PTC thermistor alloy wires a quality high strength

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PTC thermistor alloy wires for Temperature Sensitive Resistance

PTC Alloy wire has medium resistivity and high positive temperature coefficient of resistance. It is widely used in various heaters. It can automatically control temperature and adjust power by keeping constant current and limiting current.

Temp. Coeff. Of Resistance: TCR:0-100℃    ≥(3000-5000)X10-6/℃

Resistivity: 0-100℃    0.20-0.38μΩ.m

Chemical composition



Main Composition (%)







Temperature Sensitive Resistance alloy wire







Q/320412 HXK 001-2008

Note: we also offer special alloy for special needs under the contract







Temp. Coeff. Of Resistance







Temperature Sensitive Resistance alloy wire






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