QY-S Stainless Steel Oil-filled Submersible Pump(Fountain Pump)

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Product Description:

Farm irrigation, cultivation, fountain, seawater, saltwater, hospitals, residence, municipal works, mining, traffic construction, etc.

Service Conditions:
1. Max. immersion depth:5m.
2. Max. liquid temperature: +60°C.
3. PH: 304(4-10),316(2-13).
4. Solids up to 0.2mm, volume ratio≤0.1%.

Product Introduction:
1. It is beautiful, small. A float oil sac in pump bottom will adjust downwards once pump temperature rises, prevent the pump from crackling, which makes the pump running safely and reliably.
2. VITON double mechanical seal in oil chamber, single mechanical seal in outer chamber, which avoid water into motor.
3. The motor uses F grade insulation, with cone-shaped bearing design, which prolongs the pump's service life.


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Q:Corolla Water Pump - How to test leak?
Look at the water pump. You will see a pink residue around the shaft. That's dried coolant that has leaked out. Feel underneath the waterpump's shaft housing (with the engine cool). It will be moist where there's a hole underside the housing. The hole is supposed to be there. Replacing that water pump is very easy for a mechnaic. The Corolla CE since 1998 has a timing chain instead of rubber belt. You don't need to remove the chain to get at the water pump. It is on the engine block and you'll need to take off the serpentine belt, passenger side front wheel, and an access panel in the wheel well. The pump costs about $50 and takes about 1/2 hour to change. The other $300 dollars is for the guy you talked to to pay his bookie. The serpentine belt will cost about $30 and takes 5 minutes to change. It has a spring loaded tensioner. The coolant level should never go down if there's no leak.
Q:How do you replace a water pump on a 1991 Chrysler Imperial.?
Drain Cooling System. Remove right front lower fender shield. Loosen pump pulley bolts Remove Accessory Drive Belt. Remove pump pulley bolts and remove pulley. Remove pump mounting screws Remove pump. Remove and discard O-ring seal. Clean O-ring groove and O-ring surfaces on pump and chain case cover. Take care not to scratch or gouge sealing surface. Reassemble in the opposite order. This will be a good time to replace your thermostat and check all hoses for wear and leaks.
Q:Water pump bearing noise?
could be water pump bearing going sure couldbe one of the pulleys bad as well and id sure chance the trip and keep the mustang off the road if you dont have to really if it locks up should nt be hard to replace anywhere really not that hard of job and doesnt cost much at autozone
Q:97 silverado 5.7L water pump replacement?
Sounds like your ready to work, it should only take about an hour. Yes take the fan shroud off first (just the top part), you should get a piece of card board and put against the radaitor to keep from damaging it when you take tha fan off. You can use Prestone, Dextrol is just GMs name brand.
Q:manual water pump system?
tried to send pix of water pump. no paste function on answers. anyhow a pulley at the top and bottom w/ a paddle wheel ran by river current. gear it down small pulley on paddle to big rope pulley under water to soak rope. an adjustable wringer pulley at top squishes water from soft rope into a drum or tank. i will try to email picture.
Q:Acura Legend water pump?
1992 Acura Legend Coupe
Q:1973 Charger water pump belt?
On that year and engine, the fan belts that drive the water pump are adjusted by loosening the alternator bolts, and moving the alternator (you may need a pry bar) until the belts are tight. That motor had a fan clutch. If the fan clutch is bad, it will cause a vibration that will cause the wate pump to fail, and as you said Chew the radiator You may want to replace the fan clutch while you are working on the car. It is a lot cheaper than another water pump and radiator.
Q:do i really need to replace my water pump?
You can do that, but you can't fill it with pure water because in time you'll have only water in the system which can cause problems. Antifreeze also increases boiling point of the water/antifreeze mixture thus protecting the engine... You should always add 50/50 mixture. Anyway, bad pump is generally bad for cooling. It is better to have leaking radiators than bad pump.
Q:How can I replace the water pump and steering pump on my 1996 Volvo 960?
the water pump on this car is driven by the timing belt so follow timing belt replacement procedures for this, keeping in mind that you should also replace the belt,idler pulley,tension pulley,and gas-tensioner at the same time.once there the pump is held by 7 bolts and replacement is straightforward[gasket surfaces must be perfectly clean and as this is an interference fit [valve bender] engine the timing belt procedure must critically be adhered too. as for the power steering foamy fluid means one of two things, either you have a leak in the system [pump,hoses,rack. causing the pump to cavatate due to low fluid or someone added a fluid that doesn't belong, requiring a flush of the system [once again if fluid was added there is probabley a leak somewhere] if indeed the pump is found to be bad [very rare] after removing the serpintine belt tensioner the pump can be unbolted and removed. good luck
Q:my car spilled water from its water pump what does that mean?
everytime you spill on your computing gadget you need to right this moment turn it off, unplug it, take out the battery and permit it dry for each week. reckoning on how your computing gadget is outfitted you are going to be waiting to get rid of the keyboard without entering your computing gadget. in case you're able to do it, i could recommend that. If no longer, in basic terms depart them be.

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