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Model: Y2 355-560

Standards: IEC

Efficiency indicators: standard and efficient

Frame Range: 355-560 (3KV, 6KV); 400 ~ 560 (10KV) cast iron machine base

Power range: 160 ~ 1600kw;

Voltage: 3KV, 6KV ,, 10KV

Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

Poles: 246 810 pole

Protection: IP55

Cooling: IC411

Bearings: SKF or C & U

Ambient temperature: -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Installation: B3 right auxiliary terminal box in the main terminal box ipsilateral

Auxiliary components: Each winding 2xPT100; each bearing 1xPT100; plus tropical

Surface color: RAL 5010

Main applications: fans, pumps, compressors, conveyor belts and other general-purpose machinery and equipment


1. Bearing shields in aircraft design for greater load capacity.
2. Fan cover in new aircraft design for better cooling.
3. Terminals with the exact diagonal division. Accelerated access  saves time during assembly.

Quality of Processing :

1. Complete development according to EU standards.
2. Certification of production and manufacturing standards by TUV-SUD.
3. Production under constant surveillance quality manager from the EU.
4. Certification for efficiency IE2 motor in the EU.

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Q:The armature windings of large and medium-sized ac motors are often double-spaced
Because general winding when using single-layer windings, most (not all) cannot form a short distance, but the whole distance, the motor can effectively weaken the high order harmonic. The double winding will solve both problems.
Q:24v motor, do not know whether is dc or ac, how to judge
It has a positive negative pole on it, and you can try it with two lines. You can rotate it, and there's a line that looks like a manufacturer plus a signal-control line, and I've seen it on the fan, and you can cut it off directly if you don't use it.
Q:Dc motor and ac motor, which is better for mechanical hands?
The manipulator USES servo motor and pulse motor to be controlled accurately.Dc motors should be used in this way.
Q:How to judge a three-phase ac motor
First, the power supply is cut off, and the hand disk motor turns, whether the bearing card dies, the rotor sweep, etc. Mechanical fault. Disconnect the motor power cord (U1, V1, W1, U2, V2, W2), measured with a multimeter, U1, U2, V1, V2, W1 and W2 resistance size, three-phase resistance is similar to normal, if the difference is too big there is winding interturn short circuit, also check the resistance between three-phase (three-phase resistance between infinite is normal) and the resistance (to casing).
Q:What is the classification of ac motor?
According to the number of different ac power, and can be divided into two major categories of single-phase and three-phase ac motor, is currently the most widely used three-phase asynchronous motor, this is because the three-phase asynchronous motor has simple structure, low cost, strong and durable, convenient in operation and maintenance, etc. A single phase asynchronous motor is widely used in situations where there is no three-phase power supply and some small motors
Q:What are asynchronous motors and synchronous motors
What is a dc motor? A: the output or input is a rotary motor for direct current energy, known as dc motor What is ac motor A: the output or input is a rotary motor for alternating current energy, known as ac motor. 3, what is a step motor
Q:Three-phase ac motor star row and delta connection?
Three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor adopts - delta Y step-down starting advantage: Y connection of the stator winding, the starting voltage for direct using delta connection, a third of the 1/3 of the starting current to delta connection, thus features good starting current, the circuit is simple, less investment. The drawback is that the torque is reduced to a third of the triangular method, and the torque characteristics are poor. So the line is suitable for light or no-load start. In addition, note that the consistency of the rotation direction should be noted when the y-delta joins
Q:How the ac motor works
The principle of ac motors: the coils spin in the magnetic field. Do you know the principle of direct current electromotor? Dc motor commutator is used to automatically change the direction of the current in the coil, so that the coil stress direction is consistent and continuous rotation. So as long as the guarantee coil stress direction is consistent, continuous rotary motor will be. Ac motor is the application of this.
Q:The ac motor is not positive and negative, so how do you achieve positive and reverse?
One-way or 3 phase One-way and positive inverse: commutative L and N are positive and inverse, so as long as L and N are not changed, the motor will not change. Three phases: R, S, T, three lines, any exchange of two to turn the motor. The rotation of the motor will not change without the phase sequence
Q:Do you start the coils when you are communicating?
In addition, the resistance split-phase motor (such as thermal resistor start refrigerator motor), after the start, resistance value is very big, can think of the coil is power, does not work.

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