water treatment equipment new technology

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1water treatment equipment for cosmetic 
2full stainless steel machine 
3easy to operate and clean 
4use US filter 

treatment equipment-----Introduction

1.This product can effectively remove impurities, sediment ,small suspended ,colloids,and  suspended solids in water.

2.The device is widely used in preparation of mineral water, pure water, soft water and drink water, family preparation of cold water, beverage

3.it also can be used in reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration of water supply security filters.

4. Pure water, bottled water, fine filtration, clarification of a variety of industrial water treatment.

5. Purify variety of chemical solution.

6. Water treatment and medicine, liquor and beverage clarification and enrichment.

7. It can effectively remove the liquid suspension, rust and so on.

8. It can tolerate higher filtration pressure.

9. Filter can produce a variety of materials to meet the needs of a variety of fluid filtration.

10. Nice appearance, filtration area, low resistance, long service life, reasonable structure, light weight Precision filter has small size, large flow rate, large capacity of pollutants, high precision, easy operation etc advantages.


I.Function of water softener

1)Reduce the dissolved Calcium and Magnesium

2)Remove Manganese and Fer(Iron) ion concentration in hard water

3)Remove Carbonate, Bi-carbonate and Sulphate ions


II.How it works?

The entire work procedure include exchange softening, backflushing, salt feeding, regenerating and cleaning.

The high sinthetics resin is used to exchange Sodium ion with hardness forming Calcium and Magnesium ions. After producing desired output, the resin is regenerated with [NaCl] Sodium Chloride solution after which unit is again ready to deliver next batch.


III.Brief flowchart

Raw water→ Raw water supply pump→ Water Softener→Water use point


IV.System Configuration:

1.The tank of the softener will be made of Fibreglass- Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

2.Pipeline: To use UPVC1.6MPA international standard pipeline.

3.Control system: Manual control with UPVC ball valve.

4.Resin: To use American Rohm and Haas’


1. Boiler Feed

2. Cooling Tower Make-Up

3. Air Conditioning Plant

4. Textile Processing

5. Beverage Production

6. Hospitals, Hotels, Laundries, etc.

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Q:What about home water filters?
Dynamic process1. take a plastic Coke bottles, remove the bottom seat, drill holes with a dozen red drill at the bottom of the bottle, the bottle plug with a glass tube made of rubber stopper, filter!2. the other to take a plastic soda bottle, cut off part of the seat belt, drill a small hole on the bottle cap, as the outlet, a container.3., in a bottle from the bottom of the bottle 15 ~ 18cm coated with 3 cm wide ABS glue. Cover the inner wall of the flask with a ABS 4cm wide glue. When the glue is dry, cover a bottle with a layer of gauze at the bottom and insert it into the bottle. Stick the two bottles with the cellophane tape and reinforce with the yarn.
Q:Drink tap water well, or purifier treated water okay?
Of course, drinking water purifiers, purified water is good, I Jiezhuang
Q:Is household water purifier necessary for use?
Remove the excess minerals in water, soften the water quality, and make the mineral quality appropriate to meet the needs of the human body.4, can improve the taste of water
Q:Can the purified water of the water purifier be drinkable directly?
What's the principle of the purifier? If it is reverse osmosis, then come out is pure water, bacteria in the water, viruses, minerals can be removed, you can drink directly. If it's ultrafiltration (my home), viruses and minerals, and I boil it. If it's only a simple filter, it must be boiled. Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration two general advantages, such as the above, the drawback is that reverse osmosis requires electricity, waste water discharge rate is very high, ultrafiltration easier. If it is north, there are many impurities in the water, high salinity (meaning here not edible salt), it is recommended to use reverse osmosis, the south water quality is better place to use ultrafiltration.
Q:What is the principle of a water purifier?
The principle of a water purifier is that chemical reactions such as neutralization, catalysis and decomposition are used to remove harmful gases from the indoor air
Q:What kind of sewage purifier is good?
China's sewage barber started late, rapid development, sewage treatment process is mainly used for biochemical treatment, the common process of contact oxidation method, AB method, A/O method, oxidation ditch, SBR, biological aerated filter, flow biological aerated filter. The sewage treatment equipment of diversion biological aerated filter is recommended.
Q:Working principle and structure performance of horizontal vacuum filter
(2) the bottom cleaning filter cake, the filter cake on the machine can respectively or combined washing spray washing, and can be conveniently used two kinds of advection or countercurrent washing, so as to maximize the saving water and improving the recovery rate;(3) filter complete regeneration, filter cloth should be always in continuous operation without blocking state, so the filter washing device is provided with a row of 2~3 flushing pipe, and is equipped with a rolling brush device to adapt to those especially easy to plug the filter slurry;
Q:How do I make a simple drinking water filter?
(4) use crushed stones to grind charcoal into powder, and then put 3~5cm thick sand, charcoal, fine sand, charcoal, sand, and so on (about 5 to 7 layers) in turn
Q:What is the drainage of the filtrate pump of the ceramic filter?
Such as ceramic filter board suction effect is good, check the vacuum barrel from the filtrate pump height difference, generally have about 3 meters height difference, if height difference is small, may water too late to discharge, even without drainage.
Q:Household water purifier business can do?
Microbial bacteria, ultraviolet irradiation technology can kill the water, disadvantage is the range of irradiation and decay, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, suitable for water sterilization; silver loaded carbon can adsorb the bacteria, microbes and release of silver ions to kill. The disadvantage is the silver ion release to reach a certain number before sterilization, and silver is silver metal, water too much harm to health; KDF can adsorb heavy metals; ozone is the presence of odor affect the taste etc..

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