Stepper Motor Reprap 3D17

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Stepper Motor Reprap 3D17 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:JK42hs


Number of Stator:Two-Phase

Excitation Mode:HB-Hybrid


Operate Mode:Driver



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.






Origin:Changzhou, China

HS Code:8501109990


Production Capacity:100000PCS/Month

Product Description

We offer excellent stepper motors, Stepper Motor Driver, DC Servo Motor, Stepper Motor Power Supply, Stepper Motor Kit, CNC router. These are the Best motors on the market. Stepper Motor is used on CNC router, CNC Lathes, small to MID-sized CNC mills & milling machines, Laser Engravers and Laser Cutters, Vinyl Sign Cutters, CNC Plasma Cutters, and CNC Foam Cutters. The Stepper motor also has been used in precision telescope positioning systems and Robots. Low inductance and high torque make these Motor the best choice.

Model No.  Step AngleMotor LengthCurrent /PhaseResistance /PhaseInductance /PhaseHolding Torque  # of Leads  Detent TorqueRotor InertiaMass
( ° )(L)mmAΩmHkg. cmNo.g. cmg. cmKg

Stepper Motor Reprap 3D17

Stepper Motor Reprap 3D17

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Q:What is the reason for the continuous burning of several steps
The actuator is not compatible with the motor, which means that the minimum breakdown current of the driver is greater than the rated running current of the motor 2, you didn't go to adjust the drive current segment, default factory value, cause now is greater than the current running current rating of the motor (similar to the first point, it is a current running) The problem of the quality of the motor is that the temperature rise is too high, or the surrounding heat is so bad that the insulation inside the motor is damaged, causing the short circuit 4, drive and electrical wiring error, it is A + and A -, B +, B -, you take A order wrong, then into A +, B +, -, B - (that is to say, at the same phase, but you put together the different phase) 5, motor overload There should be other reasons, just for a moment. You check your drive and your motor and check what went wrong.
Q:How do you change the direction of the step motor
Three-phase stepper motor can change direction in line, if it is bad five phase is changed, can find a row selector switch power amplifier module, there is a change of phase sequence, this according to the manual operation, you can also try one by one, not dial back and try again next, until the direction of change.
Q:What is the phase number of the step drive motor, and how does the user select several phases of step motor?
The phase number of the step motor is the number of coils within the motor, and the two phase, three phases, four phases and five phase stepping motors are commonly used. The number of the motor is different, the Angle of the step is different, the Angle of the step distance of the second phase motor is 1.8 degrees, the third phase is 1.5 degrees, and the fifth phase is 0.72 degrees. In the absence of a breakdown driver, the user mainly selects the steps of different phases to meet the requirement of the step Angle. If you use a subdivision drive, the number of phases becomes meaningless, and the user simply changes the score on the drive to change the step Angle.
Q:Can a pulse signal from a PLC be given two steps at the same time?
If there is no independent control two stepper motor, a stepper motor running, another is running, a pulse signal of PLC can drive two stepper motors at the same time. Because the output of the transistor is sufficient to drive two steps into the motor drive, it is too much to say. In fact, the electrical current that enters the motor drive is only a few tens millian, the PLC transistor output capacity is 500 milliampere.
Q:What is the difference between the step motor two phase eight and four phase eight lines?
Two phase stepper motor is divided into single drive and bipolar drive, single driver generally have four lead, but domestic customarily referred to as the 4 phase stepper motor, are two phase stepper motor in a strict sense. Eight lines of two phase stepping motor can connect into a single drive and bipolar drive 2 ways, connect unipolar stepper motor drive is 4 phase, but as you said that the motor is 6 line unipolar driven motor, so the purpose of strict change motor or change to the bipolar drive mode of parallel connection to be meaningful, or it is not necessary to change the motor, this motor can do before because there is no change unipolar drives and bipolar drive used in series connection.
Q:How to determine the pulse width of the step motor
The coil current lags time to determine that the pulse width is greater than the current delay time to ensure that the coil is fully charged
Q:Can the step motor be in parallel with two phases
You can. If it is a two-phase step motor with eight lines, it can be applied with single polarity, series connection and parallel connection. Unipolar wiring requires a single polarity drive, which is not very generic. If the user needs to work in low-speed electric motor torque, can be used in series connection mode, the motor current to set a small some, also to drive the output current of requirement lower; If the user needs to motor working in high speed, can be used in a parallel connection mode, the motor current to set a few bigger, drives the output current to a bigger one. For example, the 42HS03 motor in innast, which is rated at 2.3 A, will be able to work with an electric current of 1.6 A, and will be able to use the EZM322 drive. If parallel wiring is used, the electric current of the motor is about 3.2 A, and the drive of the EZM442 is required. In conclusion, the user needs to select the most appropriate step forward driver for the need to get a greater economic performance.
Q:Why do you go into the motor and you don't have to do it again
The electrical motor does not turn, and the hand swivel in the shaft to see if there is a lock, which is to see if there is any current input to the motor winding. Check if there is a problem with the connection, and you may not be able to catch it somewhere.
Q:What is the difference in performance between the three-phase step motor and the two-phase step motor
It refers to the number of coils within the motor, which are currently used in two phases, three phases, four phases and five phase stepping motors. Step motor phase number is different, it is apart from the different Angle, the general step of the two-phase motor pitch Angle is 0.9 ° / 1.8 ° and 0.75 ° of three-phase / 1.5 ° and 0.36 ° of five phase / 0.72 °. When the driver is not broken, the user mainly depends on the step of the different phase to meet the Angle of the step. If you use a subdivision drive, the "phase number" will become meaningless, and the user simply changes the score on the drive and can change the step Angle.
Q:What is the difference between the stepper motor and the servo motor?
This is not likely to be similar to the servo performance, choosing servo is mainly the high accuracy and the constant torque output is better than the step motor. This gap is mainly determined by the physical structure of servo and stepper, although stepper positioning accuracy will be improved after adding the encoder, but recommend suite stepper motor torque output and high speed down very fast problem still cannot be solved, servo when in rated 3000 turn, for instance can still maintain its rated torque output, step might be to 1500 turn when the moment is only he remained one of the three points of the torque. So the step plus encoder has limited performance improvements, mostly just a publicity stunt.

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