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RO water purifier system is raw water through precision filter, granular activated carbon filters, activated carbon filters, compression, and then through the pump pressure, the use of reverse osmosis membrane pore size 1/10000μm make a higher concentration of water into low concentration of water, while the industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other impurities in the water mixed with a large number of full isolation, to achieve the required physical and chemical indicators for drinking and hygiene standards, outputs to clean pure water is the best choice of body replenish water quality. It is key equipment of pure water plant.

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Q:Filtration principle of water purifying filter
The first stage: role: PP cotton, contaminant filtering of large particlesSecond level: granular activated carbon GAC, role: adsorption of chemical pollutants in water
Q:Is drinking water purifier useful?
Of course, useful, but also to choose a guarantee, no matter which brand, health is their own, depends on the price of water purifier, the parameters to be considered, not advertising
Q:What kind of water does the air purifier add?
Foreign brands, which are well known for their technology, account for about 80% of the market share, dominating the air purifier market. So, here comes the question. When will the domestic brands turn over and be the masters?"At present speaking, foreign brand competitiveness will be stronger, after two or three years, domestic brands will come up.". Because foreign brands rely on its technical forces, as well as its brand advantages. Three years later, domestic brands still have advantages." Zhang told reporters.
Q:What's the name of the filter installed in the water pipe during the decoration?
As far as filtration performance is concerned. The pre filters are now in circulation on the market, in addition to a single stainless steel filter has many accidents, such as softening pre filter: the use of resin or phosphate crystal silicon as carrier, calcium and magnesium ions by ion exchange in the form of removal of high content. In order to solve the scale problem! In addition, the particle carbon pre filter: the use of carbon adsorption characteristics of the adsorption of water, such as color, odor, and residual chlorine, such as sense of the carrier of harmful pathogens! Of course, there are many pre market is to filter stainless steel mesh and softening, filtration or adsorption filter together! This type of mixing filter is generally necessary only under certain water quality conditions!
Q:Find the working principle and correct installation method of Y filter
The Y filter consists mainly of nozzles, heads, strainers, flanges, flanges, and fasteners. When the liquid enters the filter basket through the director, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter blue, while the clean fluid is discharged through the filter basket and is discharged by the filter outlet.The filter is made of a cylindrical surface, the filter basket is designed to increase its strength and is stronger than the single layer web, while the flange cap at the bottom of the Y shape interface can be unscrewed to remove particles of impurities deposited in the filter basket periodically.
Q:About the choice of fish filter!
Neutral white bottom sand about 10 pounds (30 yuan); lamps for 50 cm Aquarium (30-100 yuan), a set of recommended Odyssey 45CM lamp holder; a piece of driftwood (10-15 yuan); negative water amount (10-30 yuan), recommend a flood of Ficus + microsorium + Mo wire (tied to on the wood). A keg of nitrifying bacteria liquid (6 yuan)Sand with hot water disinfection, grass bleach soak for 30 minutes, the bottom sand spread in the bottom, before the high low water approaches, slow water, do not turn on the lights and filters, 24 hours after the water will be completely replaced, re open water, filtering, adding nitrifying bacteria (2 times according to the instructions of the measurement), lights can play 2 hours. After a week of adding nitrifying bacteria every day, turn on the lights for 30 minutes a day, until the lights up to 8 hours.Only a month later, you can join the animals. First of all, you should join the snail and black Marie, moss like fish like algae, if the water quality has been very clear, you can gradually join the ornamental fish.
Q:The difference between a water vapor filter and an oil gas filter
Oil and gas filter can be adopted by the general principle of adsorption or suspension isolation principle design, adsorption principle, mainly by lipophilic materials, oil and gas by lipophilic materials will make the oil and gas in the oil adsorption on its surface, which will filter out oil and gas. Suspension separation principle can make the oil and gas pass through the liquid (such as water) which does not dissolve the oil, at this point, the oil and gas will form small oil droplets suspended in the upper layer of the liquid which does not dissolve oil, thus the oil and gas will be filtered out.As for the structure of water vapor filter and oil and gas filter on a variety of differences, mainly in accordance with the principle of its use is different, there is a difference, talking about the length of space is very long.
Q:Is there any difference between water purifier and filter?
The water purifier is also called water purifier, water filter, the core technology for filtration membrane filter device, source water purifier main technology on ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane RO two, is a small water treatment equipment for deep purification treatment of water by the use of water requirement. The water purifier is usually used as a small filter for household use.
Q:Water purifier with purifier, if you use tap water to purify cold water, can you drink it directly?
To see where the membrane but not appropriate for direct drinking inside is also had bleaching water filtered so I suggest the boil after boiling water after two minutes to drink that can not drink where carcinogens are overnight can not drink is also a carcinogen
Q:Can tank water be filtered with a household purifier?
No matter what kind of change is not the lack of water filtration, filtration, but reduced water fish food residue and even the concentration of ammonia and nitrite, but for residues of heavy metals and harmful bacteria and viruses have not what effect, even becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. So it's necessary to change water regularly. New water can stimulate the growth of fish and inhibit the multiplication of harmful bacteria. For your 1 meter cylinder, change 2 barrels of water a day, almost 1/12 to 1/10 of the whole tank water. If the water is not changed for a long time, although the concentration of ammonia and nitrite can be controlled, but the concentration of nitrate is increasing and PH is decreasing. So don't be obsessed with the idea that you can't change water for a long time, so you can't keep good fish!

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