S9-M-30~2500/10KV Three Phase Oil Immersed All-sealed Power Transformer

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S9-M.R-30~2500/10KV three phase scrolliron core distribution transformer is suitable for distribution system with 10KV.50HZ for industrial and mine enterprise and power illimination.

It confirms to GB1904<power transformer>standard.

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Q:What are the transformer capacity?
The size of the transformer capacity, usually based on the required power supply unit to determine the size of the power supply, with the voltage level is different, the voltage level product capacity is not the same. Voltage levels from 10KV ~ 1000KV range. The conventional capacity starts at 10KVA, and as the voltage level increases, the capacity increases accordingly. For example: 10KVA / 10KV, 500 / 10,2000 / 35,31500 / 66,40000 / 110,100000 / 220,240000 / 330,400000 / 500 and so on (due to too many types, but also the unconventional capacity of the transformer so Can not be simple summary).
Q:Transformer oil filter method
2, vacuum oil filter to ensure that there is a certain number of power, taking into account the size of your transformer, oil pillow position level, the oil filter is too small may not go oil cycle 3, the oil circulation from the oil pillow on the opening of the valve, where the best open after the bandaged, to prevent other debris in the filter oil fall into the transformer oil pillow. 4, filter oil after a certain time, take oil samples. Qualified to stop the oil filter, add the oil inside the oil can be closed after the oil pillow upper check valve. The transformer can be powered by one night after standing.
Q:Can dry transformers and distribution cabinets be placed in the same room?
Yes. Dry-type transformers are usually placed in the room with a shell, low-voltage cabinet is with the dry-type transformers together. The general practice is to flush the cabinet. And then connect the transformer with the low voltage cabinet directly in the cabinet to go. Outside can not see the connection of copper.
Q:How many transformers are used in a hundred households?
In this case, in accordance with the high-end community to consider, hundreds of people, about 30x100 = 3000kW capacity, should choose 3150kVA transformer; mid-range community, hundreds of people, should choose 1600kVA transformer; ordinary community, hundreds of people, should choose 800kVA transformer.
Q:50 What is the actual power of the transformer? Is 3 phase 50 or 3 together 50
50KVA transformer is the apparent power, the actual power close to 50KW.3 phase power a total of 50KW.
Q:Three-phase transformer how to calculate the current, ah, the formula is?
Calculation formula and empirical formula of transformer secondary current Three-phase transformer current calculation formula I = S / (root number 3 * U), where U is the transformer line voltage, KV Transformer Current Experience Port Algorithm: Primary Current I ≈ S * 0.06 Secondary Current I ≈ S * 1.5 For example: a 500KVA transformer to calculate the current and secondary current, with the current formula I = S / (root 3 * U) I = 500 / root 3 * 10 = 500 / 17.32 ≈ 28.8AI = 500 / root 3 * 0.4 = 500 / 0.69 = 724.6A with the transformer current experience calculation formula: I = 500 * 0.06 ≈ 30A I = 500 * 1.5 = 750A Transformer operating load requirements For example: a 800KVA10 / 0.4KV transformer, according to the first and second current calculation, a variety of load current is how much? Solution: Primary current I = S * 0.06 = 800 * 0.06 = 48A Secondary current I = S * 1.5 = 800 * 1.5 = 1200A Low load: Primary current I = 48 * 15% = 7.2A Secondary current I = 1200 * 15% = 180A Reasonable load: primary current I = 48 * 50% = 24A Secondary current I = 1200 * 50% = 600A Full load: primary current I = 48 * 75% = 12A Secondary current I = 1200 * 75% = 900A
Q:Transformer tap adjustment there are several ways? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
There are two ways to adjust the tap in the transformer. 1, no excitation adjustment or no taps. 2, with taps. Their advantages and disadvantages are as follows: 1, no taps: taps when the transformer must be shut down after the power, the advantages of safe and reliable, but the disadvantage is to adjust inconvenient, and often because the tap position can not meet the needs of less. 2, with taps Advantages: easy to adjust, do not have to turn off the transformer power can be adjusted, and the general tap position more easily meet the requirements. Disadvantages: due to load adjustment prone to problems, high cost, compared with the same capacity transformer volume, taps device maintenance needs a long time to blackout.
Q:Is the LTC transformer a regulated voltage transformer?
If equipped with a load regulator is called on-load tap-changer If equipped with no load regulator is called no-load voltage regulator
Q:What is a transformer?
First talk about the buck, usually we use a variety of voltage, such as life lighting is 220V, industrial safety lighting is 36V, welding machine voltage also need to be adjusted, which are inseparable from the transformer, the transformer through the main and auxiliary coil electromagnetic Mutual inductance principle, can reduce the voltage to the voltage we need. In the process of long-distance voltage transmission, we need to raise the voltage to a high, in order to reduce the voltage loss, usually rising to several thousand volts or even tens of kilovolts, which is the role of the transformer.
Q:Transformer if the boost and buck current will change?
You here is actually a rated power problem, the transformer rated power is determined by the core size and winding diameter. Actual current X The actual output voltage can not be greater than the rated power otherwise there is a possibility of damage, which is the principle. If you are a constant load, the actual current will increase at the time of boost, and the actual current will decrease when it is lowered.   Disengaged the actual use of the transformer, the transformer as a boost when the input current must be greater than the output side of the current, the transformer as a buck when the input current must be less than the output side of the current.

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