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Induction Motor
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electric motor,the motors have high efficiency , beautiful modeling ,compact structure, low noise, large starting torque ,et

1.3-phase asynchronous motors
2.IEC standard
4.Voltage:50HZ &60HZ;380V&415V
5.Protection class: IP54 IP55

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Q:What is the difference between dc, alternator motor, and how the motor works
Current generator can be expressed with trigonometric function: I = A * Sin (W * t + Kuai), that "Kuai" is for the early phase, A representative of A current maximum (valid values are: SQR (2) * I (effective) = A), SQR (2) on behalf of the square root of 2). The direction of current change twice per cycle (positive direction and negative direction), our country's frequency alternating current (ac) of 50 hz, period of 0.02 s, said current direction 50 times per second (don't know how this place remember correctly).
Q:Please communicate the motor. It is possible to speed the speed with a governor
Many household electric fans using bidirectional thyristor phase shift control of motor speed, this kind of speed is actually reduce the input current make motor with fixed running quickly and can only reduce the speed. Like dimming lamps, they are forced to regulate.
Q:What is the classification of ac motor?
According to the number of different ac power, and can be divided into two major categories of single-phase and three-phase ac motor, is currently the most widely used three-phase asynchronous motor, this is because the three-phase asynchronous motor has simple structure, low cost, strong and durable, convenient in operation and maintenance, etc. A single phase asynchronous motor is widely used in situations where there is no three-phase power supply and some small motors
Q:Three phase ac synchronous motor is different from three-phase ac asynchronous motor
Structure and principle of The stator winding of synchronous motor and asynchronous motor is the same, the main difference is the structure of the rotor. The rotor of synchronous motor has dc excitation winding, so it needs to be coupled with excitation power supply to introduce current through the slide ring. The rotor of the asynchronous motor is a short-circuit winding, which generates an electric current through the electromagnetic induction. Asynchronous motor is simple, low cost, easy to install, use and maintenance. It has been widely used. Disadvantages low efficiency, low power factor of power grids. And synchronous motor with high efficiency is the capacitive load, can improve the power factor of power grid. Multi-purpose mining large not ready.
Q:Single phase ac motor voltage speed, voltage torque relation
The asynchronous motor voltage is less than 360V and cannot function properly. The motor will not be able to switch to the power of the rotor, which will be converted into heat, which will seriously affect the life of the motor.
Q:How to control ac motors with dc 24V voltage
24 v dc voltage cannot be applied to ac 24 v ac contactor, and buy less than 24 v ac contactor, can use a inverter to 24 v dc into 220 v ac voltage, and buy a 220 volt ac contactor with a button, the circuit connection is ok,
Q:How the ac motor works
Avoid to avoid the second power cord around the problem, because the coil is continuously turn, use two wires to the coil power supply, the power cord will avoid around about the current in the coil is due to alternating current (ac), there is a time of current is equal to zero, but this time with the current time is too short, what's more, the coil quality, with inertia, due to the inertia coil will not stop. Ac motor is according to the characteristics of alternating current (ac), to produce a rotating magnetic field in the stator winding, and then make the cutting rotor winding magnetic induction line movement, make the rotor winding induced current, the induced current in the opposite direction of the induced magnetic field and stator magnetic field, to make the rotor has the rotary torque.
Q:What are the main parts of alternators?
Ac generator is mainly composed of two major part is three-phase ac generators and silicon diode rectifier. x0d three-phase ac generator is mainly composed of the rotor and stator, and front and back end cover, fan, pulley, etc. x0d (1) the effect of the rotor magnetic field is. It is mainly composed of two pieces of claw pole, exciting winding and the slip ring, etc. Two pieces of the same shape claw pole cross to the pressure on the shaft, its space is equipped with steel magnetic clutches and exciting winding, at both ends of the field winding are respectively welded on each other's insulation slip ring, after two brush | bow out with the generator set iron column and magnetic field on the end cover by column. When the field current through, then form a mutual crisscross 6 pole. x0d
Q:What are the similarities and differences between the dc brushless and the ac brushless motor?
The brushless DC (BLDC) and the brushless AC (the name for which the name doesn't seem to be used in Chinese) belong to the permanent magnet synchronous motor. The two types of motors do not depend on the armature current and the waveform of the anti-electric potential. If the inverse voltage and the armature current are the rectangular wave, that's the BLDC, if it's a sine wave, that's the BLAC. Of course the inverse electric potential is a rectangle and the current of the sine wave, becomes the BLAC operating mode, so the waveform of the current is seen in the end.
Q:Why is the ac motor chain divided by time is voltage
The voltage base value is equal to the impedance base times the current base value, The impedance basis value is equal to the inductance base on the angular frequency basis, So, the voltage base is equal to the inductance basis times the angular frequency basis times the current base value,

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