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Model: Y2 355-560

Standards: IEC

Efficiency indicators: standard and efficient

Frame Range: 355-560 (3KV, 6KV); 400 ~ 560 (10KV) cast iron machine base

Power range: 160 ~ 1600kw;

Voltage: 3KV, 6KV ,, 10KV

Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

Poles: 246 810 pole

Protection: IP55

Cooling: IC411

Bearings: SKF or C & U

Ambient temperature: -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Installation: B3 right auxiliary terminal box in the main terminal box ipsilateral

Auxiliary components: Each winding 2xPT100; each bearing 1xPT100; plus tropical

Surface color: RAL 5010

Main applications: fans, pumps, compressors, conveyor belts and other general-purpose machinery and equipment


1. Bearing shields in aircraft design for greater load capacity.
2. Fan cover in new aircraft design for better cooling.
3. Terminals with the exact diagonal division. Accelerated access  saves time during assembly.

Quality of Processing :

1. Complete development according to EU standards.
2. Certification of production and manufacturing standards by TUV-SUD.
3. Production under constant surveillance quality manager from the EU.
4. Certification for efficiency IE2 motor in the EU.

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Q:Ac servo motor can be divided into synchronous ac servo motor and induction ac servo motor
On the control strategy, based on the motor voltage and frequency control method and the mathematic model of steady state open loop flux trajectory control method can achieve good servo characteristic, the current widely used is based on the mathematical model of permanent magnet motor dynamic decoupling vector control method, which is the core of modern servo system control method. Although people in order to further improve the control characteristics and stability, and puts forward the feedback linearization control and sliding mode variable structure control, adaptive control theory, and does not rely on mathematical model of fuzzy control and neural network control method, but mostly on the basis of vector control additional application of these control methods. High-performance servo Control and must rely on high precision of rotor position feedback, people always wanted to cancel the link, the development without position sensor technology (Sensorless Control). Up to now, in the commercialization of the products, the sensorless technology can only achieve about 1:100 of speed ratio, can be used in some low for position and speed servo control situations of accuracy is not high, such as pure pursuit of quick start stop sewing machine servo control and braking, high performance processing for this technology is still a long way to go.
Q:How does the current transformer in ac motor work?
The differential protection of ac motor is in the three-phase power supply (cabinet) of the motor, which is equipped with three current transformer: A1, B1, C1. At the end of the three-phase winding of the motor, there are three current transformers: A2, B2 and C2, before being linked to "neutral". The six current transformers are the same, and the secondary winding receives the differential protection relay. When the motor is working, A1, A2 is equal to zero, the difference is zero, and the differential protection relay has no output. (B1, B2, C1, C2) The proposal: still seek a book to see, as the electrical design personnel, should have more in-depth understanding, the Internet is difficult to get.
Q:What are the requirements for frequency conversion of ac asynchronous motors?
I don't see any need for the asynchronous motors.I hope my answer will help you
Q:What is the difference between ac motor and dc motor?
The difference between ac motor and dc motor: According to the structure, the principle of dc motor is relatively simple, but the structure is complex and not easy to maintain. Ac motor is complex but relatively simple, and is easier to maintain than dc motor. The dc motor introduces the current to the rotor armature through the brush and the commutator, so that the rotor can force the force in the stator field. Ac motor (commonly used ac asynchronous motor, for example) is to put the ac electric flux into the stator winding, thus in the rotor creates a rotating magnetic field in air gap, rotating magnetic field in the rotor winding induced current, which make the rotor spinning force produced in the stator magnetic field.
Q:About 100W ac motor is better than dc motor
The answer is very specific. Ac motor and dc motor are used for different purposes, you can reconnect according to the theory, the industry experience of your relevant industry is applied. That would be better.
Q:Why should ac motors be used in parallel with capacitors
You say "ac motor" all have no rotational moment!!! With capacitor in parallel to the two sent 90 degrees (jet lag) rotational torque coils, potential difference (90 degrees) to stagger time (small single-phase motor) it mainly provide starting torque
Q:The power consumption of a three-phase ac motor is equal to the line voltage cross current. How do you explain?
This is the basic formula! Validation; Line voltage is equal to phase voltage square root of 3, phase voltage is equal to line voltage over square root of 3, and line current is equal to phase current. Cases; Three-phase symmetric load, line voltage = 380v phase voltage = 219.4 v (phase 3) current each has 10A power factor = 0.8 Compute power; 1. P = square root of 3 U line I line cosine phi = 1.732 * 380 * 10 * 0.8 = 5265.28 w P = 3U phase I cosine phi = 3 * 219.4 * 10 * 0.8 = 5265.6 w (3 phase power) Type; Phase voltage = line voltage/square root of 3 = 380/1.732 = 219.3995 v The calculation is pretty much the same, so the wire current is equal to the current.
Q:Is the squirrel-cage motor communicating in three phases?
The rodent motor can only show that his rotor is a mouselike, although it is an alternating current, but it does not indicate that it is a three-phase alternating current, or single phase alternating current. This depends on the winding and wiring of the stator winding of the motor. The three-phase motor is composed of three-phase winding, which usually leads to six terminals, delta connection and star connection. The individual also has a three lines after the inside of the line. A single phase motor is composed of two phase winding, which is divided between the main and the radial winding. The combination of the external capacitance and the radial winding is used to generate the rotating field. An electric motor is also a single phase, typically consisting of a winding, which relies on a short circuit ring on a pole shoe to form a rotating magnetic field. Be sure to distinguish between the use and the other
Q:What is the general ac motor in electrical design?
It is mainly based on the characteristics of the circuit and the load, investment, etc
Q:How to implement the start-stop of three-phase ac motor with the contactor?
A master switch (knife or circuit breaker), red, green, two button button box, five fuse short circuit protection, a thermal relay, ac contactor, thermal overload protection (rated current is greater than the motor current, coil voltage is consistent with the control circuit voltage), prepare some wires connected line according to the circuit diagram

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