Standing Water Dispenser HD-1031

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Standing Water Dispenser                 HD-1031

Standing Water Dispenser                 HD-1031


2105 fashionable designed free standing water dispenser

1. Environment Friendly & Energy Efficiency Design

2. High Quality Compressor: Panasonic

3. Major Thermostats : EGO (German Brand)

4 ABS anti-scratch stand with adjustable height

5 With water leakage detector

6. Easy maintenance, no tool required for replacement


We are a scale enterprise specialize in small electrical home appliances,such as water dispenser,heater, electric fan, the annual output of all small electrical home appliances more than 1,500,000.


We had always insisted on the management theory of opering the market with the best quality products and seeking development by new products,Relying on the high-qual-
ity products to open the market and good after-sale service to flrm market,the products are popular in the most of cities in China and overseas.Our products have gained favorable comments of the consumers.
For years of efforts,we have created a famous brand, And win the China well-known trademark,which is based on the best quality products and honesty service.


Standing Water Dispenser                 HD-1031

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00001. High-quality products and high capacity

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The 8 GMC Benchmarks

BenchmarksGMC Members
Genuine Manufacturer

factory or brands owned, not a trader or broker


employees engaged in manufacturing process

High-quality Products

quality control system established


ISO certification obtained and in its valid period


products certified by the third party


Considerable company Size

or 2,500,000 USD and above export volume


or 5,000,000 USD and above annual turnover


5,000,000 USD and above production capacity

Trustworthiness and Reputation

good reputation in its industry


no record of illegal activities


statement of its compliance with business morale


Social and Environmental Responsibility

maintain a healthy and safe working environment


comply with all social and environmental laws of relevant

OEM/ODM Experience

prior experience in original equipment manufacturing (OEM)


or prior experience in original design manufacturing (ODM)


 * TÜV Rheinland Group is a leading provider of technical services worldwide. The Group’s mission and guiding principle is to achieve sustained development of safety and quality in order to meet the challenges arising from the interaction between man, technology and the environment.


*TUA Rheintand Group is a leading provider or technical services     The group's mission and guidng principte is to achieve sustained

development of safety and quality in order to meet the challenges ansing  from the interaction bntween man and the environment


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Q:How many days can the water in the water dispenser run for a few days?,
Recommendation: if possible, besides drinking water and cooking, you can use bottled water, neither waste nor improve the quality of life. When you wash your face, add a cup of bottled water. It's good for your skin. The skin also needs to be supplemented with trace elements. Drinking water generally adds trace elements
Q:The utility model relates to a water dispenser, which is capable of producing weak alkaline water through ionization and separation of acid and alkali
Ha ha, we don't need to publicize the relation between water pH and health.In fact, the alkalinity here is only a little deviation from the neutral value, whether it is good for health or not, and there is no authority to prove it.
Q:With electronic refrigeration drinking mechanism, cold water temperature minimum, generally how many degrees?
The same is true of electrons, but electronic ones are difficult to achieve in any way to freeze water into ice. Specific refrigeration temperature specifications are available, and some drinking fountains should be marked.
Q:What kind of drinking water machine is good for family?
As far as refrigeration speed is concerned, in the same refrigeration time, the compression mechanism is much faster than the semiconductor refrigeration, and the continuous supply of ice water is much more than that of the latter. Different refrigeration types of drinking fountains, the price is also very different
Q:Is the water purifier on the water fountain useful?
Product maintenance: complex, filter often need replacement, cleaningWater capacity: weak, generally 0.8 liters / min.Total water production: small, only about 3 tonsPractical application: it is only used to solve a small amount of water problems, and it is very troublesome to pick up water frequentlyInstallation and use: replacement cartridge trouble, can only be used in drinking fountainsFiltration method: closed filtration, easy to produce two pollution
Q:How does the hot water leakage of drinking fountains do?
2, if not only the replacement of smart water bucket seat. Air from the mesh into the sub pool, and then from the smart column into the bucket, the bucket of water and air exchange position, flow into the water dispenser.3, the small round of the hole is the exhaust, and if you do not heat the gall bladder exhaust, it will burst. If you do not boil water is not leaking, then change the heating thermostat on the line, and if not boiled water are leaking, then that is the filter, the bottom of the one-way valve is broken, change it.4, in addition, floater will leak, change a floater will be good.
Q:How to clean the water dispenser with lemon
The teapot and the water diversion machine have been used for a long time, and there will be a thick layer of scale in it. The lemon will be seeded and cut into half into the water separator or teapot for two or three hours, and the scale inside it will be less
Q:How many liters are there on the water fountain?
5 gallons of bottled water, /18.9 litresA gallon is about 3.78 liters, 5 gallons =18.9 litersA cubic water can hold about 52 barrels of /5 gallons
Q:When the vertical water heater is heated, it makes a loud noise. What's the matter?
During the process of water exchange:The structure of most drinking fountains is generally reversed by the barrel of the barreled water, placed on the seat of the water dispenser, and filled with bottled waterAfter the machine, each release of a liter, there must be a corresponding volume of air entrainment of dust, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, fungi and so onA variety of bacteria also attached to the water dispenser, then the bacteria will continue to breed in the water fountain, yellow, sticky slip feeling, timeA long time can reach the degree of endangering human health
Q:What does the water dispenser charge?
The small amount of drinking machine, but as the property of the company to conduct a special entry and storage, thus accounting treatment are as follows:1. according to the storage listBorrow: low worth, easy to consume - water dispenserCash or bank deposit

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