reverse osmosis water treatment equipment for drinking

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Product Description:

Water production line

                   Fristly:water treatment


UF water treatment for mineral water:


            Our UF water treatment system is high desalination rate,low operation cost, UF membrane auto wash and manual wash .UFmembrane wash use medicament in machine

Using automatic pre-treatment system, realizing operation Unmanned

Using imported granful booster pump, high efficiency with low noise, reliable and stable.

On-line monitoring and controlling the water quality,monitoring the water quality change condition timely, guarantee the water quality.
        All indication of purification ,stability and no bacterium for water reach relevant standard of state or enterprise.

       We can design any project of the water treatment to meet the demands of our clients, considering both the quality of the raw water and the desired standard of the treated water.


(small bottle filling machine)




       Filling Machine uses Mitsubishi electric components and touch-screen technology, integrating with washing, filling capping. The whole process is in automation, applicable to purified water and mineral water, effortless, simple and efficient. Using the new filling form as contant pressure filling, increasing the filling speed, operation by the PLC micro computer to control, equipping with touch screen and converter, making a more stable, optoelectronic unit to check the components operating situation, higher degree of automation, more simple operation, greatly improving the efficiency and output. It is the first choice for drinking bottled water equipment.

(3/5 gallon bottle filling machie)




         The operation procedures of Microcomputer Bottle Washing & Filling Device from the bottle entering-->  disinfectant swashing-->  pure water-->  washing-->  bottle dropped down-->  bottle seated on the bottle pushing supporter-->  pure water feeding-->  (cap-aligning) cap-covering-->  capping-->  output of finished water, is controlled by PLC with the functions of automatic finish, precise orientation, little manpower and low working intensity.


          The complete set of equipment is manufactured by high-tension stainless steel materials and stainless plate steel with precise argon arc, infrequent distortion and fair welding veins; The conveying component structures with stainless steel to assure normal running of the device under various conditions; Nonmetallic components are manufactured elaborately by wearable materials, such as nontoxic PP plastic, etc;


           In order to make the performance of the device more stable, most of conveying electromotor and booster pump are those products that exportation and electrical components are manufactured elaborately by imported series of products or name brand series of products at home

Reverse Osmosis water treatment equipment for drinking           


Features and Advantages:


1.System can produce water continuously and high degree automation. 

2.No need chemical to regenerate, easy operation and maintenance.

3.Core components of ro system are imported USA DOW membranes.

4.Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level         

5.System flushes RO membranes automatically, reducing membranes polluted speed.

6.Water shortage protection for multi-stage pump

7.Product water conductivity meter can monitor water quality online continuously.

8.Low operation cost and long life span

9. There’s RO controller, make whole RO system operating automatically.

10.Easily control and Maintained. 

11. Auto flush and backwash the prefilters

12. Integrating water flow indicator, conductivity indicator, pressure indicator, control panel


The reverse osmosis water treatment equipment for drinking is an equipment to purify water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane. RO membranes can effectively remove majority of organics, harmful substances, bacteria, particulates etc. RO system is widely used in water treatment, purification for tap water, well water, underground water, brackish water and seawater, pure water and ultra-pure water production, power stations, electronic industries, medicine manufactories, and medical treatment. It is a key equipment for pure water plant.

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Q:Stainless steel water treatment air purifier speed commonly used units?
There are cold plate processing into the shell, the surface of some paint processing, the appearance of beautiful, but high cost (such as ambitious),
Q:Press the water purifier in the kitchen to get the water boiled. Why is it white?
That is because there is a dissolved substance in the filter core of the purifier,
Q:Why can't the filter of fish tank effectively filter water quality?
3, improper filtration ratio, physical filtration or biological filtration missing.4, under the bactericidal drugs, affect the function of the allergic system.
Q:What's good for drinking water filters?
Water changes in a few hours, the most realistic is drinking water (tap water), drinking water is living water.
Q:Disposable filter has water system and organic system, what is the difference?
Organic systems are used for solvents as organic reagents. When they are used, the water system is always well filtered, and they do not know whether the filter is clean or not... Longqingci (station contact TA) water system is green, the head is a cellulose membrane, soluble in organic solvents, organic is yellow, nylon membrane, insoluble in water or organic solvents
Q:Why doesn't the filter work when my aquarium has changed?
Check that the filter pump is burned, and if not burned, that is, the air ran in, your fish is sick, it is best to add salt or bactericidal solution, erythema, white problems,
Q:The fish tank filters out the normal water. Why is the water still not clean?
Stop the other two and leave only a suction portIt could be too much fish and insufficient filter power
Q:Find the working principle and correct installation method of Y filter
installThe filter is installed before the thread carefully cleaned all piping connecting surface, using pipe sealant or with Teflon (PTFE)Just right.At the end of the thread is not treated, in order to avoid the sealant or Teflon belt into the piping system. Filters can be installed horizontally orVertical down installation.In the figure above, the left side is the "liquid" side, and the right is the "liquid" end.
Q:Working principle and structure performance of horizontal vacuum filter
(2) the bottom cleaning filter cake, the filter cake on the machine can respectively or combined washing spray washing, and can be conveniently used two kinds of advection or countercurrent washing, so as to maximize the saving water and improving the recovery rate;(3) filter complete regeneration, filter cloth should be always in continuous operation without blocking state, so the filter washing device is provided with a row of 2~3 flushing pipe, and is equipped with a rolling brush device to adapt to those especially easy to plug the filter slurry;
Q:Is the water purifier useful?
There is also a storage bucket placed under the cabinet, the price is generally around 1500-3500, mainly the filter is not the same, 3000 should be considered in the top of the, and then some of the more expensive 4-5, the kind of bucket do not need to

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