Standing Water Dispenser HD-5

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Standing Water Dispenser                 HD-5

Standing Water Dispenser                 HD-5

We had always insisted on the management theory of opering the market with the best quality products and seeking development by new products,Relying on the high-qual-
ity products to open the market and good after-sale service to flrm market,the products are popular in the most of cities in China and overseas.Our products have gained favorable comments of the consumers.
For years of efforts,we have created a famous brand, And win the China well-known trademark,which is based on the best quality products and honesty service.

Standing Water Dispenser                 HD-5

2015 fashionable designed free standing water dispenser

1. Environment Friendly & Energy Efficiency Design

2. High Quality Compressor: Panasonic

3. Major Thermostats : EGO (German Brand)

4. Backup Thermostats : WAKO  (Japanese Brand)

5. Hot Water Tank Insulation foam, UL approved

6. R-134a refrigerant:  INEOS (Japanese Brand)

7. ABS anti-scratch stand with adjustable height


Becoming a GMC manufacturer means:

00001. High-quality products and high capacity

00002.  Substantial export experience and OEM/ODM experience

00003. Genuine manufacturer with ISO certification

00004. Prominent R&D capability

00005. Good reputation within the industry

The 8 GMC Benchmarks

Benchmarks                      GMC Members  
Genuine Manufacturer

factory or brands owned, not a trader or broker


employees engaged in manufacturing process

Considerable company Size

or 2,500,000 USD and above export volume


or 5,000,000 USD and above annual turnover


5,000,000 USD and above production capacity

High-quality Products

ISO certification obtained and in its valid period


quality control system established


products certified by the third party

Dedicated  Exp on  team

necessary educational background


foregin language skills


export  sale experience

OEM/ODM Experience

or prior experience in original design manufacturing (ODM)

prior experience in original equipment manufacturing (OEM)

*TUA Rheintand Group is a leading provider or technical services     The group's mission and guidng principte is to achieve sustained

development of safety and quality in order to meet the challenges ansing  from the interaction bntween man and the environment


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Q:What kind of drinking water machine is good for family?
The price of compressor type refrigerating water dispenser is 2 - 3 times of that of semiconductor refrigerating water dispenser. The cheapest compressor cooling water dispenser also more than 600 yuan, expensive in more than 1000 yuan. Although compressor chillers are a little expensive, they sell better than semiconductor chillers. The reason is that the water quality of the compressor is very good and the service life is longer! The comfort level is also higher!
Q:How does the water fountain open the drain valve?
The back of the water fountain is about the middle of the edge. It has a white nut to unscrew it and pull out the rubber stopper. It can drain the water out of the water dispenser
Q:Can the tap water instead of pure water be heated by drinking water heater?
Tap water instead of pure water is feasible, but pay attention to the tap water is heated to boiling, drinking machine heating do not, not only the health, I do not trust the quality of drinking water machine, in case of toxic do? Now pure water is indeed counterfeit, unsanitary, or boil water to drink it ~!
Q:Is drinking water machine harmful to human body?
Drinking fountains in the use of thousands of boiling water containing carcinogens, research has proved that repeatedly boiling water will produce carcinogenic nitrite. The public water dispenser rarely turns the heating switch off. Drinking this state of water every day poses a danger to the body. You should get into the habit of holding the water dispenser.
Q:The water in the water fountain has been let off for a month. It's boiling. Can I drink it?
Bottled water is usually marked for a shelf life of 3 months, but this is unopened. If it's open, drink up to 15 days at most.It is understood that Kaifeng bottled water if placed more than half a month, although the taste has not changed, but the bacteria have exceeded the standard.
Q:How to fix the water tap of the water dispenser?
Tap water seepage of water dispenser:Failure cause:(1) the handle will tighten the faucet;(2): tap the button will twist teeth.Removal method:Tighten the red or blue part of the faucet clockwise to fasten the faucet. Or counterclockwise unscrew the hand, adjust the silicone tube and spring tap, and then re tighten the faucet; also can let the customer service service personnel door to replace the tap or replace the entire faucet open rear handle.
Q:How does the water jet of water dispenser leak all the time?
One is the pipe connection, the two is the water faucet. First, open the water dispenser back cover inspection, more pipe connections, hose and plastic pipe will generally leak at the junction
Q:Water heater less than 100 degrees, which tea can be soaked?
High temperature (90 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees): used to brew collect Oolong Tea mainly face leaves, such as packet, Tungting, Tieguanyin, Wuyi Narcissus, etc.. And fermented Pu'er tea. Of these two types, the water temperature is lower and the water temperature of the mature is higher. The above oolong tea roasted high fire, the water temperature should be high, baking light. Water temperature should be low.
Q:How to clean the filter bucket on the water fountain?
According to the relevant departments of environmental monitoring and health detection, bottled water dispenser and the cold hot water liner three months without washing will multiply bacteria, viruses, and the residue of heavy metals and even overgrow of red worms, serious harm to people's health.Water dispenser is usually neck barrels of bottled water after the upside down on the fountain of "smart seat", and then by the hose machine the water into two water container, one of which is a hot water liner, a cold water liner, the two water tank in addition to the hot and cold water function outside, it can also play the role of precipitation of impurities in water. People often repeatedly change barrels of water, but ignored the water dispenser's liner still has a certain amount of water, this water will hide pathogenic bacteria, over time, naturally become a breeding ground for bacteria. Consumers misunderstanding of drinking machine that itself is a water purifier, bottled mineral water is clean, even if the water dispenser without regular cleaning and disinfection will not have what problem, so there will be a variety of water bodies.
Q:Is there a method and a picture that can properly fetch water from a water dispenser?
Major water pollution incidents in the worldLianshan Minamata disease eventIn 1950, in a small fishing village near Minamata Bay in Japan, found a large number of mental disorders and Dutch act of cats and dogs. In 1953, the water town of Minamata found a strange patient, at the beginning of gait instability, which is from the face, blind and deaf, whole body numb, finally insane, while sleeping, a little excited, the body bow, called die. In 1956, the girl with the same disease was hospitalized, causing the attention of experts at the local Kumamoto University hospital, and began to investigate. Finally found a local fertilizer plant in the production of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate, with mercury catalyst technology with low cost, to contain large amounts of organic mercury wastewater discharged into the Gulf of Minamata, so that the fish poisoning, and the cat and the dog ate poisonous fish sick and died. Announced in 1972 the Japanese Environment Agency: downstream of Minamata Bay and Xinxian County agano River have mercury poisoning 283 people, including 60 deaths.

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