PVC Insulated Copper Wire Building Wire

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

1. building electric cables wire Appliation

Cables used for communication system, its rated voltage should be at least equal to the system of nominal voltage, In dc system, nominal voltage should not greater than 1.5 times of rated voltage, System allows more than nominal voltage working voltage by 10%.


2. Product Characteristic:

(1)cables long-term allowed no more than 70°c, BV - 90 shall not exceed 90 Celsius temperature , the installation should not below 0°c Celsius temperature .

(2) cable permissible min. bending radius: less than 25 mm of exterior cable should be no less than 4 times of cable diameter, if for 25 millimeters, wire bending radius should not less than 6 times of cable diameter.

(3) wire and cable length of knitting or into the dish for 100 meters, length error of 0.5 meters

 (4) RV - 90 long-term allowed no more than 90 °c





Laying place and requirement

Crated voltage

Nominal Section (mm2


Copper conductor PVC insulated wires

Aluminum conductor PVC insulated wires

Fixed laid indoors

Conduit etc.





227IEC05 (BV)





Heat resistant copper conductor PVC insulated wire at 900C

Mainly be laid at the places of high temperature environment and can be laid indoors ,conduits.




Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible cable

Be for laying permanent place where flexible required.




Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round wires


Fixed laid, fit for the places with high mechanical protection and moisture place, can be laid in the air or underground.


Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires




Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires





Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible connector wire

Mainly used at middle and light style moving electronics, home appliances, power and lighting and the places where flexible required






Copper conductor PVC insulated flat flexible connector wire




4. Reference Picture


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Q:electrical wiring load and line?
The line side goes to the generator and the load side goes to the output sockets.
Q:Pvc pipe and pvc line what is the difference
This is the line of the problem prompts, if other units can see the normal, this Taiwan can not be normal to see, it is necessary to call the sale of the. If you do not know the sale of the phone, you can open a set-top box on a card slot, the card flower lamb fat barley cut off the cock pull out, above the phone number.
Q:How do I get electricity to my range vent or splice electrical wire?
That's exactly what I did. Been working fine for several years now.
Q:There are 3 wires in a box in the back of my alyernator, where do they attach. electrical marine boat engine?
I'll GUESS that they *may* be the two positive 12VAC outputs from alternator, and common negative (ground)which would be hooked up to a bridge rectifier, to give you 12VDC.
Q:electrical wire wire i need for ext lights?
300 ft is quite a runlow voltage lighting would be best suited for landscape lighting but .your burial is regulated by nec code it's not 3 feetyou don't need tape to mark it unless.it is a service conductor not encased in concrete and is 18 inches below grade,then warning ribbon should be placed 12 above the installation. your question is fairly opennumber of lights?,type.?,if you want to use 30 amp breaker.residential code will only allow 20 amp ?wire size should not exceed 10awg. UF,you'll need a GFIC breaker ,unless you undermine streets driveways or roads,you'll be within code at 12 depth(nfpa 70 300.5 D.) do some research on low voltage wiring,try to shorten your wire run etc.
Q:How many cables can be placed in the cable tray is a few percent of the cable bridge
Little knowledge 1: how to see CPU performance? In the village when the election CPU, profiteers like to use a few G frequency to try to distinguish the performance of the CPU. In fact the frequency is only a factor in determining CPU performance. It is recommended to determine the performance of the CPU according to the architecture of the architecture & gt; instruction set, technology & gt; Cache & gt; According to buy the new do not buy the old principles, you just remember to buy Intel's latest architecture Sandybridge (SNB) or AMD latest bulldozer architecture processor no problem! Specific models can see "AMDIntel buy who is more reliable by the end of the CPU recommended." Little knowledge 2: motherboard affect machine performance? In addition to the CPU itself, the impact of CPU performance is mainly the chipset, because the chipset are from Intel and AMD, downstream manufacturers are only wiring to do the board only, so with the chipset motherboard performance fluctuations are generally small. Excellent workmanship motherboard is mainly reflected in the overclocking ability, stability and ease of use. If not overclocking, pick a piece of affordable mainland brand motherboard is also very good. Small knowledge 3: on-demand purchase, performance distribution should focus on on-demand purchase is very important, many novice in the save the computer and did not fully consider their own needs, resulting in the purchase of hardware with unreasonable, resulting in dual performance and money loss. Therefore, in the case of limited funds, the first thing to do is to find the demand, and then focus on the money hit the key parts, of course, but also take into account the weakness of the system, flexible with DIY is the fun.
Q:What does the cable factory need for technical change?
Yellow, green, red three colors, or called A, B, C three, or U, V, W phase, is the corresponding, three-phase voltage are 220V, line voltage of 380V, if the load is not balanced , Easy to burn the line. Hope to help you busy, man is a hydropower engineer, what questions, though looking for me.
Q:Can anyone tell me why cats chew on wires?
Mine likes my fishing poles and will floss his teeth with the wires. I got him dental toys and more things to chew on and he stopped with the wires. Brush their teeth or get them dental friendly toys and it should stop.
Q:electrical wiring and dimmer switches?
Yes. Dimmers can replace incandescent switches. If it's a 3 way switch rig, you need a 3 way dimmer rig. Note: They will soon stop making standard incandescent lamps. If you go to the trouble of installing incandescent dimmers, better stock up on the lamps, or go to dimmers for CFL lamps and use those.
Q:can someone help with my home electrical wiring issues?
You have a loose wire connection in the daisy chain wiring. Outlets are wired from one to the next. First identify which circuit breaker is feeding your problem circuit. Then after turing it off. Go around and see which other outlets are also being fed by that circuit (they will be the ones that are turned off). Make a note of it and then turn the breaker back on and find the one that is the last one working before the first problem outlet. Now turn the breaker back off and pull that outlet out of it's box and check the wiring in the back of the outlet. Usually this problem occurs when the electrician that was wiring the circuit used the stab-in-the-back connections. The barbed prong that digs into the wire sometimes works loose. then makes a intermittent connection. You're getting 82 volts because the power is back-feeding back through to the loose connection. Anyway keep checking the back of each outlet that is in the bad circuit until your find the loose connection and can repair it. OK, if this is too far over your comfort zone, have a qualified electrician come out and trouble shoot it.

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