcite crystal particles of 0.01 mm the grain structure is; crystal particles by chemical and biological chemical deposition of.
Q:The function of wollastonite powder
Wollastonite after finishing has the characteristics of high aspect ratio (10:1-15:1), high whiteness and so on. Has been widely used in plastics, rubber, coatings, ceramics, friction materials, insulation materials, building materials and other industries.
Q:Latex paint, wollastonite powder can replace all heavy calcium carbonate?
The main ingredient in putty is double fly powder, and also acts as filling agent. (the proportion of fly powder in water resistant putty is 70~75%).
Q:Can titanium, barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, wollastonite powder and talcum powder be transported by ordinary vehicles?
The dust of the road: now anti-dust masks must implement the GB2626-2006 standard. Dust masks are divided into three grades: KN100, KN95 and KN90. Among them, KN100 can reach nearly 100% (99.97% of above) dust protection effect. For large particles, the KN95 grade can be used. The protection effect depends on 2 aspects. One is the filtration efficiency of filter cotton. The two is the leakage rate of the mask and face.
Q:What's the use of wollastonite powder in coatings?How do you use it?
Coating wollastonite powder has a good reinforcing effect, which can improve the coating toughness and durability, and can keep the paint surface smooth and good gloss. But also improve the washing resistance and weathering resistance performance, but also can reduce the amount of oil paint and ink and alkali, has corrosion resistance. High quality color bright paint is obtained, and has good levelling property and aging resistance. The coatings can get better mechanical strength, increased durability, enhanced adhesion and corrosion resistance. There is good coverage rate and adhesion.
Q:Can wollastonite be certified by REACH?
There are issues related to REACH consulting Huace Mario, or leave your contact information, Huace swico is a listed company in the REACH industry background, is the absolute leader.
Q:Main characteristics of Wollastonite
The chemical formula of wollastonite is CaSiO3, the structural formula is Ca3[Si3O9], and the theoretical chemical components are CaO 48.25% and SiO2 51.75%. In nature, pure wollastonite is rare, and in its formation, Ca is sometimes replaced by Fe, Mn, Ti, Sr plasma, and is isomorphous, with a small amount of Al and trace amounts of K and Na.
Q:What are the specific applications of wollastonite in coatings?
The use of needle like wollastonite 6, insulation, insulation materials, glass products and polymer composite materials, etc., can improve the product strength, hardness, and heat resistance, bending resistance, corrosion resistance.

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