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Multi-Screen Interactive System is an innovative product wich realizes video display sharing between TV, smartphone, tablet and computer. With the system, TV resource is extended to telecom and internet terminals, increasing the user’s amount by several times. It brings brand new user experience and great potential business opportunity.Multi-Screen Interactive System is an innovative product wich realizes video display sharing between TV, smartphone, tablet and computer. With the system, TV resource is extended to telecom and internet terminals, increasing the user’s amount by several times. It brings brand new user experience and great potential business opportunity.



l Live Broadcastl Mobile Remote Controll VODl Voice controll Offline Watchingl Social Communicationl Time Shift Watchingl DRMl Program Reviewl Advertisementl Program Guidel User Behavior Analysisl Program Recommendationl Couple screenl Switch Screenl Online Paymentl Share Picture


l Support current mainstream operate system: Android, IOS and WP8
l Bitrate auto-adaption (320*240@400K, 480*360@800K, 640*480@1.2M, 720*576@1.2M, 1280*720@2M)
l Support live broadcast and VOD, and video can be switched between various screens
l Realize TV control via by smartphone, tablet and even human voice, fantastic user experience
l Flexible advertisement delivery, expanding new value-added services
l Sumavision-developed excellent android player kernel, showing perfect smooth videos
l Terminal authentication and copyright protection function
l Modular design, system can be customized to satisfy various project requirement

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Q:What kinds of set-top boxes are available?
A TV set-top box is a set-top box, if you are two TV sets can also go to the radio and television network company to apply for one side machine business, auxiliary machine every month management fee 10 yuan in general, but you need to buy your own set-top box.
Q:Our network set-top box is disabled?
Installation method:1, use the computer to download the Android software, and then copy it directly onto the U disk.2, the U disk attached to set-top boxes or Android TV USB interface above, into the main interface - Application Management - file management --sdb1 (or D disk), enter the selection of the required Android software, click install.3, after the installation is complete, click Run, or go back to the main interface - application management, to find the Android software you need to use to open it.
Q:How to switch input method for D2 set-top box of Bor bor network
After the virtual keyboard appears, the lower right corner can switch between Chinese and English
Q:TV doesn't support Internet. Can I use set-top boxes?
If the TV does not have Internet access, network set-top box and set-top box is a device containing the equivalent of a built-in MODEM, watch movies are some TV set-top box itself on the network platform, can free watch, and can not be like the computer Internet look like that at any arbitrary program site. Many call it interactive, on-demand, and so on. I wonder if that's what you want.I asked the TV to sell, it is not like the computer so many Internet TV as the network function, also only a small amount of exhausted Sina several portals can use TV platform login, TV manufacturers can have some of the functions of each message, do not know now is not the tv.TV is just a display, and it still depends on what function you have.
Q:How do you change the original digital TV set-top box remote control to a new one?
If the two remote keys are the same, you don't need to switch them back. They should be used directly.If the key is not the same, there is no way to convert, so when you buy a remote control must pay attention to and set-top box pairing.
Q:Telecom ITV set-top box exception error code is 0007
If you want to know more, welcome to Anhui Telecom, know the platform or Anhui Telecom online business hall to ask questions, there will be more professional customer service for you to answer.
Q:Suzhou Galaxy brand set-top box remote control (Shenzhen beauty home) how to learn TV remote control board?.
Hope to be of some help to youThe SET/ keys: hold about 3S, the corresponding LED light, then press the button of the remote control code for storage, into learning mode, the corresponding LED flashing, waiting in a remote control code. Will be learning remote emitter is learning to receive the first remote control, a distance of about 1~3 cm, press the remote control key is learning 1~2 seconds, learning remote controller receives and stores the corresponding remote control code, LED flashes quickly after three long light, waiting for reply button, learn a remote control code, until all the keys after learning.In the learning mode, press the SET/ button to exit the setting mode of learning.
Q:How do I install two set top boxes (two TVs, two set-top boxes)?
The installation of two TV sets and 2 set top boxes is not very special. If your house is newly decorated, the wiring should be all covered. As long as the connected line, if not, you can consider some of the future demand, in a weak box, leaving power, will install a TV splitter, Internet routers, set-top box Internet hub. Each should use the points are radial, pull in place, can not wiring, one in the end, the TV there coaxial lines, cable, computer network there, the kitchen and bathroom should also consider the cable in place, the door window can also be considered. In the future, the Internet can control the electrical appliances at home.
Q:How to install a set-top box?
Insert the three lines behind the TV, match the colors and insert the closed line onto the set-top box
Q:The digital set-top boxes and TV sets were silent after connection
The key is to check your friend, the set-top box has no audio output, the set-top box is not muted, and audio and video connection lines are not short circuit or open circuit, TV and set-top box connected to the correctness of these aspects to check one by one try, generally several aspects of this issue.

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