Multi-Speed Motors With YS Three Series

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Product Description:

Product Specifications:
YD series multi-speed motors
IEC Standard
Cooling method IC411, protection class IP55, F class insulation, Class B temperature rise.
Efficiency rating: IE1 (Eff2).
Frame size: 80mm to 315mm.
Poles Optional: 2 / 4p, 4 / 8p, 4 / 6p, 6 / 8p
Rated power: 0.55kw ~ 160kw, S1 duty.
Rated voltage: 220 / 380V, 380 / 660V, 230 / 400V, 400 / 690V.
Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz.
Ambient temperature: -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
Bearing Brand: SKF / C & U
Wiring: 0.55-3kw use star connection 4-160kw use delta connection

Other Optional Specifications:
1. Heat protection: windings and / or bearings installed PTC, PT100.
2. with tropical moisture.
3. Drive: may need to use roller bearings, angular contact bearings, insulated bearings.
4. Special Paint: provide the corresponding special paint process for the high humidity, high temperature and highly corrosive environments.
6. junction box: from the drive end direction, can be installed on motor top, left and right.
7. cable gland material can be used: plastic, metal.

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Q:What is the difference between a single phase motor and a two-phase machine?
You mean should be the difference between the single-phase motor and three-phase motor, the difference between them is to use the power supply is different, single-phase motor using household electricity, three-phase industrial three-phase electric motor.
Q:Which is good for the washing machine series motor and general motors?
Principle of general motors: the direction of force of conductor is determined by the left hand. This pair of electromagnetic force formed on the armature a torque, the torque in rotary motor is called electromagnetic torque, torque direction is counterclockwise, trying to make the armature counterclockwise rotation. If the electromagnetic torque can overcome the armature resistance torque (for example, caused by friction resistance torque and other load torque) and the armature can spin counterclockwise direction.
Q:Direct drive motor control mode
The control board is the same as the general permanent magnet motor. The problem is you is to point to the need to control the motor start-stop, or to control the torque (your this kind of motor is primarily a torque motor), and you need to control analog or digital control. After certain, the circuit design is convenient. Need your motor driven load characteristics, work environment, such as the control response speed, accuracy, voltage, power, etc., and whether the high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high electromagnetic interference, etc., all of these have an effect on circuit design.
Q:The difference between PWM and general motors
Frequency conversion motor adopts "special inverter induction motor + frequency converter" way of ac speed regulation, make the mechanical automation degree and greatly improved the efficiency of production equipment miniaturization, increase comfort, is to replace the traditional mechanical control and dc speed control scheme.
Q:The difference between brushless dc motor and plain dc motor, where is its advantage
Brushless dc motor and brushless dc motor is the difference between ordinary is as follows: 1, the brushless dc motor with integrated drive circuit commutation, ordinary brushless dc motor with brush and commutator with the reversing, keep the continuous rotation of the motors. The winding of brushless dc motor is the stator, the magnet is the rotor, and the common windings are the rotor, the electromagnet is the stator. The non-brush dc motor USES rare earth permanent magnet (nd-ti-boron permanent magnet) to achieve greater power and efficiency, and ordinary brush dc motor USES ferrite permanent magnet. The non-brushless dc motor is usually multi-groove, 6 slots, 9 slots, 12 slots, 24 slots, etc., the average brush dc motor has fewer slots, 3 slots, 5 slots, 7 slots etc. The company has shenzhen constant drive motor co., LTD.
Q:What's wrong with the rotary roller
The machine burns a set of lines, which may be the starting line. 2, the motor card is dead, try to turn by hand. Check the capacitance or change it. The main board is broken, and it cannot detect the starting signal.
Q:Can ac servo motor be used as ordinary motor?
Servo motor certainly cannot be used by ordinary electric machine!Can not be The armature is in direct current.
Q:The difference between pump motor and general motor?
The difference between pump motor and ordinary motor is mainly the shell of the motor and its protection, the oil pump motor casing is sealed explosion-proof type.
Q:How is the servo motor parameter chosen
Servo motor applied to choose, according to general installation size, torque, rotational speed, optical axis or keyboard, if you need to brake the aspects such as selection, such as the BBF servo motor model HM18-48.0-015 A1D HM18 on behalf of the flange installation dimensions (installation size 60 base number, number 80 stand, stand 80, 110 stand, stand 130 number, 150 stand, stand 180 number, 220 stand HM18 represents 180 stand), 48.0 represents 015 rated torque speed (1000 r - 3000 - r), A1D representative with the brake Upstairs the elder brothers say is to control the mode, be a servo drive thing.
Q:What is an electric motor
An electric motor is a device that converts electricity into mechanical energy. It USES the electric coil (stator winding) to generate the rotating magnetic field and is used to make the spinning torque of the magnetoelectric power of the rotor cage. Motor by using power divided into dc motor and ac motor, the motor is mainly composed of stator and rotor, the working principle of the motor is a function of magnetic field on the current stress, to rotate the motor.

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