Tube Non-manual Tubular motor for window /awning /blinds 35mm

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Tube Non-manual Tubular motor for window /awning /blinds

tubular motor for roller shutter

industrial roller shutter tubular motor


Tubular motor for roller shutter, electric awning, motorized blind, Roma shade; 

 Used for rolling windows, doors, blinds, screens and rolling shutters.


CE, TUV, RoHS, CCC, ISO9001 certificated, 
Safety, Energy saving, High efficiency, Long life time, 
Low noise, Low temperature increasing, Low maintenance cost. 



Features Tubular motor for roller shutter, electric awning
1) Voltage: 230V/50Hz 
2) Input power: 117W/ 215W 
3) Current: 0.49A /0.92A 
4) Speed: 12/16/25rpm 
5) Torque: 10/15/20/30/40/50N. M 
6) Working duration: ≥ 4min 
7) Insulation classification: B 
8) Protection classification: IP44 
9) Certification: CE, TUV, CCC, ISO9001-2008 ROHS, 



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Q:The power consumption of a three-phase ac motor is equal to the line voltage cross current. How do you explain?
The calculation formula of three-phase symmetric load; The power P is equal to the square root of 3 U line I cosine phi is 3I2R. The line voltage refers to the parallel voltage between the two phase lines (a-b a-c b-c), and the phase voltage refers to the parallel voltage of the relative zero (a-0, b-0, c-0). In a power distribution system that is directly grounded in three phase four lines; Line voltage is equal to phase voltage square root of 3, phase voltage is equal to line voltage over square root of 3, line current equals phase current.
Q:How does ac servo motor change direction?
Change the servo motor parameters, such as the mitsubishi j3-a column, the PA_14 parameter
Q:Comparison between ac motor and dc motor
The advantages of a dc motor The dc motor has good starting characteristics and speed regulating characteristics The torque of dc motors is greater It's cheaper to repair. Dc motor is more energy-efficient than communication.
Q:What is the difference between ac motor and dc motor?
The difference is that the ac is connected by alternating current, while the dc motor is connected to direct current.
Q:Ac motor 110KW how much current
If 380V motors, the rated current is 220A and a kilowatt is about 2 amperes. For other voltage grade, if you use power divided by the voltage (KV), the divided by the square root of 3, divided by the motor power factor, is the rated current of the motor. You look at
Q:The structural difference between ac motor and dc motor
direct starting startup slip is 1, rotor induction electromotive force is very big, the rotor current is very big also. When under the rated voltage of the motor starting, referred to as direct start and direct start current of about 5 to 7 times of the rated current. In general, under the rated power is 7.5 kw small capacity of asynchronous motor can be directly starting. Direct starting control circuit used appliances including combination switch, button, intermediate relay contactor, thermal relay, and fuse. Mastering their respective characteristics, at the same time grasp the fuse fuse rated current calculation. Starting control circuit directly: to grasp its control principle. (2) the squirrel-cage asynchronous motor step-down starting. Master star - Angle starting and autotransformer step-down starting the work principle of (3) the wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor starting General understanding. 6. The three-phase asynchronous motor and reversing control Generally understand 7. Three phase asynchronous motor speed regulation This part is important, to understand the formula. Changing the rotational speed of the motor, there are three possible change frequency and change the winding of magnetic pole logarithmic or change slip. 8. Synchronous motor
Q:Do you start the coils when you are communicating?
There are many kinds of single phase ac motor, such as capacitance shingles, resistors, electric motors, and "swinging" motors.
Q:What is the general ac motor in electrical design?
Generally speaking, more than 200KW will be used with high voltage motor, but there will be exceptions, such as some pumps under 400KW with low pressure
Q:Does ac motor use the upper hall sensor
If what you said is that on the electric motor, it is really an ac motor. The dc input to the controller, the controller output to motor 3 thread actually is the alternating current (ac). I understand you want to ask questions, I this explanation doesn't solve your problem.
Q:How to implement the start-stop of three-phase ac motor with the contactor?
The contactor is divided into AC contactor (voltage AC) and DC contactor (DC), which is applied to power, distribution and electricity. A contactor is a term that refers to a magnetic field that is used by an industrial electrical current to generate a magnetic field, which makes the contact close to the control load.

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