Stepper Planetary Gear Motor (H281-1) 28mm

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Product Description:

Stepper Planetary Gear Motor (H281-1) 28mm

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:H281-1



Speed:Low Speed


Number of Stator:Two-Phase

Excitation Mode:HB-Hybrid


Function:Stepper Motor

Number of Poles:4


Type:Hybrid Stepper Motor

Certification:CE Rosh





Step Angle:1.8

Gearbox:Has One Gearbox


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:I. CH



Standard:CE ROSH



HS Code:85011099


Production Capacity:50000/Month

Product Description

Hybrid Stepper Planetary Gear Motor

HP281-1 28MM

Motor Electrical Specification
Series ModelStep Angle ( o )L
Rated Current (A)Phase
Inductance  (mH)
Holding Torque
Detent Torque (
( g)
Other Motor Electrical Specification please refer to Hybrid Stepper Motor web


Gearbox Specification
Reducer Series1234
( mm)
Allowable Torque
Instantaneous Torque
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Stepper Planetary Gear Motor (H281-1) 28mm

Stepper Planetary Gear Motor (H281-1) 28mm

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Q:What is the characteristic of step motor? Compared with dc motors, what advantages does it have?
Small volume, long service life, the life of the stepper motor usually depends on the bearing life, can reach tens of thousands to tens of thousands of hours, compared with the equivalent size of the dc motor, stepper motor output torque is bigger.
Q:Why do you use the gear structure inside the step machine?
A signal for the step motor, the step motor turns an Angle, and an Angle corresponds to a gear, also known as a step Angle
Q:How does PLC drive the step motor
General PLC stepper driver signal two road, all the way is the point of pulse, and all the way is the direction of the pulse, generally with the so-called displacement inside the PLC instruction, send the trapezoidal pulse stepper drive, so start buffer with the force of impact.
Q:What is the step length of the step motor? How do you walk the motor in step?
What is the step motor? Induction step motor, hybrid step motor, linear step motor? Step length generally refers to a shot of a step Angle, taking two steps into the motor as an example: The two-phase/four-phase step motor (50 rotors, 40 stator teeth), the market is generally 1.8 degrees, subdivided by 0.9 degrees,... Step Angle = 360/50 teeth / 4 beats
Q:What is the control Angle of the PLC step motor
The PLC program can't write to you, but we can do it in the inside of the step drive, and you can save the PLC, you know, you can talk about it
Q:Is the stepping motor and servo motors the same
The wiring and programming of a different step motor is much simpler than the servo. But the control accuracy of the servo is much higher than the step!
Q:What happens to the step motor? What is the solution? Thank you very much!
You can increase the torque of the motor.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:How to determine the pulse number of the step motor
The first step is to know the Angle of the step, and the Angle of the step and the detail of the drive to figure out the number of impulses. Pulse number = need to go Angle/step Angle * fraction
Q:What is the difference between direct drive motor, linear motor, servo motor and step motor?
Servo motor (servo motor) is the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in servo systems. The servo motor can control the speed, the position accuracy is very accurate, can convert voltage signal to torque and speed to drive control object, closed loop control. Step induction motor: the step motor is to convert the electrical pulse signal into the angular displacement or the line displacement of the open loop control the step into the motor, the pulse open loop control.
Q:What is the torque of the step motor
Stepper motor is a kind of induction motor, its working principle is the use of electronic circuit, direct current (dc) into time-sharing power supply, multiphase sequential control current, in this current for stepper motor power supply, step motor to work properly, is time-sharing power supply for step motor drive, multiphase timing controller. The torque is related to the torque of the stepping motor. The greater the torque, the greater the torque. There are three main types of stepper motors: the equation of Variable, VR, Permanent Magnet, PM, and Hybrid Stepping, HHS. Step motor and driver selection: To determine how much torque is required: static torque is one of the main parameters of the step motor. Large torque motor is required when loading. When the torque indicator is large, the motor is also large. To determine the speed of the motor: when the speed requirement is high, the electric motor with a large current and low inductance should be chosen to increase the power input. The higher power supply voltage is applied when selecting the drive. The installation specification of the motor is chosen: 57, 86, 110, etc., which is mainly related to the torque requirement.

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