500L/H reverse osmosis drinking water treatment plant ro pure water equipment

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Product Description:

1>Model No. RO- 500


2>Product Description


The reverse osmosis device is an equipment to purify the saltine water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane. RO is also effective with asbestos, many taste, colour and odour producing chemicas, particulates, total dissolved solids, turbidity and radium. RO system is widely used in water supply treatment, purification for tap water, seawater and brackish water, pure water and ultra-pure drinking water production, power stations, electronic industries, medicine manufactories, and medical treatment. It is key equipment of pure water plant.



3>Main equipment included that pre-treatment ,RO system,Washing system etc.


(A).Pre-treatment is included sand filter ,carbon filter ,softener(option) and security filter .


1.Sand filter: A laminated filter is provided to prevent sand, flocculent and colloid entering into membrane element. Its basic filter element is formed by quartzes sand and anthracite. 

2. Active carbon filter: This is provided to absorb organic materials, residual chlorine and other injurants, thus it can reduce the effluent COD and keep SDI under and CL2 under 0.1 mg. L. 

3. Softening system: This system is to prevent begrime the membrane by ion of Ca and Mg. 

4. Precision filter (micro filter) ,PP filter of 5um is installed to prevent fine particulate entering the high lift pump and RO membrane.

(B).RO system is included that booster pump,membrane and membrane housing, electronic Control System .

It cut out colloids, bacteria, virus and other impurities, and keep output water conductivity below 5um/cm.

(C).Pure water tank: When the pure water tank is full, the RO machine will automatically come to stop, when the pure water tank is empty, the RO system will automatically run to produce the pure water.


4>Process:Raw water ->Raw water tank -> Raw water pump -> Quartz sand filter -> Active carbon filter-> High pressure pump ->Security filter -> RO equipment->Pure water tank

UF water treatment for mineral water:


            Our UF water treatment system is high desalination rate,low operation cost, UF membrane auto wash and manual wash .UFmembrane wash use medicament in machine

Using automatic pre-treatment system, realizing operation Unmanned

Using imported granful booster pump, high efficiency with low noise, reliable and stable.

On-line monitoring and controlling the water quality,monitoring the water quality change condition timely, guarantee the water quality.
        All indication of purification ,stability and no bacterium for water reach relevant standard of state or enterprise.

       We can design any project of the water treatment to meet the demands of our clients, considering both the quality of the raw water and the desired standard of the treated water.

 Filling Machine uses Mitsubishi electric components and touch-screen technology, integrating with washing, filling capping. The whole process is in automation, applicable to purified water and mineral water, effortless, simple and efficient. Using the new filling form as contant pressure filling, increasing the filling speed, operation by the PLC micro computer to control, equipping with touch screen and converter, making a more stable, optoelectronic unit to check the components operating situation, higher degree of automation, more simple operation, greatly improving the efficiency and output. It is the first choice for drinking bottled water equipment.

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Q:How to choose household water filter
Effects: can be used directly, used to boil water, no scale. Features: the drinking water filter can filter all the beneficial and harmful substances in the water, and is suitable for families with more serious scale. Ultrafiltration filter is introduced: ultrafiltration filter is ultrafiltration direct drinking machine. Principle: it is to achieve the purpose of water purification of tap water by ultrafiltration, removal of rust, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in tap water, while retaining the water to beneficial minerals and trace elements. Effect: you can drink directly. Features: used for tea and coffee, soup taste more delicious.
Q:How do I make a simple drinking water filter?
(4) use crushed stones to grind charcoal into powder, and then put 3~5cm thick sand, charcoal, fine sand, charcoal, sand, and so on (about 5 to 7 layers) in turn
Q:Can the filtered water of the tap water filter be used directly without water storage?
It depends on which grade your water filter is.The advanced water filters contain instructions for direct drinking
Q:Water purifier out how acid
Magnesium and other cations, so tap water is also called "hard water". The removal of these cations by the general water purifier, so the result will show weak acidity
Q:What's the difference between a front filter and a faucet filter?
The faucet is filtered to filter the water you use directly. The position and function of the two installations are different.
Q:Which is good for a water purifier and a kitchen filter?
Does not contain minerals but the minerals in the water was less don't care about this key nutrients or food purifier cheap thing cheap but can only be used in the water quality good place if your home or poor quality water filter.
Q:How long will the filter of household drinking water filter be changed?
The filter cloth 3 on the more or less change, filter cartridge in the amount of 600 barrels of bottled water about, preferably in 550 barrels or so change. It's OK to calculate the amount of bottled water you used to drink
Q:The filtered water, the surface of the water, and the small bubbles
Now mostly use naked cylinder fish farming, the advantages of the naked cylinder is cleaning is very convenient, dirt is not easy to accumulate in the bottom of the cylinder. However, due to the lack of nitrifying bacteria in the tank, the self-cleaning capacity is limited. If the density of fish is large and the fish are not fed in time, many times the water bodies are very turbid.
Q:About "boiled water and purified water treated by household purifier", who is good for human health?
In addition to safety, high quality, nutrition is also an important feature of green food, in the green food product standards embodied in the requirements of its excellent sensory characteristics, quality, quality and nutritional value." In this way, green food not only requires excellent sensory characteristics and quality, but also requires excellent nutritional value. Is there any good nutrition value for pure water? Sure answer: no.! As we all know, pure water processing removes contaminants from the water and removes essential trace elements and macro elements in the water. Water is an important way for the human body to obtain minerals, and is the main source under special conditions.
Q:Is it necessary to install household tap water purifier?
Purification characteristics1, divided into two categories, all the water pure water filter can be beneficial and harmful substances are filtered out, the scale for the serious north area; ultrafiltration filter can filter the water molecules, the southern good water quality.

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