automatic water treatment equipment for cosmetic factory

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1water treatment equipment for cosmetic 
2full stainless steel machine 
3easy to operate and clean 
4use US filter 

water treatment equipment for cosmetic

Water treatment

1.system totally automatic 
2.imported water pressure protection device
3.easy to operate
4 competitve price
 but good preformance

5 CE certificated

6 one whole year warranty after you get the machine at the factory,after sales service will be offered forever

7 cost price offered for the filters replacement


I.Function of water softener

1)Reduce the dissolved Calcium and Magnesium

2)Remove Manganese and Fer(Iron) ion concentration in hard water

3)Remove Carbonate, Bi-carbonate and Sulphate ions


II.How it works?

The entire work procedure include exchange softening, backflushing, salt feeding, regenerating and cleaning.

The high sinthetics resin is used to exchange Sodium ion with hardness forming Calcium and Magnesium ions. After producing desired output, the resin is regenerated with [NaCl] Sodium Chloride solution after which unit is again ready to deliver next batch.


III.Brief flowchart

Raw water→ Raw water supply pump→ Water Softener→Water use point


IV.System Configuration:

1.The tank of the softener will be made of Fibreglass- Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

2.Pipeline: To use UPVC1.6MPA international standard pipeline.

3.Control system: Manual control with UPVC ball valve.

4.Resin: To use American Rohm and Haas’


1. Boiler Feed

2. Cooling Tower Make-Up

3. Air Conditioning Plant

4. Textile Processing

5. Beverage Production

6. Hospitals, Hotels, Laundries, etc.

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Q:How many levels of purifier of filter water?
4, RO reverse osmosis pure water machine is the best water purification product to treat the water effect of rural water and ground water. It has three stage pre filtration, one stage reverse osmosis membrane, precise filtration and one stage post filtration. The filtered water is free of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organic matter, minerals, and distinctive odor. It is a pure water, which can be drunk without heating. This kind of reverse osmosis pure water machine belongs to the top-grade water purification product, each price is between 1000 yuan and 5000 yuan.
Q:Why is it still easy to solve the problem of water after purification? Is there a convenient way?
The amount of sodium carbonate or join in the use of water (common name soda), the salt water to precipitate calcium and magnesium, the water becomes soft water, this water will not appear on the scale.
Q:Can filters be filtered for direct drinking?
It depends on what filter you mean;If the supermarket bought the filter placed on the faucet, that would be fine,
Q:What is a fish tank filter for? Is it reasonable to beat oxygen?
Aquarium filter is a device used for water purification equipment in fish oxygen, the purpose is to remove fecal water dirt, keep the water clear and sufficient oxygen, no harmful substances, no pollution, suitable for the growth of fish. The fish tank has a good filter to keep good fish and less water.
Q:Is household water filter useful? - Analysis of the function of household tap water filter
Is household water filter useful - faucet water purifier?Tap water purifierThe tap water purifier is a miniature water purifier installed directly in the family and hanging on the faucet, it through the PP cotton, activated carbon, carbon and other simple compression filtration of tap water, providing water for main cooking, washing dishes, washing, brushing, general tap water purifier water is not recommended for direct drinking best to boil drinking again.Is household water filter useful - pure water filter?
Q:About "boiled water and purified water treated by household purifier", who is good for human health?
In addition to safety, high quality, nutrition is also an important feature of green food, in the green food product standards embodied in the requirements of its excellent sensory characteristics, quality, quality and nutritional value." In this way, green food not only requires excellent sensory characteristics and quality, but also requires excellent nutritional value. Is there any good nutrition value for pure water? Sure answer: no.! As we all know, pure water processing removes contaminants from the water and removes essential trace elements and macro elements in the water. Water is an important way for the human body to obtain minerals, and is the main source under special conditions.
Q:Does the purified water belong to pure water?
But most water purifiers are based on drinking water, rather than using direct drinking water as standard
Q:Which is good for household tap water purifier?
A household water purifier, really good, because I do water treatment, how much to understand a little bit. Which set of more than 6000, the filter is about half a year, or once a year, for a 1200. Really good.Please accept the answer and support me.
Q:Will the water after the installation of the water filter be not boiled by the superior?
First of all, look at what machines are installed. If the direct drinking machine (reverse osmosis)
Q:Which filter is the best in industrial water treatment?
AFF asymmetric fiber filterPolyester net DECEAD asymmetric fiber rapid filter using asymmetric fiber special beam material as the filter material, the advantages of both the particle filter and fiber filter, with a special structure, make the bed and soon formed large porosity gradient density is small, the filter speed, interception, easy backwashing, especially suitable for water recycling of suspended solids in the filter system. With the advantages of sand fixation and fiber filtration, the effluent is better.

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