Andriod 4.2 Dual Core 1080P HD Smart TV Box 1GB DRR3 4GB Nand Flash Streaming Android TV Player White

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Product Description:Andriod 4.2 Dual Core 1080P HD Smart TV Box 1GB DRR3 4GB Nand Flash Streaming Media Player Android TV Player White Main Features
AllWinner Boxchip A20 dual core Cortex A7 + Mali-400MP2 GPU
System Memory-1 GB RAM DDR3
Storage-4G Nand Flash + SD card slot
Support 1080P Full HD video decoding, support most video formats
Support massive application/game installation, import APK files from SD card and Android market
Support music player, picture viewer, game player and more family entertainment
Built-in WIFI, WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n
Google Play store pre-installed
Webcam: Skype, QQ will help you to make a video call with your friends and family on your big size TV
Hardware decoder on Flash player(Flash 11.1)
Support Samba,Netflix,Youtube,DLNA,AirPlay
Support USB mouse and keyboard operation and 2.4G QWERT Remote, also turn your smart phone into the ultimate remote control
Video : 1080P video playback, AVI, MOV,TS,M2TS,RM/RMVB, MKV, FLV, WMV, 3GP
Photo : Jpg(Baseline).BMP.GIF(Static).PNG
E-book : PDF/Epub/TXT/FB2/PDB/RTF (Android device can download various media players and codec's for supported format options)
AV Out
USB Host
What`s in the package
1 x TV box
1 x HDMI cable
1 x Power adaptor
1 x IR remote
1 x AV cable
1 x User manual

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Q:Home theater: YAMAHA, ns-p40+, rx-v377 and Shen y-303+ap-713, how to choose, ask for answers?
Hi, everything's fine.A little bit more money, choose ZCL V41, build 5.1.2 system. Money will not be spent unjustly!
Q:What devices do you need for an intelligent home theater?
Smart home cinema - audio sourceIn the smart home theater system, video is a very important part of the whole intelligent home theater system components, in this link is mainly by the large screen color TV or projector, audio and home theater is the main part of the video source, AV amplifier, sound box etc.. In this section, the audio and video source is the foundation of the whole system. In the smart home theater, its audio source is very important, but at this stage, suitable for the cinema's audio source only DVD video player.Smart home theater - speakersThe speaker is the terminal audio and video playback, and it is also the home theater system is the most important one link is also the most easily overlooked, its acoustics, electromagnetics, mechanics and other good speakers are the key to influence the audio playback effect. General intelligent home theater, is composed of five or six in the main speaker sound, in front of the left and right sides is very important, but also to the quality requirements of one of the highest in the middle, sound and rear surround sound than the main speaker is small, but require consistent quality.Smart home theater -AV power amplifierIn the smart home theater system, it refers to the large AV power amplifier power amplifier multi-channel, usually in the home theater in its multi channel amplifier must support multi input or multi channel decoding input is AV power amplifier. The basic must also be able to support the output of the Dolby AC-3 power amplifier and the DTS. This smart home theater AV power amplifier can be regarded as a modern intelligent home theater system AV playback system. Now, there are many AV efficiency systems on the market, in addition to the function of dual decoding, there are more advanced products.
Q:Where can Chengdu hear more brands of home theater sound system? Five
There's a video store on the 4 floor of IFS. It feels great.
Q:Pentium home theater 5.1 channel Cara OK effect is good?
5.1 and 7.1 in the effect of the gap is not large, but also to build around the 7.1 system, the impact on indoor furniture placement is relatively large, so the average family users do not recommend the implementation of 7.1 systems.
Q:Questions about the 7.1 home theater
To change only if the decoration equipment, do not want to move, will replace the rear surround speakers into a wall hanging type, and then placed in the side around now surround back position, then the side surround placement angle and work, adjust the angle. Set the parameters of each speaker carefully in the amplifier.As for what you're talking about, it's not very easy to implement because the power amplifier is based on the incoming signal to distinguish which speakers should sound, and it seems never seen in the power settings that there is a different signal around the settings
Q:How does a PHILPS home theater connect to a router?
Don't recommend singing with the home theater stereo.
Q:How do you reinstall the nut home theater system? I don't want Iqiyi!
Dongguan Song Sheng Yi anti-static experts told you that the system U disk production and reinstall the system steps for:1 make U disk boot: U disk to the store to buy a 4-8G (you can ask the boss to help make the system U disk can omit the following steps), Internet search and download installed member U disk PE production tools, U disk into the computer to run this software into U disk boot.2 copy system files: the Internet to download the WINXP crew forum or WIN7 operating system GHO file copied to the U disk or U disk boot tool specified folder.3. set the U disk as the first
Q:Home theater system can do karaoke
Correct the wrong idea firstNot like KTV is singing. Singing karaoke. So you can progress. Sing more beautiful, more and more like a star.That's the star workshop:1 Star Factory home theater sound package, thousands of yuan price, million yuan level, the age of high-definition audio horse, not only can solve all of your problems, make full use of open bor, even the computer can watch HD movies use USB cable to connect the audio, 1.6T and 1.8T are the best choice for you, with a star factory 666E reverber sing.The 2 star workshop's A6 system, the.A6 system, is also specially equipped with a professional KARAOKE effectReverb delay time (DEALY)Two. Knob, reverb times (REPT)Three. Reverb volume (ECHO)The 2 groups have a microphone, and the volume is independent of the controlStar Factory promise if you are not satisfied with the product quality, within one month on! Besides, no choice.
Q:Ask God for help. How does a home theater connect to a desktop computer at home?
Method of setting up family cinema by computerHome computers are becoming more and more popular, and many families will have two or more computers. Therefore, the use of computers to build a home theater is the ideal place to play.
Q:The future of home cinema
The market for home theater consumption characteristics of many variables, the enterprise is difficult to accurately grasp the consumer before, as long as there is a complete product can, often do not find north. The whirling home theater market, TV or refrigerator appliance manufacturers transition to the home theater, the first problem will be able to quickly adapt to the "water", and find out the resistance to adverse market "virus" to the party.It can be expected that the waves of fashion domestic home theater market, with major appliance manufacturers, will undoubtedly germination of new vitality. And the addition of these enterprises also indicates the coming of the deep marketing era of the home theater and the coming of the era of "white hot competition". In such a situation, Guangdong and even the existing home theater companies still follow the previous advantages if immutable and frozen market operations practice management, simply expect product advantages or other single to old and new competitors, enterprises will face multiple frustrated I am afraid. On the scale, strength, technology, brands, many domestic audio production enterprises and the large household electrical appliance enterprises is still relatively weak, expected in these areas and competitors compete practice, not wise nor reality. But in the understanding of sound products and production experience, process accumulation, personalized product style established, many home theater enterprises have obvious advantages.
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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2010
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Main Markets
Western Europe, North America
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 10 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 2,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Professional