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Multi-Screen Interactive System is an innovative product wich realizes video display sharing between TV, smartphone, tablet and computer. With the system, TV resource is extended to telecom and internet terminals, increasing the user’s amount by several times. It brings brand new user experience and great potential business opportunity.Multi-Screen Interactive System is an innovative product wich realizes video display sharing between TV, smartphone, tablet and computer. With the system, TV resource is extended to telecom and internet terminals, increasing the user’s amount by several times. It brings brand new user experience and great potential business opportunity.



l Live Broadcastl Mobile Remote Controll VODl Voice controll Offline Watchingl Social Communicationl Time Shift Watchingl DRMl Program Reviewl Advertisementl Program Guidel User Behavior Analysisl Program Recommendationl Couple screenl Switch Screenl Online Paymentl Share Picture


l Support current mainstream operate system: Android, IOS and WP8
l Bitrate auto-adaption (320*240@400K, 480*360@800K, 640*480@1.2M, 720*576@1.2M, 1280*720@2M)
l Support live broadcast and VOD, and video can be switched between various screens
l Realize TV control via by smartphone, tablet and even human voice, fantastic user experience
l Flexible advertisement delivery, expanding new value-added services
l Sumavision-developed excellent android player kernel, showing perfect smooth videos
l Terminal authentication and copyright protection function
l Modular design, system can be customized to satisfy various project requirement

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Q:What is an infrared receive Jack after the set-top box is made?
This is a set-top box infrared receiver head extension, plug into the set-top box after the butt of a 3.5 or 2.5 headphone jack or IR jack, depending on the set-top box itself different Jack configuration. Important: this type of insert, rear panel jack type, insert, the back of the infrared receiver function is enabled, but the original remote control before the shield failure, this must know.Below, this is used for set-top boxes placed in the TV cabinet and can not receive the extension of the use of signals. But after it seems to plug in, the front panel remote control mask failure, and can only use this extension head remote control. Of course, you want to use it to modify a machine, double control (room), you can also, but to disassemble the set-top boxes for refitting. Modification method is to cut it, this part without headset plug, three pin receiving head is connected in parallel with the front panel window corresponding remote 3 lines off the ground, as long as you can to achieve a machine dual control, a distance of thirty meters is no problem, the middle line extension can be used in common 4 core telephone line, the 8 core lines of what can be. Of course, the back end of the headset jack to make a machine dual control can be, is to buy two of the red receive extended head, and a headset a two adapter, remote control and just before the original meaning is said above receiving head parallel in nature, is a two reason, just one one is after one is divided into two, one is before two.The definition of color 3 broken thread notice the above in the red and black, is basically unchanged, namely red is 5V (power Vcc), black (GND) as the cathode, and a color may be different manufacturers have different differences, or white or green or blue over there, they represent control (output OUT).
Q:How to set up Telecom set-top boxes, routers, computers, Internet access?
How to set the telecom, high-definition TV set-top boxes cable socket, a WiFi router, a computer, how to connect the set-top box, cable socket, router WAN port, LAN port to connect, can use the WiFi router, the computer can access into the reward, with little
Q:How do I find the set-top box number?
This is usually a factory number, can not be changed, and two in two ways to see.1., usually on the back of the strip, there are some.2., through the menu operation, and then look at the set-top box number
Q:Why can't TV set-top boxes be integrated into TV sets?
Technically, set-top boxes can be integrated into a TV set. The main obstacle is the charge card. Local cable operators use the charge card (decryption card) are not the same, the set-top box circuit and software on the part of the decryption is also different, which makes the TV manufacturers is very difficult, because they do not want to let each type of TV products are subdivided into more than and 10 different types.
Q:Does HUAWEI EC1308 IPTV set-top box support WiFi Internet access?
At this point, the EC1308 set-top box is fully configured. IPTV wireless dial-up connection, the test program to watch normal.Matters needing attentionWith the use of IPTV wireless receiver and wireless intelligent cat (wireless intelligent cat did not crack wireless routing function case), no wireless intelligent cat customers need to buy their own or with a wireless router, and the router mode: dynamic IP mode (this mode may cause the mobile phone and IPAD to WIFI, or on the Internet) may not see IPTV.
Q:The difference between HD set top box and standard set top box
The difference between HD set top box and standard set top box1, vision. When it comes to visual effects, you have to tell the proportion of the screen display. HD set-top box video to 16:9 (mainstream) in proportion to the human eye image display effect, and often people's vision will be very wide, that is to say, the picture of the scene (Figure) is more realistic, but with the real proportion reduced. Look at the picture of the box, the scenery will look unnatural, the characters feel shorter and fatter.
Q:The set-top box remote control is flashing all the time. What's the matter?
May be remote control, some key points can not be separated, you take the remote control to open, the keys of conductive rubber and the inside of the circuit board contact surface with alcohol cleaning, and then put on the try.
Q:Konka TV how to connect set-top boxes?
The wired white signal line is inserted into the set-top box and is installed:1, the cable of the white signal line connected to the set-top box behind the radio frequency input port, pay attention to, radio frequency input port next to a loop, output is not connected, the manual will usually let you connect.2, connect set-top boxes and TV AV signal line, that is, red, white, yellow, lotus head, there will be the interface behind the TV, there are some very old TV, no, you certainly have. There are multiple AV interfaces behind some TVs, and if you get a AV1, you need to switch to AV1 on the TV after you turn on the TV, and AV2 does the same thing.
Q:How to use the TV remote control switch Gehuayouxian set-top box?
3: the first to try on TV just learning the successful key is available, if not repeat it again (Note: some basic with a TV remote control in heavy on learning may not always learning success or a few days after the success and failure, you only find the original remote control TV for the new study).4: continue to complete the study of other keys. (learning remote control), in general, only learn the original TV remote control "TV power", "volume or channel", "TV/AV switching key")If not yet, you can search for Baidu set-top box remote control learning video.
Q:How to install a set-top box?
The set-top box is connected to the TV set and the DVD is connected to the television, and then the card is inserted into the slot, and the closed circuit is plugged into the set-top box. When the TV is switched on, the switch to the AV (food) has an image

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