Water Treatment Equipment for Beverage Plant

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juice/Beverages factory pure water treatment equipment

Purified water can be drinking water, irrigation, city tap water, etc
Capacity range: 100--50, 000liter per hour.

RO pure water apparatus adopts the advanced technology of super-low-pressure reverse osmosis to purify the portable water and running water.

With all kinds of beforehand filters, it can get rid of the unhealthy substances such as sand, grits, suspended substances, bacteria, virus, pesticide residue, heavy metallic ions, and also can get rid of the carcinogenic substances such as chloroform, fluorine.

It can be used as water treatment apparatus in the field of food, drink, chemical, pharmacy, semiconductor, electronics and so on.

Inlet water quality: conform to the hygienic standard of potable water (GB5749-2006) and conductivity :400us/cm

Outlet water quality: conform to the hygienic standard of potable water (GB17324-2005) content of chlorine residue in raw water :0.1mg/l

 Full automatic with qualified components, FRP or SS pre filter tank, ultra filtration membrane auto, manual flush, manual wash by chemical agents, auto stop running under the condition of high water level (or high pressure), auto start running under the condition of low water level(or low pressure), multi stage pump is protected when no power supply, poor power, exceed large electrical current, short circuit or creepage.

Quartz Sand Filter

Usage: Mainly used to remove the algae, suspended solids, colloid, etc

Active carbon filter
Usage: Mainly used to remove water odor, residual chlorine, chloride and heavy metals, reduce color and optimize water quality.

Sodium ion exchanger
usage:Mainly usedfor removing calcium and magnesium

Precision filter
Usage: Mainly used to remove water tiny impurities.

RO system
Usage: This device is used to remove the germs, the harmful inorganic ion, and organic ion; remove heavy metals and salt; rearrange water structure. It is the ideal equipment to make high standard pure drink water.

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Q:Air compressor with a filter, how to spray out, there will be water?
In the compressed air and the condensed water is a normal phenomenon, because the air in the water vapor content and temperature, pressure, general condensing water content of the air compressor with the environment humidity, humidity is greater the greater the water content, the smaller the contrary, has nothing to do with the type of air compressor.The general air compressor outlet pipeline will bring back a gas water separator, the compressed air in the liquid water is separated, can reach the efficiency of 95% above, and then after the cold and dry compressed air dew point will drop to 5 degrees Celsius, after dry machine after the compressed air drops to the dew point -20 degrees celsius.
Q:What are the hazards of drinking water filters?
Are you talking about the prefilter in the water manager?With the kind of Ppmian, 6-8 months to replace the core, waste your time and money, but it is inside the rust and sediment barrier,
Q:How to install the water purifier, what should be reserved for sockets and water pipes?
Before the construction of the water and electricity in the kitchen room, first go to the mall to determine the type and installation method of the water purifier to be purchased! Hose connections may be different from brand specifications!
Q:What's in the water filter?
Different media can be added according to process requirements. Quartz sand is used to remove suspended particulate matter in water, and to improve the temperature of the effluent. Activated carbon: used to remove color, flavor, residual chlorine and organic matter.
Q:What about home water filters?
A simple water purifier is made to improve the water quality.Tools and materialsDrill, scissors.Plastic coke bottle, yarn rope, faucet cover, rubber tube, gauze, rubber plug, activated carbon, ABS glue, medical stone, glass tube, adhesive tape paper.
Q:Is there any difference between water purifier and filter?
The difference between the two:The filter just removes some grainy objects.Water purifiers are harmful substances, such as certain heavy metals ions, that are removed by chemical action or adsorption.
Q:What purifier does deep well water use?
Hello, deep well water is usually hard water. Hard water refers to the high content of sodium and magnesium in water
Q:Which is good for household tap water purifier?
A household water purifier, really good, because I do water treatment, how much to understand a little bit. Which set of more than 6000, the filter is about half a year, or once a year, for a 1200. Really good.Please accept the answer and support me.
Q:Is the water filter useful?
Pure water machine water machine water machine filter filter that we often say, is filtered out can be directly consumed, the equivalent of the market sell bottled water standards, it is the use of ultra low pressure reverse osmosis technology, can effectively remove calcium and magnesium in water, bacteria, organic, inorganic and the heavy metal ion, it put all the minerals and impurities are filtered water, no scale boiling water, water and all harmful substances are filtered out, the scale for more serious family
Q:Is the water purifier more waste?
Depends on what type of purifier you're using1, reverse osmosis: membrane pore size is nanoscale, allowing only water molecules through, the basic 70% is wastewater

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