SLNC series horizontal end suction pump

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Production outline
SLNC series single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal pump with reference to foreign famous manufacturer horizontal centrifugal pump, conform to the requirements of the ISO2858, its performance parameters are from the original IS type centrifugal water pump performance parameters optimization, expand and become, its internal structure, the overall appearance IS integrated the original type IS water centrifugal pump and the advantages of existing says Mr Galdi at SLW horizontal pump, cantilever type pump design, make its performance parameters and the internal structure and overall appearance are tend to be more reasonable and reliable.
Manufactured products in strict accordance with the relevant requirements, product quality is stable and reliable performance,for the transport of water and physical and chemical properties similar to water without solid particles in the liquid with.
This series of pump flow range 15-2000m³/h, 10-140m head range, and adjust the rotation speed can be obtained by cutting impeller of nearly 200 types of products, can adapt to all industry demand, according to the rotation speed can be divided into 2950r/min, 1480r/min and 980r/min, press the impeller cutting pattern can be divided into basic, type A,type B, type C and type D.
Product features
1. Compact structure. This series of pump is horizontal structure, beautiful shape, covering an area of less.
2. Smooth running, low noise, high concentricity components.Connected by coupling pump and motor, impeller has good dynamic and static balance, little vibration when running, improving the use environment.
3. No leakage. Shaft sealing adopts corrosion-resistant carbide mechanical seal.
4. Easy maintenance. After this series of horizontal pump is open type structure, do not need to remove the line, can be for maintenance.

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Q:Submersible water pump in aquarium?
No it should be no problem , but run it in the water before you put in the aquarium ..To clean out the pump..
Q:LSvtec Oil and Water Pump Question?
just change both to type r pumps that way there are no problems
Q:Water pumping work problem?
The pump will not have to work until the water drains by gravity to the level of the spout. Then, Work = Weight of water * Height of lift Find the distance, d, of the center of mass for the remaining water in the bottom 2 m of the sphere. The height of lift will then be 2m - d. The hardest part is finding the distance d to the center of mass. I don't remember how to do that.
Q:pulley on water pump has slight wobble. is it bearings going bad?
either the bearings are going out, or the pulley is bent. either way you should go ahead and change the water pump, they are cheap and if you wait it will be a problem later when you get stranded. good luck
Q:Circuit breaker trip when water pump turn on?
Is it a circuit breaker or a GFCI that is tripping? If a circuit breaker then the pump motor could be frozen or is binding, circuit maybe over loaded because there in now something else plugged into it or the circuit breaker is wearing out. If it is GFCI (and on a pump it probably should be) then you have a ground fault condition in the pump motor or the wiring. In which case I would suggest hire an electrician to sort out the problem.
You should have a pressure tank or bladder tank (same thing) in the plumbing after the pump. If you do have a pressure tank it could be waterlogged.. most all tanks in the last 20 years have been bladder type tanks. the bladder may have leaked inside and filled the tank with water leaving no room for expansion. it should have a valve on the top of it like a valve stem on a tire. Check the pressure on it with the pump off. it should be about 4 pounds more than your pump cut on pressure. Or you could have a bad pressure switch. There are LOTS of kinds of pressure switches, so I won't even try to tell you how to check it. but the pump should run till the pressure is built up in the tank then sut off and not come back on again till the pressure on the lines is lowered to the cut in pressure on the pressure switch.without more specific information or a pic I can't help much more. First thought is pressure tank needs checked or replaced. Good luck.
Q:Do I need to replace my water pump or just the gasket on my '99 Passat?
The pump usually leaks from the center where the shaft comes out to the pulley, it should be replaced. It should be replaced regularly, as the timing belt runs on the water pump pulley, and if the pulley locks it will take out the timing belt and destroy the engine. How many miles on this car? How long since you replaced the timing belt? Probably too long, those should be replaced every 90,000 miles. Things to replace while you are in there: - Timing belt - Timing belt tensioner - Timing belt pulleys - Water pump (with gaskets) - Thermostat There are kits from Autozone and NAPA and such that have most of these parts together.
Your pump rating will depend on the requirerd flow and so with your pipe size requirement. A goulds submersible pump can deliver heads up to 500 ft.
Q:How much should it cost for a water pump.?
Q:well water pumps and systems?
Your bladder tank is water logged, you will need to drain the holding tank and refill then check pressure, you will probably have to add air to the tank. There will be a shrader valve (the same kind of valve on your vehicle tire, use a tire gauge) near the top of your tank. Check the pressure first, if the pressure is low(there is a tag telling you what the pressure should be) you will probably have water at the Shrader valve. Very common where soil is sandy.

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