reverse osmosis water treatment equipment for drinking

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Water production line

                   Fristly:water treatment


UF water treatment for mineral water:


            Our UF water treatment system is high desalination rate,low operation cost, UF membrane auto wash and manual wash .UFmembrane wash use medicament in machine

Using automatic pre-treatment system, realizing operation Unmanned

Using imported granful booster pump, high efficiency with low noise, reliable and stable.

On-line monitoring and controlling the water quality,monitoring the water quality change condition timely, guarantee the water quality.
        All indication of purification ,stability and no bacterium for water reach relevant standard of state or enterprise.

       We can design any project of the water treatment to meet the demands of our clients, considering both the quality of the raw water and the desired standard of the treated water.


(small bottle filling machine)




       Filling Machine uses Mitsubishi electric components and touch-screen technology, integrating with washing, filling capping. The whole process is in automation, applicable to purified water and mineral water, effortless, simple and efficient. Using the new filling form as contant pressure filling, increasing the filling speed, operation by the PLC micro computer to control, equipping with touch screen and converter, making a more stable, optoelectronic unit to check the components operating situation, higher degree of automation, more simple operation, greatly improving the efficiency and output. It is the first choice for drinking bottled water equipment.

(3/5 gallon bottle filling machie)




         The operation procedures of Microcomputer Bottle Washing & Filling Device from the bottle entering-->  disinfectant swashing-->  pure water-->  washing-->  bottle dropped down-->  bottle seated on the bottle pushing supporter-->  pure water feeding-->  (cap-aligning) cap-covering-->  capping-->  output of finished water, is controlled by PLC with the functions of automatic finish, precise orientation, little manpower and low working intensity.


          The complete set of equipment is manufactured by high-tension stainless steel materials and stainless plate steel with precise argon arc, infrequent distortion and fair welding veins; The conveying component structures with stainless steel to assure normal running of the device under various conditions; Nonmetallic components are manufactured elaborately by wearable materials, such as nontoxic PP plastic, etc;


           In order to make the performance of the device more stable, most of conveying electromotor and booster pump are those products that exportation and electrical components are manufactured elaborately by imported series of products or name brand series of products at home

Reverse Osmosis water treatment equipment for drinking           


Features and Advantages:


1.System can produce water continuously and high degree automation. 

2.No need chemical to regenerate, easy operation and maintenance.

3.Core components of ro system are imported USA DOW membranes.

4.Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level         

5.System flushes RO membranes automatically, reducing membranes polluted speed.

6.Water shortage protection for multi-stage pump

7.Product water conductivity meter can monitor water quality online continuously.

8.Low operation cost and long life span

9. There’s RO controller, make whole RO system operating automatically.

10.Easily control and Maintained. 

11. Auto flush and backwash the prefilters

12. Integrating water flow indicator, conductivity indicator, pressure indicator, control panel


The reverse osmosis water treatment equipment for drinking is an equipment to purify water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane. RO membranes can effectively remove majority of organics, harmful substances, bacteria, particulates etc. RO system is widely used in water treatment, purification for tap water, well water, underground water, brackish water and seawater, pure water and ultra-pure water production, power stations, electronic industries, medicine manufactories, and medical treatment. It is a key equipment for pure water plant.

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Q:The chemical nickel filter, which has not been bought for a long time, does not pump water
The filter barrel, dosing barrel, pump, pipe are filled with water, and then turn on the machine, and continue to add water in the dosing barrel, once the dosing bucket does not enter water. Reopen on shutdown. If the dosing barrel is flooded, switch off the dosing bucket valve.
Q:Drink tap water well, or purifier treated water okay?
Of course, the water treated with a water purifier is good. It filters bacteria, heavy metals and so on
Q:Can tank water be filtered with a household purifier?
No matter what kind of change is not the lack of water filtration, filtration, but reduced water fish food residue and even the concentration of ammonia and nitrite, but for residues of heavy metals and harmful bacteria and viruses have not what effect, even becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. So it's necessary to change water regularly. New water can stimulate the growth of fish and inhibit the multiplication of harmful bacteria. For your 1 meter cylinder, change 2 barrels of water a day, almost 1/12 to 1/10 of the whole tank water. If the water is not changed for a long time, although the concentration of ammonia and nitrite can be controlled, but the concentration of nitrate is increasing and PH is decreasing. So don't be obsessed with the idea that you can't change water for a long time, so you can't keep good fish!
Q:Principle of household drinking water purifierThank you, heroes
Characteristic:Under the condition of no phase change at normal temperature, the solute and water can be separated, which is suitable for separation and concentration of heat sensitive materials, and has lower energy consumption compared with the phase separation method.Reverse osmosis membrane separation technology has wide range of impurities removal.High desalting rate and water reuse rate can be used to trap solutes with a particle size of several nanometers.
Q:The difference between a water vapor filter and an oil gas filter
Oil and gas filter can be adopted by the general principle of adsorption or suspension isolation principle design, adsorption principle, mainly by lipophilic materials, oil and gas by lipophilic materials will make the oil and gas in the oil adsorption on its surface, which will filter out oil and gas. Suspension separation principle can make the oil and gas pass through the liquid (such as water) which does not dissolve the oil, at this point, the oil and gas will form small oil droplets suspended in the upper layer of the liquid which does not dissolve oil, thus the oil and gas will be filtered out.As for the structure of water vapor filter and oil and gas filter on a variety of differences, mainly in accordance with the principle of its use is different, there is a difference, talking about the length of space is very long.
Q:What's good for drinking water filters?
Three. The water in the filter keeps polluting and the new treatment water must be emptied;Four, two or three days, you must clean the filter, looking for after-sales service to deal with.
Q:How about the water circulation in the air purifier?
This has not heard, the air purifier has the humidifying function only then needs to add water,
Q:Can water purifiers retain beneficial ingredients and remove toxic components?
People drink water mainly to promote metabolism, sick, the doctor let you drink plenty of water to promote metabolism, rather than drink plenty of water to supplement nutrition. Now the water pollution is serious, to family health must install water purifier for water, not very little nutrition and ignore most of the impurities, this is the The loss outweighs the gain. I hope I can help you.
Q:Water filter for living quarters
2, the filter core and filter water purification is filtered through the filter at all levels. At present, the common filter material has:PP cotton, common filter, filtering accuracy of 5 m (5 * 10-6 m), can only remove particulate matter. Activated carbon, is an adsorption type filter core, can absorb water odor, some residual chlorine, heavy metals and so on.Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is, filtering accuracy of 0.01 M (10-8 m), can remove microorganisms, heavy metal and organic part.3 RO is a membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, filtering accuracy of 0.0001 m (0.1 nm) can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, and other heavy metals. RO membrane is the filter membrane used for purifying purified water.And ceramic filter, KDF film and so on. The filter element is usually used in combination with several filter membranes. Because the filter core is contaminated, it must be replaced for a certain period of time. PP cotton generally use 3~6 months to be replaced, the other element usually takes 1~3 years to replace every year, replace the filter costs about 100 yuan.
Q:Is the purifier in the house pure water?
The water from the direct drinking mechanism is very good. And is the health of water, the water is very clean, but not long-term drinking, long-term drinking will appear strange disease.

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