water treatment equipment/UF system for home sewage water recycling

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1.  The reverse osmosis device is an equipment to purify the saline water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane,it is called reverse osmosis,as it is counter to natural penetration direction,


Different materials have different osmotic pressures,The reverse osmosis method to adopt larger osmotic pressures is used to obtain the purpose to separate,extract,purify and condense.



1.quartz sand filter

Raw water into the filter for a simple mechanical filter, mainly to remove suspended solids in water, colloidal particles and other large impurities in the water when the water pressure and the pressure difference over 10Psi (0.7kg/cm2) or water SDI> 5, the need for backwashing . In general, before running back wash once a day.


2. activated carbon filter

Activated carbon is used wood, coal, shell (nuclear) and other carbonaceous material through chemical or physical method activation made. It has a very large number of pores and specific surface area, which has a strong physical adsorption capacity, the effective adsorption of organic pollutants in water. Primarily to remove organic matter in raw water, chlorine, odor, color, etc., so that the original residual chlorine in water ≤ 0.1mg / l, effective protection of RO membrane from chlorine damage to parts of activated carbon typically 12 to 18 months to replace a The main residual chlorine as determined in raw water.

Under normal circumstances, it needs to backwash once a week.

3.  Precise filter

The third pretreatment, filter spray for the polypropylene melt, filter housing is ABS material, mainly to remove the vast majority of very fine suspended solids.

4.  Reverse osmosis plant

RO reverse osmosis equipment adopts the membrane separation to remove the water ions, organic matter, colloidal particles, bacteria and other impurities in the water desalination and purification to achieve the purpose. The principle is the solution to penetrate the membrane of water and separated, the water is leaking to the solution, the osmotic pressure between the two phases, if the solution phase on the pressure, so the pressure is the osmotic pressure, the solution to the water, the water will be the opposite infiltration to, obtained using reverse osmosis desalination of water. That is enough pressure in the raw water, through the permeable membrane and into pure water, no water through the membrane, the dissolved, suspended solids concentration increases gradually, as the concentration of water out.

Reverse osmosis plant can not only desalt, but also filter out the organic matter, bacteria and so on.  

5. This equipment uses mechanical filters, activated carbon filter as a pre-treatment, it is useful to remove the suspended solids in raw water, sediment particles, organic colloids, organic matter, odor, chlorine and other impurities. With control programmed device as a pre-desalination plant to remove most of the dissolved salts, bacteria, hot stream and so on in raw water, and then using the Ozone device to guarantee the finished water quality standards.

The system is set up automatic and manual modes. Custom programmed system uses conventional relay as the central control device, through the multi-point multi-way  level sensor, dynamic pressure controller combinations to achieve the automatic mode. Manual mode can be used to installation and maintenance the failure which the automatic mode can not work.

 Under normal circumstances, the system can be placed in automatic operation mode of the work of continuous operation, it will automaticly monitor water quality, operation simple, stable, safe and reliable.


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Q:How does the tap filter and enter the water tower?
The first step is to install the water tower filter first. The utility model relates to a water tower filter, which is an improved water tower filtering device, mainly comprising a filter cylinder, wherein the top end of the filter cylinder is provided with an opening, and the bottom end is provided with a sealing surface, and the sealing surface is provided with a plurality of through holes
Q:What do you think - the tap filter is installed directly on the faucet, or is it better to use a filter dispenser?
The use of similar, Shanghai liters directly install the faucet below, there are filtered drinking water machine
Q:What's the difference between a front filter and a faucet filter?
The faucet is filtered to filter the water you use directly. The position and function of the two installations are different.
Q:Air compressor with a filter, how to spray out, there will be water?
The oil filter mainly filters the lubricating oil before entering the injection port in the cooler (heat exchanger), which mainly filters the solid impurities in the lubricating oil, such as metal debrisThe oil and gas separator mainly separates the oil and gas mixture before the gas outlet, and more than 99% of the liquid lubricating oil is separated from the compressed air to enter the lubricating system and recycle repeatedly.The filter outside the air compressor is generally called post-processing equipment. There are gas water separators, filters with various precision grades, and some special filters such as deodorizing filters and oil removing filters.
Q:How do you make your own cigarette filter? The kind of water. You have the best picture
The mind is clear: 1, Yantai Dalian and, from the macro point of view, it wins the drugs, from the individual, from the inside to the outside of the body and silkworm every aspect of every organ, and distort the mind and be enslaved. 2, no intention of useless, people did not evolve into the physiological function of tobacco, people do not need smoke. Giving up smoking is not sacrifice, it is harvest, health, freedom and self satisfaction. Even if the smoke is harmless and does not touch (the world is harmless and does not know the crowd, without any contamination, there will be no sense of loss, why should hard wrapped around the smoke? This point will not go into details. 3, smoking is a kind of disease, but also is a kind of psychological, mental disease, smoking is a delusion and abnormal mentality mischief, smoking mainly cure disease, you can completely ignore the physiological response
Q:What harmful substances can be purified by well water purification equipment?
Tests show that underground water contains a large amount of mineral ionsAt the same time, it also contains a large number of harmful metal ion elements, such as lead, cadmium, calcium and magnesium plasma, in additionBacteria, Escherichia coli, viruses and other microorganisms are also seriously exceeded the national standards for drinking water hygiene standards, but alsoThe hardness of the water is higher and the taste is bitter. Long term drinking water containing heavy metals, bacteria and other serious excessive water, but alsoCan cause a variety of chronic diseases, infectious diseases (such as gastroenteritis, infectious hepatitis) occurred, seriously endangeringPeople's health.
Q:Will the water filtered out of the water purifier smell bad?
As for the odor problem, the waterworks usually disinfect their hair with hypochlorite. They will taste. The most basic thing is to filter out the odor, so this should be ok
Q:Water filter for living quarters
2, the filter core and filter water purification is filtered through the filter at all levels. At present, the common filter material has:PP cotton, common filter, filtering accuracy of 5 m (5 * 10-6 m), can only remove particulate matter. Activated carbon, is an adsorption type filter core, can absorb water odor, some residual chlorine, heavy metals and so on.Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is, filtering accuracy of 0.01 M (10-8 m), can remove microorganisms, heavy metal and organic part.3 RO is a membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, filtering accuracy of 0.0001 m (0.1 nm) can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, and other heavy metals. RO membrane is the filter membrane used for purifying purified water.And ceramic filter, KDF film and so on. The filter element is usually used in combination with several filter membranes. Because the filter core is contaminated, it must be replaced for a certain period of time. PP cotton generally use 3~6 months to be replaced, the other element usually takes 1~3 years to replace every year, replace the filter costs about 100 yuan.
Q:Is it necessary to install household tap water purifier?
Water purifier is not universal, there is no need to install. If the economic conditions permit, you can install.The water purifier is a direct filter of household tap water, so that it can meet the requirements of cooking and drinking in the kitchen. Such purification equipment is the water purifier, the industry is also called pure water machine, water purifier or water filter. The tap water purifier is directly installed on the faucet, and the tap water and the purified water can be freely switched. In the daily use of the water purifier, people can choose the filter of different filter cores according to different drinking water requirements.
Q:What is good tap water purifier?
As part of the tap water has exceeded the national standards for drinking water, tap water purification has gradually entered the family. Water purification, sterilization are those kinds of, there are ultraviolet light, carrying silver, carbon, KDF, activated carbon, ozone, chlorine and iodine resin, etc., with the development of science, various technologies have gradually revealed its advantages and disadvantages. Clean water purification equipment to see whether the combination of various purification techniques, is not to avoid weaknesses, it is best to do so is the key.Microbial bacteria, ultraviolet irradiation technology can kill the water, disadvantage is the range of irradiation and decay, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, suitable for water sterilization; silver loaded carbon can adsorb the bacteria, microbes and release of silver ions to kill. The disadvantage is the silver ion release to reach a certain number before sterilization, and silver is silver metal, water too much harm to health; KDF can adsorb heavy metals; ozone is the presence of odor affect the taste etc..

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