Non-asbestos Bus&Truck Brake Pads Auto parts for TOYOTA

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Product Description:


Quick Details


Brake Pads


Semi-metalic and Ceramic




As in the detailed description

Car Make:

As in the detailed description



Place of Origin:

Shandong China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Totally 3 layers: 1. Shrinkage plastic 2. White box or color box in customer design 3. Wooden or steel pallet
Delivery Detail:45 days after the order confirmation date


brake pads
1. Formulation by Canadian engineer
2. Ceramic and semi-metalic avaliable
3. Non-asbestos
4.Positive curing

  Ebc brake pads D804 brake pad cross reference back plate


Product Description

A. Main Diamension and Application:

Item No.D833
Cross ReferenceD833
ApplicationFord/Mazda/Mercury Explorer/Ranger-9"& 10" Rear Brakes/Sportrak/B2300/3000/4000/MPVF/Mou 2n0ta0in0e-0e9r


B. Advantages:


lStrict test standard for all production process


lExcellent performance formulation



Packaging & Shipping


A. Packaging:

Totally 3 layers:

1. Shrinkage plastic

2. White box or color box in customer design

3. Wooden or steel pallet



Cargo vessel transport for bulk purchase and air transportation for samples are both avaliable









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Q:HJ125-8 motorcycle prices
It should be estimated that more than 4000 yuan to 10,000 yuan, depending on whether the domestic or imported.
Q:How the front brake pump car deflated
Brake master cylinder, also known as "brake master cylinder", "brake master cylinder", is the vehicle brake system with the main part. The use of air brake brake master cylinder and the use of oil brake brake cylinder working principle is basically the same, they are played as the role of the valve, the difference is that the oil brake in the brake after the end of the action will control the brake oil back to the storage Oil tanks, and the use of air brake vehicles usually usually hang in the frame a number of larger gas cylinders, the brake action after the end of the gas will be discharged directly, so we often hear a large truck brake issued a huge exhaust sound The
Q:Changing motorcycle rubber brake lines to Stainless steel brake lines is it worth it?
By worth it I'm assuming you mean performance. As far as performance goes, it's only worth it if you are planning on taking the bike to a race track and actually putting the brakes to performance use. As you turn laps, the rubber hoses heat up and expand. This means not all of the pressure goes to the breaks. This results in the brake lever having to be pulled in further and harder to get the same results. Steel lines eliminate brake fade and keep the lever the same over time. So, it's really not worth it for any normal road use. Unless you just want to get them.
Q:what's the difference between ABS and a TCB?
ABS- Anti-lock braking system TCB- Traction control braking ABS- An ABS generally offers improved vehicle control and decreases stopping distances on dry and slippery surfaces for many drivers; however, on loose surfaces like gravel or snow-covered pavement, an ABS can significantly increase braking distance, although still improving vehicle control. TCB- A TCB, is a secondary function of ABS in motor vehicles, designed to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels. It enhances driver control. CLEAR?
Q:How is the motorcycle brakes?
Front brake the most important, you can observe, the front brake system is better than the rear brake, front with a disc brake behind the drum brake, large displacement car before and after the brake Billy even larger, in front of two large diameter brake disc , Six-piston calipers, and the rear brake only has a small diameter brake disc, a caliper.
Q:Motorcycle oil brake does not hit the oil Editor's note
There may be brake oil or brake system in the air, there may be insufficient brake oil, brake pump blockage or damage can not be caused by the formation of pressure.
Q:Three thousand can buy a good performance of what kind of motorcycle.
You can buy some of the brand almost a little motorcycle, such as the eagle motorcycle, the quality is still possible, but no Yamaha such a big brand of good
Q:whats wrong with my motorcycle brakes?
could be a lot of things, including dust or a small stone or pebble imbedded in the brake pad. All brake pads have wear lines in them. if the brakes are worn past the wear line then yes it is time to get new ones, if not, then you can find what is causing the noise, remove it, put some brake quiet on the caliper parts and ride on.
Q:how do you brake on a motorcycle?
Over the bar is one of the oldest fallacies in bikes, Sport bikes have only been able to make stoppies for about 10-15 years. Cruisers and standards still cant.Using the front brake first does 80% of normal braking. Rear brakes are used but don't stand on it too hard.It's one of the arts of riding
Q:how do u change motorcycle brake fluid?
Go Cover you bike with plastic or an old raincoat to keep brake fluid off your paint. Remove the top of the reservoir and the float inside it. Use the Mity Vac to remove the old fluid. Clean out the reservoir and replace the fluid. Attach the hose of the Mity Vac to the bleeder valve on your brake caliper. Draw a vacuum and turn the bleeder to the left. Fluid should be drawn out the valve and into the cup. (keep an eye on the reservoir and don't let the fluid run out or you will get air bubbles in the brake line). When you start seeing clean brake fluid being drawn out, your're done. Tighten the bleeder , top off the reservoir, clean up and reinstall the float and reinstall the cover. It takes about as long to do as it did for me to type this.

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