Hot Water Submersible Pump

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Product Description:

Model description

For example: AT200QJR80-170/10

The 200 representation suitable well diameter of not less than 200 mm (if used in pools, lakes,such as the coal mine environment do not take into account, as the case may be to add dome <simulation wellbore >).

Q said the diving (in Chinese pinyin initials); J said well (in Chinese pinyin initials). R says hot water (in Chinese pinyin initials)

80 traffic is 80m3/h; 170 said that the head is 170m; /10 represents the 10 stage impeller series.

The scope of application

Applicable to enterprises and institutions such as: bath center, district heating, geothermalenergy power generation enterprises to use, high temperature hot water, hot water extraction ofthe underground GEO, according to different borehole diameter we have different specificationsfor the user to choose. The equipment, low noise, high efficiency electric energy saving.

Technical parameters:

1: the allowable working temperature range: +5 to +105 DEG C

2: solid impurities content (mass ratio) of not more than 0.01%

3: pH value (PH) 6.5-8.5

4: hydrogen sulfide content is not more than 1.5mg/L

5: the content of chlorine ion is not greater than 400mg/L

6: unit must complete submersion in water works. Vertical type, select the model when theborehole diameter and the pump model to match the diameter of hole, avoid large diameter with small diameter of the pump, and it is not good for motor cooling.

Motor parameters

Submersible motor cable length: 3m. If users need guide cable lengthening can call us in advance, submersible motor for water lubrication, must give the motor cavity is filled with clean water before use, (Note: be sure to fill or will reduce the electrical service life) if you forget towater would quickly burn out the motor.

Motor protection grade: IPX8

Electromagnetic wire using high temperature cable.

Power Supply

380V, the deviation of not more than plus or minus 5%, the frequency of 50HZ, the deviation of not more than plus or minus 1%, if customers need special voltage or special frequency need toinform us in advance.

Material Science

Impeller: cast iron HT200, or tin bronze (all grades) such as: ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, endlessly steel 316L material

The pump casing: cast iron or stainless steel HT200, such as: 2Gr13.304316.316L

Pump shaft: cold drawn steel chrome plated or stainless steel, 2Gr13 (1050 DEG C, quenching and tempering, strengthen torque)

The motor seal: rubber sealing O ring; sealing machine.

Motor adjusting sac expansion rubber material.

Equipment advantages

--1: ensure the on-site installation fast and reliable in the elaborate assembly factory

--2: uses a single stage or multistage impeller impeller series, low noise. Good performance of temperature, long life.

The --3: unit can complete submersion in water work, avoid the vacuum pump easily into the air is not good for malpractice,

The scope of supply:

Hot water submersible pump units (including the pump and the submersible motors of two parts),a water outlet flange pair a, 12 * 60 bolt 6. Or the configuration corresponding water outlet(convenient user inserted hose installation), use and maintenance instructions 1, certificate 1 copies of packing list in 1 copies, wooden box packaging.

The appearance of color:

General color (customer request): phthalocyanine blue (chlorinated rubber paint) suitable for spraying work in the general non corrosive water unit.

Anticorrosion coating:

If used in high temperature corrosion time: the first can change the casting materials such asstainless steel, bronze, second: if the corrosion is not particularly serious can brush anti-corrosive coating epoxy paint, brush anti-corrosive coating can increase the service life of unit.

Installation method: vertical installation (special circumstances can be used for horizontalinstallation, horizontal installation service life is vertical installation service life 60%, pleasepurchase description).


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Q:What's a small soft pipe for a submersible pump in a fish bowl? How do you use it?
Filter pump for oxygen spray. If the filter pump water flow, you can throw oxygen flowers, you can not use. With that pipe, it's loud and kind of
Q:How should the water pump breaker be selected?
Tell you a way, then go to the election, mainly to see his rated current to choose.The most general calculation of a KW==2 current (380V3 phase) 11KW==22 current, and then enlarge 1.2 times, that is, the current of the circuit breaker is selected to 25-30A. If it is started directly, zoom in to 1.5 times. Yes, no problem!! In addition, the 37KW 64 current short circuit selector 80-100A is ok.. Similarly, 4KW following unification can be done using 10A15A
Q:How do I know the pump pressure?
That is, the rated pressure minus the pipe loss, and then less inlet pressure (generally suction pump inlet pressure is negligible), that is the working pressure.The head of a centrifugal pump is also called the pressure head of a pump. It is the energy gained by the pump of the unit weight and the fluid. Pump head size depends on the structure of the pump (such as the diameter of the impeller, the bending of the leaves and so on, speed. At present, the pressure head of the pump can not be calculated accurately in theory, usually measured by experimental method.
Q:Why should the water pump be opened in time after the pump is started?
There are many kinds of water pumps in power plants! Single-stage centrifugal pumps generally do not open in time, with the valve opening current increased! Multi stage centrifugal pump should be opened in time, otherwise it will lead to fever due to compression of liquid! With the valve opening, the current will increase! Single stage axial flow pump usually open the valve open, with the valve opening, current changes little or fall!
Q:Flow 70 cubic meters per hour; lift 35 meters, choose what standard water pump?
If you want to install simple, you choose vertical single stage pipeline pump, he imports and exports in a straight line above, installation super simple. If the installation does not require, IS ah, GD ah, you can.
Q:Why does the water pump in the tank pull out the power supply and then plug it in?
Unplug the power, pump into the water, exhaust air, and then connected to the power supply
Q:Domestic pump does not use water, or turn, I do not know why?
The motor should be kept working, may be the motor switch problem, idling motor pump long time will certainly be bad, ha ha, the solution is to find a water pump maintenance master to work safety first!
Q:What is the function of the pump?
Pumps are usually used to enhance the liquid, conveying a liquid or liquid to increase the pressure, that is the original motive of the mechanical energy so as to achieve variable liquid fluid energy machine called pump.The technical parameters of measuring water pump include flow, suction, lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc. according to different working principles, they can be divided into volumetric pump, vane pump and so on. Displacement pump is to use its studio volume changes to transfer energy; vane pump is to use the rotating blade and water interaction to transfer energy, there are centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps and other types.
Q:Pump pumping small is what happened?
Water pump pumping is small because of insufficient water source or pump head is not enough. At the outlet stop to measure the pressure, if there is a certain pressure, that is, the flow is too small, if there is no pressure, that is not enough head, or both small.A pump is a machine that transports liquids or pumps liquids. It will be the prime mover of the mechanical energy or other external energy transfer to the liquid, the liquid energy increase, mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, alkali liquid, emulsion, suspension emulsion and liquid metal, but also transport liquid, gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids. Pump performance parameters include flow, suction, lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency and so on.
Q:What is called soft start of water pump?
Soft start is a form of electronic control, mainly through the soft drive to achieve. Principle: the former contactor is directly started as contactor, first pull in, and the device is started by soft driving. Soft start device start smoothly, starting current is small, control system life is long. Soft start is now in widespread use. But the use of high-power equipment is less, the general current is less than 120A.

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