MINIX NEO V1 Mini HDMI to VGA Adapter With Audio And Micro USB For Tablet PC Mobile Phone Computer

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Product Description:MINIX NEO V1 Mini HDMI to VGA Adapter With Audio And Micro USB For Tablet PC Mobile Phone Computer Media Player Product features:
This product is a portable digital-analog conversion line,defined through a standard HDMI input HD sources,you can convert audio and video output for VGA + Audio
1.Product output audio source for: 3.5 or 3.5audio socket To R + L
2.Input: HDMI
3.The output: VGA + Audio
4.Input voltage: 5V

Products are widely applied to:
Computer/DVD/digital set-top box/laptop/mobile phone /digital camera /tablet PC / media player / arange of HD sources such as input devices,Audio and video signals to the TV /monitor /projector output .To solve a simple user operation of the display device connectivity solutions.

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Q:Questions about the 7.1 home theater
In the settings bar, left and right around the closed, only after the opening or around, all directly use the power amplifier to simulate 7.1 channels, put 5.1 of the film is not good
Q:Do you need a subwoofer for a home theater?
If you think so, there will be fewer problems here. Don't say subwoofer, many people put it in the end, and even power amplifiers are reluctant to invest, as if more investment on the loss of it. Think of a gun, a little better, also 4, 5 thousand, a AV power amplifier, a little better, not worth 7, 8 thousand? How many items does the AV power amplifier contain?. Why do many people fail to figure out the problem and need to say it over and over again?. Of course, the budget limit is extra. Guns are the foundation of the family cinema!! 2 of my speakers, watching movies, still wondering how to shoot the gun, huh, huh?
Q:How to set up HD home theater with computer!
Yes, Taiwan projector production costs are quite high, the computer host can match their own, with the stars of the factory S-1.8 series is enough! Such a set of 1080P HD cinema absolutely can not exceed eighteen thousand ~!I want to add another alien plant sound, may make you haven't heard, because the domestic product is only launched this year, but if you believe in B&W JBL, you can consider this brand, because it is a team of engineers from Taiwan the best international brand foundries out, we are familiar with B&W, JBL ADL, VELODYNE, LINN, KLIPSCH, FOCAL, Sunfire, and many other classic are from this factory. In terms of materials, all used in Europe and America top brand materials, in some places also exceeded! For example, a high-end AC, tens of thousands of international brands are not used, in its thousands of sets of audio was used, even to a small resistance, the resistance can be used in all copper feet, tens of sets of European and American brands using the iron ladle.Star workshop has a slogan, our sound is the best advertising! As long as you listen to the sound of good or bad, some really do not need to say more!
Q:Family video system links, HTPC, NAS, power amplifier, home theater and so on
Bluetooth, you need to install a Bluetooth receiver at the end of the audio, a treasure to sell 100-300, you need to transfer the phone. Summary: HTPC and NAS function is actually a lot of conflict, my home directly NAS, synology, support DLNA, 214play can automatically transcode ~ pick is APPLE TV3 TV, DNS crack and add a personal server to the TV directory where, if you are smart TV or TV box in words also, as you can search to specific LAN personal DLNA server ~ can use Baidu Search own box type looking for relevant information. In addition, HIFI, the best HTPC+ good quality audio line, because
Q:Useful Sony, BDV, N9200w this family theater system classmates?
That is just a microphone, can be real-time playback of the sound of your voice, you need to make your singing sound and music together, play the role of Cara OK, but BDV-E980 does not have this function, need to add reverb.
Q:How do you control the home theater system?
If you have enough money, find a sound company.
Q:General home theater audio with 5.1 or 7.1?
Family theater speakers, different speakers combination, can produce many kinds of effects, speaker equipment is divided into:1. preamp loudspeaker box2. front heighten speaker3. front speakers4. center speakers5. surround speakers6. subwoofer box7. rear surround speakersThese 7 different combinations have different sound effects,The 3/4/5 combination is called the 5.1 channel,The 3/4/5/6 combination is the 7.1 channel,The 2/3/4/5/6 combination is the 9.1 channel,1/2/3/4/5 /6 combination is 11.1 channels, single ring around the sound, if surround sound with two words, is 5.2, 7.2, 9.2, 11.2 sound channel, according to space and needs, choose the most appropriate combination.
Q:How to build a full range of 3D HD home theater system
Nowadays, 3D technology is popular, and the trend of 3D has swept the whole video market, and a great 3D revolution is going on. And the domestic 3D products are also more and more, how to realize the 3D image playback has become the most concern of many video enthusiasts, the high quality 3D movie theater how to copy home? How do you choose the right 3D player? We can begin with 3D display technology, gradually understand the secret of 3D play, ready to select high-quality 3D broadcast equipment. Why can we see stereoscopic pictures? The formation of stereo images, we cannot do without the visual system of the human eye, the eye to see the image is three-dimensional, the reason is because people have two eyes, and two eyes with poor vision, object can be observed through different angles, while two eyes of observed images are transmitted to the brain when the brain will form a three-dimensional image, so we can feel the object is three-dimensional, and can distinguish between human and object distance and azimuth.To record and replay the 3D picture, there have been several mature technology support, we can through the terrestrial digital high-definition signal transmission and receiving 3D signals (now appear in Japan and South Korea), second online direct access to 3D experience sources (such as Dolby and nVidia provide a 3D movie download) third, through the Blu ray playback 3D Blu ray 3D film to watch, the fourth is through the installation of 3D on a personal computer display card collocation 3D display for stereo image playback, the last is a DIY 3D film, there have been many video camera manufacturers launched with double image shooting ability.
Q:The future of home cinema
Domestic home appliance manufacturers have focused their attention on the domestic cinema market.The micro projector home theater, has occupied a market share of 50% from 2009 to 2010 in just one year, the projection to enter the home theater forces had defeated the TV to occupy the market peak, especially its unique function and the CMMB function of watching TV set-top box directly processing, built-in storage, can download the latest network movie and music and other functions, is already can replace the color television, mini projector will occupy the future home theater market. However, with the development of time, the market situation of domestic cinema has been observed, but the situation is not as optimistic as some household electrical appliance enterprises predict.In a few years ago in a seller's market, much larger than the demand for audio products, the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong set up earlier sound enterprises with advantages of material advantage, richly endowed by nature of human resources, has achieved great development in the market. And after that, due to the good profits of sound products, a large number of individual industrial and commercial enterprises in Guangdong have begun to enter the field of home theater manufacturing and management, and the market competition situation has become increasingly severe. In addition, color TV enterprises drive into the home theater, even refrigerators, air-conditioning production enterprise also to the home theater, they think the refrigerator air conditioning and home theater in the market season time is complementary, and profitable, why not? From the market point of view, although the home theater products overall market supply and demand situation is far more color TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other household appliances products supply and demand situation is much better, but in some specific price level, the product tends to saturation trend.
Q:Which is more useful, home, home, music system and home theater?
Family background music system differs from home theater: home theater:The audio-visual location is fixed, can only enjoy the music in the hall or room layout, to increase the volume required to listen to the music in the other room, the effect is halved, with space limitations.I see is mainly used to enjoy the movie, singing Cara OK, provide high power and heavy metal bursting shock effect, reflected a dynamic grand scene.We meet the pursuit of HI-FI sound effect of the music fancier, enjoy the 5.1 channel surround effect of heavy metals and provide.I mainly play the role of family entertainment and leisureThe use rate is low, an average of three times a year.
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Eastern and Western Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.
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Factory Size: Above 5,000 square meters
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