Hot Water Submersible Pump

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Product Description:

Model description

For example: AT200QJR80-170/10

The 200 representation suitable well diameter of not less than 200 mm (if used in pools, lakes,such as the coal mine environment do not take into account, as the case may be to add dome <simulation wellbore >).

Q said the diving (in Chinese pinyin initials); J said well (in Chinese pinyin initials). R says hot water (in Chinese pinyin initials)

80 traffic is 80m3/h; 170 said that the head is 170m; /10 represents the 10 stage impeller series.

The scope of application

Applicable to enterprises and institutions such as: bath center, district heating, geothermalenergy power generation enterprises to use, high temperature hot water, hot water extraction ofthe underground GEO, according to different borehole diameter we have different specificationsfor the user to choose. The equipment, low noise, high efficiency electric energy saving.

Technical parameters:

1: the allowable working temperature range: +5 to +105 DEG C

2: solid impurities content (mass ratio) of not more than 0.01%

3: pH value (PH) 6.5-8.5

4: hydrogen sulfide content is not more than 1.5mg/L

5: the content of chlorine ion is not greater than 400mg/L

6: unit must complete submersion in water works. Vertical type, select the model when theborehole diameter and the pump model to match the diameter of hole, avoid large diameter with small diameter of the pump, and it is not good for motor cooling.

Motor parameters

Submersible motor cable length: 3m. If users need guide cable lengthening can call us in advance, submersible motor for water lubrication, must give the motor cavity is filled with clean water before use, (Note: be sure to fill or will reduce the electrical service life) if you forget towater would quickly burn out the motor.

Motor protection grade: IPX8

Electromagnetic wire using high temperature cable.

Power Supply

380V, the deviation of not more than plus or minus 5%, the frequency of 50HZ, the deviation of not more than plus or minus 1%, if customers need special voltage or special frequency need toinform us in advance.

Material Science

Impeller: cast iron HT200, or tin bronze (all grades) such as: ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, endlessly steel 316L material

The pump casing: cast iron or stainless steel HT200, such as: 2Gr13.304316.316L

Pump shaft: cold drawn steel chrome plated or stainless steel, 2Gr13 (1050 DEG C, quenching and tempering, strengthen torque)

The motor seal: rubber sealing O ring; sealing machine.

Motor adjusting sac expansion rubber material.

Equipment advantages

--1: ensure the on-site installation fast and reliable in the elaborate assembly factory

--2: uses a single stage or multistage impeller impeller series, low noise. Good performance of temperature, long life.

The --3: unit can complete submersion in water work, avoid the vacuum pump easily into the air is not good for malpractice,

The scope of supply:

Hot water submersible pump units (including the pump and the submersible motors of two parts),a water outlet flange pair a, 12 * 60 bolt 6. Or the configuration corresponding water outlet(convenient user inserted hose installation), use and maintenance instructions 1, certificate 1 copies of packing list in 1 copies, wooden box packaging.

The appearance of color:

General color (customer request): phthalocyanine blue (chlorinated rubber paint) suitable for spraying work in the general non corrosive water unit.

Anticorrosion coating:

If used in high temperature corrosion time: the first can change the casting materials such asstainless steel, bronze, second: if the corrosion is not particularly serious can brush anti-corrosive coating epoxy paint, brush anti-corrosive coating can increase the service life of unit.

Installation method: vertical installation (special circumstances can be used for horizontalinstallation, horizontal installation service life is vertical installation service life 60%, pleasepurchase description).


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Q:cost of fixing thermostat or water pump?
Parts are inexpensive depending on make and model, Labor is what gets you. I'd say your looking at about $150.00 to $200.00 for water pump. Less than that for thermostat.
Q:Water Pump Doesn't Hold Presssure?
If there is space try to hit the head of the bolt with a hammer, the shock from the hammer blow will help you to loosen the bolt. Failing that the next thing to try is an allen key socket, with this you can use a long strong arm to apply extra torque to the bolt. Be carefully not to open up the head of the bolt as this can be a major pain. If you still cannot get it out then if the water pump is to be replaced try to get an angle grinder on the bolt to cut its head off. Once the head is off and the pump is out you can use a stud extractor of a good vice grip to remove the stub of bolt left over.
Q:Will an F150 water pump work on an F100?
No it won't mess up the engine as long as there are aren't any leaks meaning a new gasket is used, the belt is adjusted correctly and is aligned, and the thermostat is replaced using the correct temperature item. Any good parts store employee can sell you the correct thermostat.
Q:What does "ETA" mean in the selection of pumps?
NPSH refers to the cavitation, the pump is the technical parameters
Q:What does water flow mean?
The amount of water delivered by the pump during the unit time, that is, the flow of the pump. Generally, there are three kinds of time units, namely, seconds, minutes and hours. In our country, the unit of flow adopts the international metric units, liters, milliliters, cubic, thousand cubic meters, etc., and different units are used according to different usage environments.
Q:water pump?
There could be alot of causes to water lose and slight elevation in temp. If the water pump is leaking most often you will see sings of it at the water pump. Also you may want to check the oil. I know it sounds crazy but see if the oil is a whitish color. You may have a blown head gasket and could be leaking water into the cylinders from the water jackets in the head. Hope that helps. Also check the ground after the car has been sitting and running. If you see water look up from the ground to see if you can locate the leak.
Q:how do I replace water pump so that water will be dispensed from refrigerator?
There is no pump in the fridge. Water is propelled by pressure before it gets to the fridge.
Q:Which is the better option for a home water pump?
last week i got a price on a above ground pump it pumps water up from 100 ft. it sure beats pulling 100ft of caseing every few years
Q:Gunked up water pump?
Appears your cooling system has not been flushed for years thus the build-up of slime, (seems maybe even 'dry-slime'). The cooling system should be flushed clean, a new water pump and gaskets installed.
Q:Water Pump replacment?
Price, Water-pumps and serpentine belts are very easy to change in all rear wheel drive cars

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