Stepper Planetary Gear Motor (H281-1) 28mm

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Product Description:

Stepper Planetary Gear Motor (H281-1) 28mm

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:H281-1



Speed:Low Speed


Number of Stator:Two-Phase

Excitation Mode:HB-Hybrid


Function:Stepper Motor

Number of Poles:4


Type:Hybrid Stepper Motor

Certification:CE Rosh





Step Angle:1.8

Gearbox:Has One Gearbox


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:I. CH



Standard:CE ROSH



HS Code:85011099


Production Capacity:50000/Month

Product Description

Hybrid Stepper Planetary Gear Motor

HP281-1 28MM

Motor Electrical Specification
Series ModelStep Angle ( o )L
Rated Current (A)Phase
Inductance  (mH)
Holding Torque
Detent Torque (
( g)
Other Motor Electrical Specification please refer to Hybrid Stepper Motor web


Gearbox Specification
Reducer Series1234
( mm)
Allowable Torque
Instantaneous Torque
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Stepper Planetary Gear Motor (H281-1) 28mm

Stepper Planetary Gear Motor (H281-1) 28mm

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Q:What do you mean step by step motor
Step Angle: corresponding to a pulse signal, the angular displacement of the rotor of the motor is expressed in theta. Theta = 360 degree (the number of rotors), in the case of the normal two and four phases, the rotor teeth are 50 teeth motor. Four run time interval Angle is theta = 360 degrees/(50 * 4) = 1.8 degrees (commonly known as a whole step), eight beats runtime interval Angle is theta = 360 degrees/(50 * 8) = 0.9 degrees (commonly known as half step).
Q:A step into an electric motor can have two step angles, such as 3 degrees / 1.5 degrees. What does that mean?
Motor inherent interval Angle: it said control system each hair a step pulse signal, motor rotation Angle. Motor factory is given a step away from the Angle of value, such as 86 byg250a type motor is given a value of 0.9 ° / 1.8 ° (half step work step 0.9 °, the whole work was 1.8 °), the interval Angle may call it the 'inherent interval Angle motor, it is not necessarily the actual step motor work pitch Angle, the actual interval Angle and drive on. (2) the number of phase stepper motor
Q:How do you change the direction of the step motor
Because of problems before control technology, the controller needs to two-way pulse signal to control the step motor rotation direction, in this way closer to the ordinary motor control mode. Has had less use, mainly is two way control pulse and pulse costs all the way, many pulse need to increase the cost of all the way, now very simple control stepping motor and reversing.
Q:Is the torque characteristic characteristic of the step motor? Does the servo motor have a moment characteristic curve?
The moment frequency characteristic is not unique to the step motor. All motors have a relationship between the input frequency and the output torque. This is the relationship between the value of the output torque at different input frequencies. For stepping motors, however, the output torque decreases rapidly as input increases frequently. In engineering, the design and application of this characteristic of the motor is brought to the attention of design and application. The project is to ensure that the torque must meet the requirements at any speed. Both: stepper motor input frequency, the output torque of the punctuation, must fall on the rotational speed of shaft torque frequency graph, the frequency axis, characteristic curve, within the scope of the surrounding to work properly. Other motors (e.g., servo motors), because in a very large speed range, the output torque varies little, which is what we call constant torque output. This is the main difference between stepping motor and other motors in design and usage. It is also one of the main disadvantages of stepping motor in performance.
Q:I have a step into the motor, I want to get him to work, what do I need to prepare, about the cost?
Buy a matching motor driver board, and buy a proper control panel, follow the instructions to pick up good line, motor drive software, can be the most simple driver. If you're good at doing it, you can use your own little money to control the board and write your own programs to play with the motors. There are big open source motor drives on the web.
Q:How does the step motor equivalent set
First, we know the screw, the screw is 5mm, the spacing of the two wires is 5mm. 2, the step motor is 1.8 degrees 200 steps, and the walk is 200 by 1.8 = 360 degrees
Q:How to control the step motor with s7-200, how to control the yield to the motor, how to stop?
The number of pulses in a single segment is zero. Pulse mode reset pulse output point is invalid. It will be overridden immediately
Q:What do you mean by step motor? Two phase stepping motor and three-phase step motor
Said stepping motor phase number is the number of motor coil winding, two phase two sets of coil, three phase three groups namely, power supply depends on the drive circuit, not directly on the motor.
Q:The step motor knows how to subdivide, how do you figure out the number of pulses required to turn a circle
When choosing 6400, the number of pulses required to run a motor is 6,400 pulses.
Q:What is the meaning of the step motor drive half flow setting and attenuation setting?
Stepper motor half flow setting refers to, when you need to step motor work, it is all the work flow, and when you do not need it, in order to keep as external forces lead to stepper motor twist or turn. Need to set it a small amount of current to maintain your moment balance, the can, according to the actual situation, set up corresponding strength and attenuation mean, from the time of maximum torque to the minimum torque or decay. In order to balance your machine, it is not an impact or sudden braking. I hope you understand.

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