Water Treatment Equipment Good quality Meet the demands of food sanitation

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UF water treatment for mineral water:


Our UF water treatment system is high desalination rate,low operation cost, UF membrane auto wash and manual wash .

UFmembrane wash use medicament in machine

Using automatic pre-treatment system, realizing operation Unmanned

Using imported granful booster pump, high efficiency with low noise, reliable and stable.

On-line monitoring and controlling the water quality,monitoring the water quality change condition timely, guarantee the water quality.
All indication of purification ,stability and no bacterium for water reach relevant standard of state or enterprise.

We can design any project of the water treatment to meet the demands of our clients, considering both the quality of the raw water and the desired standard of the treated water.

Filling Machine uses Mitsubishi electric components and touch-screen technology, integrating with washing, filling capping. The whole process is in automation, applicable to purified water and mineral water, effortless, simple and efficient. Using the new filling form as contant pressure filling, increasing the filling speed, operation by the PLC micro computer to control, equipping with touch screen and converter, making a more stable, optoelectronic unit to check the components operating situation, higher degree of automation, more simple operation, greatly improving the efficiency and output. It is the first choice for drinking bottled water equipment.

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Q:Can the filtered water of the tap water filter be used directly without water storage?
You can let it out and you can drink it. If you do not write instructions can be directly consumed, it must be burned before boiling to drink.
Q:Is household water filter useful? - Analysis of the function of household tap water filter
Are household tap filters useful? Different kinds of functions are differentHousehold tap water filter is divided into many kinds, there is a simple filtering, such as relying solely on tap water purifier PP cotton, activated carbon, compressed carbon cost is relatively low; there is also a good, such as through the reverse osmosis membrane thoroughly filtered tap water, such as water machine; and through the ultrafiltration membrane to filter the tap water. To the kitchen, drinking water purifier ultrafiltration water standard, the several kinds of tap water filter has its own role.
Q:Is the mineral water purified from the purifier pure mineral water?
Mineral water, if filtered, is mineral water, and trace minerals are not filtered
Q:Why do fish tanks use filters, or are they muddy?
This filter culture of nitrifying bacteria needs to be covered with biochemical cotton, not as good as nitrifying bacteria, afraid of light, and then filter cotton, wash clean
Q:What certification does water purifier need to be certified?
E is the core of the European directive certification "requirements", which is restricted to products without endangering the basic safety requirements of human, animal and goods security, rather than the general quality requirements, the main provisions of directive coordination requirements, general requirements standard task instruction. Therefore, the exact meaning is: CE logo is a safety mark, not a quality mark.
Q:How many levels of purifier of filter water?
Water purifier according to different purification principle and process, can be divided into many kinds. General RO (reverse osmosis filtration precision in 0.00001 micron), nanofiltration (0.001-0.00001 microns filtration) ultrafiltration membrane (filtration accuracy of 0.01-0.001 microns), fine filter (filter accuracy of 0.01 microns or less, such as ceramic filter, PP cotton filter etc.).
Q:What is the water called after the purifier is purified?
Bottled water is bottled after purification. Mainly see what purification process. If it is reverse osmosis purified water
Q:Characteristics of household purified water filters
And generally speaking, the filter kettle has the advantages of simple structure, with Ppmian, activated carbon filter, its ability is limited, can only be used for coarse filtration using ordinary water purifier, 3+2 water purifier filter water heating to boil drinking the best. Known as ordinary water purifier (the industry name: 3+1 water purifier, 3+2 water purifier).
Q:The chemical nickel filter, which has not been bought for a long time, does not pump water
The filter barrel, dosing barrel, pump, pipe are filled with water, and then turn on the machine, and continue to add water in the dosing barrel, once the dosing bucket does not enter water. Reopen on shutdown. If the dosing barrel is flooded, switch off the dosing bucket valve.
Q:Reasons for increasing water quality of water purifier in household filter
Household filter water purifier one machine, the water quality is not increased, but filtered out

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