Hybrid Stepping Motor H421 (42MM) - Nema 17

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Product Description:

Hybrid Stepping Motor H421 (42MM) - Nema 17

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:H421


Number of Stator:Two-Phase

Excitation Mode:HB-Hybrid


Operate Mode:Hybrid Stepper Motor




Step Angle:1.8



Rated Current:0.16-2.3A


Phase Resistance:1.2-75ohm

Phase Inductance:1.6-40mh


Holding Torque:12-54ncm

Detent Torque:1.6-3.2n.Cm


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:I. CH


Packing:carton or pallet




HS Code:85011099


Production Capacity:5000K pcs/year

Product Description

I. CH Motor - Hybrid Stepping Motor H421(42MM) - Nema 17

-Step Angle: 1.8°
-Length: 28-58mm
-Rated Current: 0.16-2.3A
-Phase Resistance: 1.2-75ohm
-Phase Inductance: 1.6-40mH
-Holding Torque: 12-54N. Cm
-Detent Torque: 1.6-3.2N. Cm
-Lead Wire No.: 4, 6
-Weight: 150-450g

                                                                      Electrical Specification
Series ModelStep Angle ( o )L
Rated Current (A)Phase
( Ω )
Inductance (mH)
Holding Torque
Detent Torque (N.cm)Lead
( g)

Hybrid Stepping Motor H421 (42MM) - Nema 17

Hybrid Stepping Motor H421 (42MM) - Nema 17

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Q:What happens when the step motor lock stops and stops?
Are the two motors the same? If it is the same, the drive to the motor will have another signal input, which will allow the motor to be unlocked when the input signal is entered. Not two signals are different.
Q:What is a step motor?
The machine is divided into two kinds, not servo motor is the step motor, the servo is better, but the price is higher, choosing the right step to the motor according to the precision can save the cost.
Q:What does it mean to step into a motor
Several phase motor refers to the series of the winding of the motor, and several lines refer to the line of the motor
Q:What is the meaning of step 1, 1204, 1605,1610?
What you're talking about is not the type of the step motor, but the type of the screw. For example in 1605: 16 is the diameter of the screw is 16mm. 05 is the lead, which is the distance from the screw to move the load to the 5mm. 1605 that is to say, the 16mm diameter of the screw will drive the load along the 5mm. 1204 means that the screw with a diameter of 12mm will move a circle and will drive the load up to 4mm.
Q:How to reduce the S to the actual step motor control!
The pulse equivalent can be calculated according to the above information when the stepping motor is controlled periodically. I tested it on the servo drive (and it can be dynamically planned, which means that the target speed can change in real time), which works.
Q:How big is the minimum step motor? How big is the motor?
In electronic meter, the step motor is very small, it only drives the digital turntable
Q:How to control the angular displacement speed and rotation direction of the step motor
The driver is required, and a controller is needed to signal the driver's pulse and direction.
Q:What are the advantages of step-motor versus private motor?
Stepping motor: can control the rotation Angle accurately, angular velocity. So it can also control the speed. A (private) clothing machine: it can control the speed of the revolution, of course, it can control the speed accurately. It's a real thing, and it's not a real thing Comparison: the speed control can be satisfied, but the need to control the angular velocity must be stepped into the motor
Q:What is the way in which the step motor ring is distributed?
The first step should be to understand the mechanism and principle of the step motor, which is the rotor of a permanent magnet, and how many different slots are on the rotor. A stator is a phase winding 2) the rotation principle, which circulates the various phase wheels into direct current, creates a rotating magnetic field, which is rotated by the rotating field. The faster the magnetic field spins, the faster the motor spins
Q:What is the difference between the two phase step motor series and the parallel
The motor you're using is the eight-line step motor. This makes up four pairs of lines. The two pairs of winding series can work under high voltage and low current, while the torque is large When connected, the work can be stable in low voltage, high current environment and high speed.

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