86mm Size Stepper Motor

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Product Description:

 86mm Size Stepper Motor

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:86H2120-400-18


Application:Printing Equipment

Speed:Variable Speed


Number of Stator:Two-Phase

Excitation Mode:HB-Hybrid



Number of Poles:50


Operate Mode:Two Phases Eight Steps




Brand:Fxd Motors


Step Angle:1.8 Degree

Step Angle Accuracy:±5%


Speed of The Motor:High and Low Speed

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:fxd motors



Standard:CE, ROHS


Origin:Changzhou City Jiangsu Province China

HS Code:8501109990


Production Capacity:200000 PCS Per Year

Product Description

Item Specifications: 

1.8° 86mm Hybrid Stepper Motor-NEMA34
Genaral Specification:
Step Angle ------------------- 1.8° ± 5%
Temperature Rise ------------- 80° Max
Ambient Temperature -------- -20° ~+50°
Insulation Resistance--------- 100 MΩ Min., 500VDC
Dielectric Strength: ------------ 1800VAC for 1S 5mA
Shaft Radial Play --------------- 0.02Max. (450g-load)
Shaft Axial Play ----------------- 0.08Max. (450g-load)
Max. Radial force----------------- 220N (20mm from the flange)
Max. Axial force------------------- 60N


Use for robots stepper motor, electronic automatic equipment stepping motor, medical instrument stepping motor, advertisementing instrument stepper motor, lighting& audio equipment stepper motor, printer stepper motor, textile machinery stepper motor. CNC router stepper motor. 


Model No.  Step AngleMotor LengthCurrent
Holding Torque  # of Leads  Detent TorqueRotor Inertia  Mass
( ° )(L)mmAΩmHN. mNo.Kg. cmg. cmKg

86mm Size Stepper Motor

86mm Size Stepper Motor

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Q:What do you mean by stepping into an electric motor?
The step motor drive signal EN is also called off-line signal When drive on electricity, stepper motor is locked when applying movement CP pulse (not) or running state when applying movement (CP pulse), but the user to manually adjust, but don't want to shut down the drive motor power? This is where the signal can be used. When this signal works (the general low level is valid), the motor is in free and no moment state; When this signal is high level or suspended, cancel the offline state. This signal user can choose, if not need this function, this end does not connect.
Q:How does PLC drive the step motor
General PLC stepper driver signal two road, all the way is the point of pulse, and all the way is the direction of the pulse, generally with the so-called displacement inside the PLC instruction, send the trapezoidal pulse stepper drive, so start buffer with the force of impact.
Q:How do you change the direction of the step motor
Three-phase stepper motor can change direction in line, if it is bad five phase is changed, can find a row selector switch power amplifier module, there is a change of phase sequence, this according to the manual operation, you can also try one by one, not dial back and try again next, until the direction of change.
Q:What is the difference between the two phase stepping motor and the four-phase step motor?
The volume of four phases is larger and costlier. But the Angle is small and the control precision is high. The two-phase step Angle is large and the control precision is not as good as four phases.
Q:A speed reduction machine with a speed ratio of 1:10
According to the power formula of the motor: P = T omega When the stepper motor output torque is 0.1 Nm, through reducer after reduction, the angular velocity of the angular velocity of the original one over ten, so if they do not consider in the process of the friction loss, mechanical loss and the reducer output torque is ten times the motor torque, namely the output torque of 1 Nm, this process is equivalent to sacrifice the speed torque.
Q:There is no accumulated error in stepping motor. How do you understand this?
So let's say the cumulative error, which is that the error can be added up, like the starting point is 0.01 degrees and it's going to be 0.02 degrees. It means that the Angle of the step motor depends on the pulse of the drive, and it corresponds to a certain Angle. So after spinning a certain amount of rotation, even if there is a small error (like the uneven tooth of the processing process), it is not cumulative.
Q:Step forward motor life calculation method
The life of a step motor is like any other product, depending on the most vulnerable part of the motor, which is the bearing. Hybrid step motor using rolling bearing, the bearing life usually calibration for 3000 hours, the actual practical can reach more than 100 million hours, sometimes 8 normal too. The so-called life 3000 hours is bearing manufacturer, is refers to under the rated load and rated under the conditions of use, motor after 3000 hours of continuous operation, still can reach the factory when the motor parameters, including noise, friction, etc. But this is only the conservative practice of the manufacturer, actually use, don't care too much!
Q:What are the advantages of step-motor versus private motor?
Stepping motor: can control the rotation Angle accurately, angular velocity. So it can also control the speed. A (private) clothing machine: it can control the speed of the revolution, of course, it can control the speed accurately. It's a real thing, and it's not a real thing Comparison: the speed control can be satisfied, but the need to control the angular velocity must be stepped into the motor
Q:The difference between stepping motors
Stepper motor is installed flange type specification, 42 refers to the stepper motor, 42 mmx42mm 56 is similar, the motor should be a hybrid stepper motor, stepper motor is the biggest difference between torsion and interval Angle, determine its general motors fuselage length and diameter of torsion, step away from the Angle of provided by the manufacturer, at present most is given priority to with the hybrid stepping motor, general interval Angle is 1.8 1.2 0.9 degrees, 0.72 degrees,
Q:What is the way in which the step motor ring is distributed?
The first step should be to understand the mechanism and principle of the step motor, which is the rotor of a permanent magnet, and how many different slots are on the rotor. A stator is a phase winding 2) the rotation principle, which circulates the various phase wheels into direct current, creates a rotating magnetic field, which is rotated by the rotating field. The faster the magnetic field spins, the faster the motor spins

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