2000L/H reverse osmosis water treatment equipment

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 water treatment equipment

1.intelligent contact screen, human design, easy operation. 
2.Imported filling valve, avoiding drop leaking, accurate filling quantity. 
3.Program logic controller(PLC), easy for changing size or modifying parameters. 
4.Pneumatic elements are all imported, stability and reliability. 
5.Accurate liquid sensing, automatically adding liquid, ordinary pressure flow passage parameters 
6.Solely and specially-designed whole lifting device, easy governing to meet the needs of all kindsof container packing 
7.Photo-electric sensing and pneumatic linking control, automatic protection for shortage of bottle. 
8.Pneumatic executive control valve, high efficiency and safety. Each flow passage can be separately governed and cleaned. 
9.Close positioning design, easy governing, suitable for packing of all sizes of bottles. 
10.The whole machine is designed according to requirements of buyer's.  

(A).Pre-treatment is included sand filter ,carbon filter ,softener(option) and security filter .


 1.Sand filter: A laminated filter is provided to prevent sand, flocculent and colloid entering into membrane element. Its basic filter element is formed by quartzes sand and anthracite. 

 2. Active carbon filter: This is provided to absorb organic materials, residual chlorine and other injurants, thus it can reduce the effluent COD and keep SDI under and CL2 under 0.1 mg. L. 

 3. Softening system: This system is to prevent begrime the membrane by ion of Ca and Mg. 

 4. Precision filter (micro filter) ,PP filter of 5um is installed to prevent fine particulate entering the high lift pump and RO membrane.


 (B).RO system is included that booster pump,membrane and membrane housing, electronic Control System .

 It cut out colloids, bacteria, virus and other impurities, and keep output water conductivity below 5um/cm.


 (C). Water Sterilizer often refers to Ozonge Generator and U.V Ray sterilier, which used to kill the germs in water.


 (D).Pure water tank: When the pure water tank is full, the RO machine will automatically come to stop, when the pure water tank is empty, the RO system will automatically run to produce the pure water.

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Q:How can I buy the chemical nickel filter without pumping water?
The filter barrel, the dosing barrel, the pump and the pipe are filled with water, then the machine is switched on, and the water is added to the medicine adding barrel. Once the medicine feeding barrel is not in water, the utility model stops and opens again. If the dosing barrel is heavily flooded
Q:The difference between a water purifier and a filter
Water purifier is also called water purifier, water filter, the core of its technology is the filter membrane in the filter core device. The main technology of water purifier is derived from two kinds of ultrafiltration membrane and RO reverse osmosis membrane
Q:Water purifier with purifier, if you use tap water to purify cold water, can you drink it directly?
Not necessarily. You have to look at what brand. His filter is made up of those. There are many kinds of purifiers, the reverse osmosis membrane can reach the standard of straight drinking, his filter precision is 1/10000, bacteria and impurities can be filtered out. The ultrafiltration membrane is too tight to filter bacteria.
Q:Drink tap water well, or purifier treated water okay?
The tap water is good, and the treated water is not nutritious
Q:The purification of the water purification machine can keep small snapping it
. Such as rotten skin, rotting eyes, and the like. General turtles after 3-6 months, basically belong to the maintenance of the regular, water quality will gradually adapt.
Q:Can the water outside the filter be taken straight away?
The direct drink of water, usually called "direct drinking water", is the direct effect of drinking, and the body has no abnormal reaction;
Q:What kind of sewage purifier is good?
The diversion of biological aerated filter is a new wastewater treatment process of China's independent intellectual property rights, according to the subsequent treatment process, it is divided into: the hydrolysis biological aerated filter, anaerobic diversion diversion, diversion floatation BAF BAF, sinking - aeration biological filter, ultra flow ultrasonic biological aerated flow filter, microwave flow biological aerated filter, ozone flow biological aerated filter. The diversion of BAF upgrading, removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, water reuse and other process combination in the old sewage treatment project, developed by AB - flow biological aerated filter; A / O - flow biological aerated filter; A2 / O - flow biological aerated filter; oxidation ditch diversion aeration biological filter; SBR- flow biological aerated filter; treatment process flow biological aerated filter and other deep biological contact oxidation.
Q:Groundwater filtration 50My family is in the countryside, is engaged in breeding, raising hens
Friends there, talk to me when you have time. Is there a lot of sediment in cold water?
Q:Can the water tower prefilter clear the water?
A water tower prefilter can clear water, but he can't get heavy metals from the water
Q:What is a vacuum filter?
General principles of filter selection:1 、 import and export pass:In principle, the inlet and outlet path of the filter shall not be smaller than the inlet diameter of the matched pump, which is in conformity with the caliber of the inlet pipe2. Nominal pressure:Determine the pressure level of the filter in accordance with the maximum pressure that may occur in the filter line3, the choice of mesh hole:The main consideration is to intercept the impurity particle size, according to the medium flow process requirements. Various sizes of wire mesh can intercept size, check the list "filter specifications"4 filter material:The material of the filter is generally chosen to be the same as that of the connecting process pipe. For different service conditions, the filter of cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel can be considered5, filter resistance loss calculationWater filter, under normal rated flow rate, the pressure loss is 0.52 ~ 1.2kpa

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