6 kw - 20 kw Mobile Lighting Tower Genset Diesel Generator Set

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6kw to 20kw Mobile Light Tower Generator

1. 6kw ,10kw mobile genset powered by Perkins and Kubota engine
2. World famous brand AC alternator: Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon
3. Mast be extended to 9m , Smartgen HGM6120


6kw - 20kw Mobile Lighting Tower Genset Diesel Generator Set








Mast & Lamp

Max. extension of mast








Total power of lamps




Light capacity

4*250000 lumen



Lifetime of lamp

2000 hours

5000 hours

5000 hours






Rated Power

50Hz  4.2kw

50Hz  6.0kw

50Hz  20kw

60Hz  5.0kw

60Hz  8.0kw

60Hz  23kw

Standby Power

50Hz  4.5kw

50Hz  7.0kw

50Hz  22kw

60Hz  5.5kw

60Hz  9.0kw

60Hz  25kw

Engine model


Kubota D1105-BG

Perkins 1003G

Fuel tank capacity




Prime fuel consumption





Stabilizer Support




Tire Size




Anti-wind capacity









Net Weight





Engine Features:

1. World most famous brand diesel engine: Kubota/Yanmar/Perkins/Cummins

2. Mufti-cylinder in-line or veer engine, 4-stroke, direct injection

3. Naturally aspirated, turbocharged, water cooled or turbocharged with air intercooler

4. Machinery or electronic governing

5. Fuel injection pump

6. Electric motor starting system

7. Forged steel crankshaft, cast iron cylinder and replaceable wet type cylinder liner

8. Low discharge, and low fuel consumption

9. Installed conveniently and maintain easily


Alternator Features:

1. World famous brand AC alternator: Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon, ENGGA

2. Brushless, 4 poles, rotation magnet

3. IP21-23(NEMA1) enclose is standard for all industrial alternators

4. H class insulation system

5. AVR self-regulated, voltage regulation rate: ≤±1%


Control Panel:

1. Automatic control panel(AMF), LCD display

2. Four protection systems

3. Emergency stop


Soundproof/Silent Box:

1. Excellent ventilation

2. Oil tank mounted on base frame for 12 Hours working

3. Highly Corrosion Resistant construction

4. Excellent Access for Maintenance

5. Security and safety

6. 1m<80dB/7m<70dB


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Q:The difference between high voltage motor and general motors
Main is the grade of power supply voltage is different, the factory high voltage motor general electric power supply voltage is 6KV, low voltage motor is commonly 220V / 380V. The structure comes in, the high voltage motor is synchronous and asynchronous machine, low voltage motor is asynchronous motor.
Q:Are motors and motors a concept?
Motor is a general designation, because there are generators, motors, and dc motor, dc generator, etc., so the motor is a general designation, and the motor is not a concept.
Q:How is the rated current of the three-phase machine calculated?
I want to add; The power of a three-phase motor can and should be the power of its rated output, not the power the motor inputs from the grid, which is the only title I. Calculation method is still A P = 1.732 * cos phi x efficiency, the UI is not generally take but should take 1.732, it is 3 square root of arithmetic is, U is the line voltage (380 v), some current (A), cos phi power factor < 1, efficiency (I don't know how to play this symbol)
Q:Is the servo motor more than the general motors? Why is that?
The average injection machine can also save energy, whether it's a servo or a frequency converter, which can be used to save energy, but the difference is as follows: If you use a converter, the cost is low, (the converter cost is about 500 to 600 yuan per KW, and the servo is about 1,200 ~ 1500 yuan per KW). The frequency conversion of the frequency converter is lower than the servo, (the frequency of the frequency converter is 20% ~ 50%, and the servo is usually 30% ~ 70%). 3. The frequency converter with low maintenance cost, frequency converter by the localization of more than 10 years of history, has become increasingly stable, many occasions can be comparable with imported, while the servo is not very mature, average life is not too long, once out of the problem, the cost is very high. It depends on your financial situation and going to the statement, the company also produces servo, not in the fight against others, but after so many years of experience, the company's injection molding machine frequency conversion electric saving is very stable, like some big enterprises such as byd, unified group and other large enterprises are successfully used for years
Q:What is the structural difference between a two-speed motor and a regular motor
The change of the pole winding method of the motor is achieved by changing the stator winding of the motor. Two-speed motor is general internal winding is 4/6 (or: 6/8), and lead to the winding respectively, through the contactor control to achieve the two kinds of rotation speed of the machine. Take the example of the four-sixth pole double speed motor, which is a low speed 6, 1000-rpm (delta connection), high speed 41500 RPM (double star connection).
Q:How does a three-phase machine measure the electric charge
First you have to determine whether the motor is working under the rated load at 2.2 KW, which is 24 hours a day Electricity is 2.2 * 24 = 52.8 degrees. Don't need to be multiplied by three.
Q:If the value of the capacitor on a motor is smaller, it can also be installed in other motors
Don't keep using it. The capacity will continue to decrease until it is completely invalidated and has no value.
Q:How do you solve the problem of stepping motor jitter
It is usually possible to set the current value on a finalizer, and try it on a smaller scale. Note that too small a current can cause jitter, but the noise is low, not obvious. Also, the current is too small, high-speed rotation may need longer acceleration time, highest speed will be limited, need to find a balance between the two.
Q:The difference between the frequency converter and the ordinary motor
There is no difference between the motor and the motor of the converter is the three-phase asynchronous motor. However, the speed of the machine can be adjusted to achieve energy saving and constant pressure.
Q:What is the difference between an energy-saving motor and a general motor
Contrast with the normal Y series: losses of 15% to 25% and efficiency up 2.5% to 4%. 4. With the improved ventilation systems using highly efficient energy-saving fan of energy-saving motor air gap, the flux density distribution of reasonable design, make the motor efficiency index reaches more than GB18613-2006 grade 2 energy efficiency standard. Our energy-saving motors have outstanding features: 1. Efficient energy efficiency, lower running costs, and allow the final customer to recoup their investment costs within 9-15 months. Reliable performance is high, making the supporting equipment running smoothly, the failure rate is low, the maintenance cost decreases. Adopting imported high-grade bearing, manufacturing process is exquisite, once used, benefited from many years. Can be equipped with various accessories, the installation method is suitable for many situations. The product standard we adopt is at the cutting edge, the insulation and insulation are extremely abundant, the structure design takes care of and satisfies different customers

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