RO Water treatment equipment for cosmetic,pharmaceutical,chemical industries,food,drinking water

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Performance and Features


 ♥   Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level.

 ♥  Full stainless steel structure, durable and easy to clean. 

 ♥   Protection when no voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short circuit and creepage

 ♥  Integrating water flow indicator, TDS indicator, pressure indicator, control panel.

 ♥  Built-in soft-start system to avoid damage to the expensive membrane when starting.





 ◊  Electronic industry  water

   Pharmaceutical industry water

   Chemical industry process water

   Electric industry boiler feeding water

   Food industry water

 ◊ Seawater and saline water desalination

 ◊ Purified drinking water

(A).Pre-treatment is included sand filter ,carbon filter ,softener(option) and security filter .


 1.Sand filter: A laminated filter is provided to prevent sand, flocculent and colloid entering into membrane element. Its basic filter element is formed by quartzes sand and anthracite. 

 2. Active carbon filter: This is provided to absorb organic materials, residual chlorine and other injurants, thus it can reduce the effluent COD and keep SDI under and CL2 under 0.1 mg. L. 

 3. Softening system: This system is to prevent begrime the membrane by ion of Ca and Mg. 

 4. Precision filter (micro filter) ,PP filter of 5um is installed to prevent fine particulate entering the high lift pump and RO membrane.


 (B).RO system is included that booster pump,membrane and membrane housing, electronic Control System .

 It cut out colloids, bacteria, virus and other impurities, and keep output water conductivity below 5um/cm.


 (C). Water Sterilizer often refers to Ozonge Generator and U.V Ray sterilier, which used to kill the germs in water.


 (D).Pure water tank: When the pure water tank is full, the RO machine will automatically come to stop, when the pure water tank is empty, the RO system will automatically run to produce the pure water.

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Q:Water purifier with purifier, if you use tap water to purify cold water, can you drink it directly?
Yes, but it's better to burn it and drink cold water. The bacteria purifier can't filter the body thoroughly. It's easy to take care of the body. The body is the capital of the revolution
Q:The filtered water, the surface of the water, and the small bubbles
There are many reasons for the yellowing of the water. My experience is a filtration problem, and two is the microbial problem. I will choose higher than the standard configuration of filters, that is to say 60 cylinder general advice is to use 5 to 15 watts with submersible pump filter, I think that in order to guarantee the water clarity, water circulation system is relatively large is required, 60 cylinder submersible pump I generally use 25W pumping water. Consider, such good economic effect, the overall price of 70 yuan, I do not know what is your cylinder specifications, what is the use of filtering system. In addition, adding nitrifying bacteria is a must, according to your fish density, is generally more, this kind of thing is beneficial to the fish, do not need to worry about; in addition to the biochemical filter material in the filter device is also a good water conditions, such as glass ring, biochemical ring, addition of activated charcoal can not be less. Before, my cylinder is also very easy to water yellow, after a study found that from the above two aspects, to achieve a month without changing water effect, there are questions that can be studied together
Q:What is the principle of a water purifier?
Ionization is the use of electricity discharge, plasma and ultraviolet deodorization to kill bacteria.
Q:How do you use this water purifier? The three nozzles are written, washed, washed and filtered
In my experience, these three stalls are:Wash: rinse the filter element by forward flow.Backwashing: filter the filter core by reverse flow.
Q:Is the mineral water purified from the purifier pure mineral water?
Mineral water is mineral. Pure water is distilled water, that is pure water
Q:How about Tim net household water filter
Simple but not simple design, the maximum possible use of the filter screen efficiency, cleaning more thoroughly, the achievement of its "true backwash" reputation.
Q:Water filter for living quarters
Water purification, its precision is relatively low, generally 0.1 M (10-7 m), only removing suspended solids (silt, rust etc.) and microbe, and not very good filter of heavy metal and organic agricultural chemical pollution, but retained the mineral water, boiling water is still a scale.2 is the use of soft water, the principle of ion exchange resin, calcium and magnesium ions adsorption water exceed the standard by ion exchange, thereby reducing the hardness of the water, the tap water without boiling water scale, but not very good to remove bacteria, impurities and organic pollution.
Q:Is it necessary to install household tap water purifier?
Water purifier is not universal, there is no need to install. If the economic conditions permit, you can install.The water purifier is a direct filter of household tap water, so that it can meet the requirements of cooking and drinking in the kitchen. Such purification equipment is the water purifier, the industry is also called pure water machine, water purifier or water filter. The tap water purifier is directly installed on the faucet, and the tap water and the purified water can be freely switched. In the daily use of the water purifier, people can choose the filter of different filter cores according to different drinking water requirements.
Q:What about homemade home water filters?
I know the soldiers in the field to find a first filtering container clean stone in the stone sand and then put the container make a small hole to let the water out on some carbon above, but not always drink to burn your family seems to need is a stone size and then drink carbon sand filtration effect of some
Q:Press the water purifier in the kitchen to get the water boiled. Why is it white?
As for the dissolution of rice white, there is no harm to the human body there is no good judgment, but it is best not to drink directly, safety is on, and I hope to help you.

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