PVC Electric Wire 2 10mm with 450/750V

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1000 Meters m
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300 Kilometers per Month m/month

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PVC insulated wires belong to the series of laying electric wires, which are mainly suitable for laying at the fixed places. It is widely used as connectors of drive, lighting, electric equipments, instrument and telecommunication equipments with rated voltage 450/750Vor below. Parts of the plastic wires are used at the equipment with AC rated voltage 300/500V or below. Its working temperature is different according to different insulation materials, mainly 70 and 90 degrees temperature, etc. According to the conductor type, it includes solid conductor PVC insulated electrical wire, stranded PVC insulated wire, and flexible PVC insulated wire with different colors. According to shape, it includes flat wire, and round wire with different colors.

According to core number, it includes single core wire, multi-core wire with different colors.

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Q:How the spacing of the hangers of the bridge is determined
That the original connection in the USB device line can not be changed, can not be extended.
Q:What are the types of car harnesses, such as engine harnesses
PVC is PVC, the most commonly used, cheap. PC is polycarbonate, expensive, high strength, with a long time. . PVC resin plastic products highlight the advantages of flame resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, gas, low moisture permeability of water vapor. In addition, comprehensive mechanical properties, product transparency, electrical insulation, insulation, muffler, shock resistance Ye Hao, is the most cost-effective general-purpose materials. Defects are poor thermal stability and impact resistance, whether it is hard or soft PVC process prone to brittle. . PC (polycarbonate) resin is a good performance of thermoplastic engineering plastics, with outstanding impact resistance, creep resistance and dimensional stability, heat resistance, low water absorption, non-toxic, excellent dielectric properties, Is the only five engineering plastics with the only good transparency of the product, but also in recent years, the fastest growing general engineering plastics.
Q:Pvc pipe and pvc line what is the difference
Look at the next board to connect to the TV that line is loose, no words would be a good warranty
Q:The zero line is grounded, why is it still on the pole?
The new house of the wire soaked, the court will support the line, the need for identification. If the identification, the impact of the normal use of the wire, there are security risks, the court will support the line. According to the current market price compensation. But if the identification of the wire does not affect the use, the court will not support the line. The principle of judgment is to repair the repair, not repair only for. Legal link: "Tort Liability Act" Article XVI infringe the property of others, property losses in accordance with the loss occurred when the market price or other means of calculation.
Q:How to prevent the wire from catching fire
. in the cable when it is necessary to use the appropriate specifications of the wire, the diameter of some of the best copper . do not use too much power of the electrical appliances, so that the wire overload operation . the installation of leakage protection switch can effectively prevent short circuit Causing fire
Q:Mac off the machine, I press the power button, off is off, what is no longer open it!
Use the angle of the instrument . in the edge of the arrow ah
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Crushed wire, crimping when there is no skin, directly with the puncture method, a large current so. This line of production time, we must first dial the skin, and then pressure to ensure that the wire core and the joints in direct contact, but also to choose a qualified enough thickness of the joints, you burn this, one is the pressure line, one is the plug and Your power supply D4 plugs are not in touch. Ground board everywhere, you can share the current, but enhance the 12V only from this line to go, so the current is larger than imagined, and once the virtual happen, it will be rapid heat, so that contact is more false. I suggest you go to the regular boss to send the conversion line, when the folder with your computer power which connector, to restore the tightness.
Q:What are the electrical equipment? What are the main parts of each device?
Under normal circumstances, the weakness of the bridge with more, like office buildings are generally in the corridor, if the strong power from the corridor to take the cable or wiring more, are not easy to embed, you can also walk the bridge, as to why the use of bridge , Because the wiring into the inside, and finally wrapped with iron, the equivalent of a channel to protect the isolation, no special meaning
Q:10KV high voltage cable and 1KV cable can put together
Different voltage levels of the cable placement spacing is generally not less than 100 mm, up and down the general level of the lower level in the top.
Q:How to choose the type of street lamp cable specifications, anxious
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We always insist on honesty, good credit, high quality and professionalism, that is why our products are selling well and we establish long-time cooperation with our customers in many countries. Our products have occupied a big share in the cable and wire market in the local. Obviously, we are always expanding new markets in many other countries by establishing new branch offices.

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