Brake Shoe for Toyota K2280 OEM

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50000 set/month

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Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:PJ1675

Certification:TS16949, ISO9001, ISO9002

Type:Brake Shoes




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.


Packing:Neutral Package, Color Box, Pallet,


Origin:Shandong, China

Production Capacity:1500000 PCS Per Month

Product Description

1). Material: Q235, Q345, 23k, 20k 

(2). Features: 
1. Stable Friction Coefficient 
2. Abrasion resistance 
3. Low noise and dustproof 
4. Environmental protection, green products 

(3). Certification: ISO9001: 2000, TS16949. 

(4)Our advantages: 
1. We can make brake shoe for Korean cars, Japanese cars, Europe cars and trucks 
2. Advanced Equipments and many year's experience of produce. 
3. More than 800 items 
4. We can supply the samples to customers and accept the trial order with small quantity 

(5). Usually neutral packing, we can also pack accoriding to customers' needs 

The price will be sent to you soon after receive your OEM no. FMSI no., FBK no., etc. 


Brake Shoe


ISO9001: 2008, TS16949


International Standard size

Apply to

Heavy trucks, Trailers, Buses

Place of Origin

China (Mainland)



Minimum Order Quantity

100 Piece/Pieces Trial Order


Qingdao Port, China

Packing Details


Delivery Time

30 days

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C



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Q:Did he put the motorcycle as a brake line?
is due to improper operation caused by mechanical failure;
Q:Lin Haihai Wang 150 motorcycle brakes up and down the pump can not buy what models and sea king can be used or where to buy?
You can change the other brake pump (or system).
Q:How to hang a motorcycle
First throttle slightly larger, so that the engine speed up, and then quickly shut the throttle, left hand at the same time pinch the clutch in the end, the left foot quickly pick / step gear, pick / step after the foot lift, back to normal riding When the state, and then quickly clutch and throttle at the same time release / refueling, so complete the hanging file.
Q:How to properly engine brake on motorcycle?
when you downshift, you are probably feeling the jerk because you are at one RPM and the engine runs at a higher RPM in a lower gear at the same speed. What you need to do is just before you start letting out the clutch, blip the throttle a bit to give it gas and boost the RPM's, then release the clutch. You have to be quick so the RPM's don't fall again. If you do this right, the engine speed and the gear speed will be roughly the same and it'll neutralize the jerkiness, then just left off the throttle and let the engine slow down the bike. make sure if you have someone following you to tap the brakes so show you are slowing down, otherwise they might hit you. i use the rear brake a little if i have enough room to slow down, and the front brake while blipping to slow down quicker.
Q:What is the difference between a motorcycle disc brake and a shoe brake?
Motorcycle brake brakes high sensitivity, automatic adjustment of the gap, hoof block high life, brake effort, high cost, high demand for hydraulic systems, easy to repair, heat fast; drum brake brake sensitivity as disc brake, need to manually adjust the gap , Hoof block low life, brake effort, easy maintenance, slow heat, foot powder is not easy to clear will be left in the drum.
Q:Why is the motorcycle before the disc brakes brake it?
Mainly in order to reduce the cost, and technically simple. Domestic 125 cars are scooter models, the speed is not very fast, the weight is also lighter, the front disc after the drum design enough to ensure that the brake effect. Rear wheel disc brake not only increase the cost of higher prices, but also technically more difficult, the future use of maintenance is more complex, maintenance costs are higher, and the actual effect can be achieved is not obvious, more is to see Up some of the upscale. When the motorcycle in the driving, the center of gravity will move forward, the faster the more obvious, then the front wheel will need a greater braking force, if the rear wheel braking force is too large, the car will be thrown off, as the front wheel Hold is the problem of unskilled operation. Large-size motorcycle front disc brakes are two-disc, double calipers and even multi-calipers, and brake discs larger diameter, rear wheel diameter to be smaller, this is to increase the power of the front brake. The design of the car is the same, low-end car is the front dish after the drum, high-end car is before and after the disc brake, and are the front dish is greater than the back dish, the reason is the same.
Q:Motorcycle knowledge?
The brakes on the inside of the brakes are the position of the brake torque. In the case of obtaining the same braking torque, the diameter of the brake drum of the drum brake device may be much smaller than the brake disc of the disc brake. Therefore, large vehicles for heavy loads can only be equipped with drum brakes in a limited space for wheels to obtain a strong braking force.
Q:Motorcycle front brakes wont bleed..?
Very possible it is just a plugged bleeder valve. If the brakes still work, try to clean it out with a small wire. If the brakes are not working, the caliper may need to be rebuilt.
Q:motorcycle back brake stopped working. what could it be?
Shoes are worn out,splined shaft has sliped inside brake lever.Worn out master cylinder.
Q:On the mountain bike brake system, please master help ...
The first shot of a point of view is that the disc brake is better than the V brake, to high

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