MINIX NEO V1 Mini HDMI to VGA Adapter With Audio And Micro USB For Tablet PC Mobile Phone Computer

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Product Description:MINIX NEO V1 Mini HDMI to VGA Adapter With Audio And Micro USB For Tablet PC Mobile Phone Computer Media Player Product features:
This product is a portable digital-analog conversion line,defined through a standard HDMI input HD sources,you can convert audio and video output for VGA + Audio
1.Product output audio source for: 3.5 or 3.5audio socket To R + L
2.Input: HDMI
3.The output: VGA + Audio
4.Input voltage: 5V

Products are widely applied to:
Computer/DVD/digital set-top box/laptop/mobile phone /digital camera /tablet PC / media player / arange of HD sources such as input devices,Audio and video signals to the TV /monitor /projector output .To solve a simple user operation of the display device connectivity solutions.

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