RN2 Indoor high-voltage current limit fuse

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This product can be used in indoor system of AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 3~35kV to protect the voltage mutual-inductor from short circuit.

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Q:Car radio dead after replacing battery?
you blew the fuse when you crossed the cables hopefully you didn't fried the whole system.
Q:whats wrong with my guitar amp?
The tip connector of the jack is commonly spring loaded - but that means the spring looses tension, it won't contact your cable properly. Replacing the jack is the very best solution, however you may be able to dig into the jack with a really small srewdriver and rebend the tip connector to make better contact.
Q:99' GMC S 15 blows ECM B fuse?
You have a direct short in the ECM B circuit. When you bypass the fuse you destroy the harness, fuses are to protect the harness and the components they are connected to. They protect the ECM. The B circuit usually is the power circuit for the fuel pump, through the relay. Check the harness for continuity from the relay connector to ground from the fuel pump power supply wire I think it's tan/wht. If there is you have a short and you will need to pinpoint where. but you have probably already melted the harness together. Good luck. It might have been cheaper to hire a professional mechanic shop.
Q:please explain the components in the circuit.?
The item on the left is a fuse rated at 200mA. The 47k items are 47 k ohm (47000 ohm) resistors. I have no idea what the circuit does, but at the 4 pin connector on the right, provides voltages of, from the bottom pin up, 0, 2.5 volts, 2.5 volts, and 5 volts. .
Q:civic 99 interior short. problem?
Start by checking the easiest items firstthe interior light wires and the door switches and after that since you don't have a wire diagram drop the fuse box and located and trace the wires that are going to that fuse. Don't forget to disconnect the battery first.
Q:I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse, why won't the A/C compressor will not shut off?
did they replace the relay? if not you might want to think about replacing the compressor.
Q:Fuses on an 05 750 shadow?
I'm thining you still have a bare wire grounding out somewhere, hard to find to :(
Q:My 2003first ford tauras high beams radio and cruise all went out is it a fuse or something else?
I think there are two different fuse boxes in your car - The 'small' one under the dash a second one under the hood. The box under the hood has one larger fuse that feeds all of the dash board circuits. It's either on the driver's wheel well or up just behind below the battery.
Q:how to turn off the air bags light and seat belt light on a 2003 jeep grand cherokee larado?
Option 1. Dealer Option 2. Changing its body control module. Option 3. You need to buy an ABS/Air bag Scanner for a DIYS deal. Good luck
Q:Fuse box(es) on a 1986 Pontiac Firebird (2.8L V6)?
Yes, there is another box for relays circuit breakers, somewhere under the hood. USUALLY on the drivers side wheel well. The only electrical power the a/c uses is for the clutch, you can test it by using a jumper wire to briefly touch the clutch wire directly to the battery, engine OFF. If the clutch is working, you'll hear it CLICK. The ignition cylinder sounds like it's worn out, they are replaceable, also. On the radiator fans, you could wire them to a circuit so they are ON when the engine is On, not mess with the toggle switch.

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