S9-M-30~2500/10KV Three Phase Oil Immersed All-sealed Power Transformer

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S9-M.R-30~2500/10KV three phase scrolliron core distribution transformer is suitable for distribution system with 10KV.50HZ for industrial and mine enterprise and power illimination.

It confirms to GB1904<power transformer>standard.

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Q:Average transformer voltage ? rated power rating?
A transformer rating is specified as a number of volt-amps (VA) where A is the RMS current. In cases where there are rectifiers, the RMS current may be far greater than the average current. This means that the power that can be delivered will be far less than the VA rating.
Q:Searching for robot/transformer party food ideas?
Here's a really easy nacho dip that tastes awesome! 1 package Velveeta mexican chese (you can do spicy or mild) 1 can Hormel chili +/- green onions Melt it in an oven-safe bowl in the Microwave or oven (for however long it takes to be all melted) stirring occasionally, and eat it with tortilla chips. It's awesome!!
Q:Transformer confusion.?
You are confusing VA (power ratings) with transformer ratios 120/16 7.5 :1 3300/120 27.5 : 1 So connect 7Vrms to 16 input to give output 1 52.5V Now connect this 120 (52.5V) output to the 120V input of the 120/3300 transformer The output should be approx 52.5 x 27.5 1444 Volts Use the 16/120 to step up and then the 120/3300 to step up again Take the function generator voltage to its lowest and measure at all points now gradually increase the generator voltage measuring at all points until you get what you want If the voltages are not as you expect then the VA ratings may be a problem Remember to be extra careful with High Voltages
Q:Transformer ONAN?
This is the transformer cooling mode of the sign, meaning that the internal insulating oil natural circulation, with the external air natural heat transfer.
Q:How does a step-down transformer?
Transformers function as electrical gearboxes to give an analogy. The product of current through the winding and voltage across the winding is the same for both the input winding and the output winding, due to conservation of energy. Transformers trade voltage for current, while, if ideal, preserving transferred power. The way a transformer works, is that when there is a changing magnetic field produced by the input winding (due to a derivative of current through this winding) induces a voltage across the output winding, as per Faraday's law of induction. Because of the self-inductance of the input winding, since it is after all an inductor, the voltages across both windings are both in phase. The higher the frequency used, the better and more efficient the transformer works. To make them work at lower frequencies, it is necessary to make bigger overall windings with larger inductance values. The stepping ratio is set by the number of coils of wire in both windings. The number of coils on the output winding divided by the number of coils on the input winding gives the stepping ratio. Should the stepping ratio be greater than 1, it is a step-up transformer. Should the stepping ratio be less than 1, it is a step-down transformer. Should the stepping ratio be equal to 1, it is called an isolating transformer.
Q:Transformer winding maximum temperature at?
National standard (oil-immersed transformer) the top of the oil temperature is generally adjusted at 85 ℃, if more than 85 ℃, to analyze the reasons: 1, if it is because the room temperature is too high, heavy load and other slowly rising, you can continue to run more than 85 ℃, but The maximum temperature can not exceed 95 ℃ (when the transformer core core or winding is 105 ℃, will seriously damage the insulation, shorten the life or burn the transformer); 2, the transformer running at 85 ℃, the transformer oil temperature and room temperature difference can not exceed 55 ℃, if it is over, may be a serious overload, the voltage is too low, the current is too large, internal failure, etc., continue to run will seriously damage the insulation, shorten the life or burn the transformer.
Q:How to increase the transformer output current
Change the coil winding group, if possible. Otherwise can not change, change the voltage can be.
Q:My device has 50KW should be used with much transformer
Equipment is 50KW? That is to say there are other electrical appliances, you put all the power are considered, a total of how much KW, must start the current is 16 times the original current ah.
Q:220V to 12V transformer L N + V + V on behalf of what? The more detailed the better! Thank you prawn
L FireWire N zero line The other two are output positive, and the output is negative
Q:Electrical machine Question.(Transformer)?
there are many criterion it is application dependant or power it is the load that causes a temperature rise that if loaded beyond it will cause failure of course it depends on the insulation material so a smaller transformer could have a much higher rating because it can stand more heat small electronic stuff will generally be when the transformer can no longer sustain the output voltage Anita

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