CHINA CC8800 E2-CMTS Series for HFC Network

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Sumavision E²-CMTS product series are high performance and low cost edge broadband access devices for HFC network. CC8800 series E²-CMTS has as outdoors type design, conforms with the DOCSIS 3.0 / DOCSIS 2.0, and Supports maximum of 500 cable modems. As a DOCSIS 3.0 compatible product, CC8800 owns excellent features.


Compared with traditional CMTS, CC8800 is able to offer higher access ability with lower price, which can reduce the room space occupation, simplifying the cabling system,

compatible with the original CM and provisioning system, safeguard operator for investment. Meanwhile, CC8800 supports for CLI, standalone Web network management system, graphical EMS. It can effectively reduce training costs, enhance the efficiency of maintenance.


l DOCSIS 3.0 compliant: Euro DOCSIS/DOCSIS 3.0 and C-DOCSIS compatible QAM, channel bonding and QoS.
l Optional integrated ONU: support 1G ONU module and 10G ONU module.Support upgrade to 10G PON interface.
l High channel density: up to 16 channels binding yields for downstream direction, up to 4 channels binding for upstream direction.
l QoS: the QoS specifications are based on DOCSIS MIBs strictly, that offers a powerful QAM capability.
l DBA: dynamic bandwidth allocation archived according to channel utilization.
l CM: More than 200 DOCSIS 2.0 & 3.0 Cable Modems are accessible for broadband service.
l Compact and high performance design: this space saving device can be simply installed in various CATV fiber node.
l Extended frequency range: Downlink frequency range up to 1GHz .
l Broad temperature range: Industrial-class design with an extend temperature range from -40 to 55 ℃
l Support single optical receiver or dual-optical receiver integration


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Q:TCL TV and set-top boxes how to connect, how to adjust the TV?
TCL TV and set-top box connection method is as follows:First, cable digital TV set-top boxes1, first, the cable signal line (white) is connected to the signal input port of the backboard of the set-top box;2, and then audio lines and video lines [audio] (red and white), video lines (yellow) corresponding colors connected set-top boxes and television.Attached: audio and video cable    If set-top boxes and televisions are high definition, you can also use high-definition multimedia interface line (HDMI line) to connect the TV and HD set-top box HDMI interface.Attached: high definition multimedia interface line     3, after the corresponding line is properly connected, you need to check the signal line and audio and video cable is loose;4, after the installation, turn on the TV and set-top box power, and then use the TV remote control to convert the signal source to the set-top box input video signal source;5, wait until the automatic search after the program, you will be able to watch TV programs.
Q:Can Telecom set-top boxes be viewed wirelessly?
APK to U disk.Two, insert the box, open the application management in the TV box, find the APK application in the U disk, click the installation of the market file.Three, open the app market, home page search, download, install the software you need.If you can't identify, it is recommended to open the tutorial center in the app market, where there is a tutorial on the installation of massive machines, and find tutorials that match your TV or box brands and models. I hope I can help you!
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Q:Unicom TV set-top box error code 102004
Resolvent:Please confirm whether broadband Internet access is normal. If you can not access the Internet, please follow the broadband troubleshooting process. If the Internet is correct, please proceed to step two.Please restart the Modem and set-top boxes. If the fault persists, please proceed to step three.  Check the Modem and cable set-top box is normal, you can view the concrete are respectively connected to the set-top box and the interface of Modem light is green light (green light normal), if the red light, then try to insert or replace the cable tight Modem other port, if the conditions are more for a good cable, restart the set-top box to see whether the problem disappears. If the fault persists, proceed to step four.Please check the broadband and iTV network connection, if you use a router or have the routing function of the Modem, you must first remove the routing, disconnect the computer, a single set-top box directly connected to Modem, restart the set-top box to see whether the problem still exists. If the fault still exists, you can only call Unicom customers, please professional maintenance staff to solve.
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Dear Hisense users, Hello!First of all, make sure that your set-top box remote control has a TV control area. The following is to illustrate the specific learning process by learning the power button of the TV set.To hold the set-top box remote control "Settings" button (about 2 seconds), the red light from dark to light after the release of the "Settings" button, the red indicator light.The control area of the "power" button click on the set-top box remote control TV, the LED flashes, said into learning mode, waiting for the signal to learn.Will the TV remote infrared emission head at the set-top box remote infrared emission head (1 - 4 cm). Press and hold the TV remote control "power" button, until the set-top box remote control red indicator light flashes 3, then become "normal", indicating that the signal has been received, learning success.How can the other step, according to the above method to study other keys.The "Settings" button, then press the red indicator lamp can be used normally.Such as a key is not normal, can follow the steps above to learn again.Because set-top boxes, models and TV models are not clear, do not rule out the phenomenon of some functions can not be realized. Hope to help you, I wish you a happy life.
Q:How to set up the TP-LINK wireless router on the set-top box?
Two, then start setting up the TV to connect to the wireless network.1, the required conditions: TV, networked wireless router;2. Start the TV set and use the remote control to enter the interface of the TV set;3, in the system settings interface, choose to enter the left "network settings", and then select the right "WIFI" direct connection";4, select the WiFi directly connected, you can see the nearby WiFi signal, select the user's WiFi signal, click the enter password, you can connect;5, after the connection is successful, the router will automatically assign the IP address to the TV set. After the TV set gets the IP address, it means that the TV has been successfully connected to the wireless network.6, at this time, users can exit settings, return to the TV network TV interface, you can choose and watch network TV programs.
Q:What does digital TV set top box have with digital signal output?
1 、 digital TV set-top box has digital signal output, which is the output signal of the loop.2, loop output function: is used to watch analog tv. The cable TV set-top box antenna line will enter the machine top box and TV outlet connected to the loop output; for users to watch both analog TV programs (watch digital TV programs and analog TV programs, TV users by switching the AV/TV to achieve). If you don't watch analog TV, you don't need to connect. The digital signals connected to the set-top box can then be connected to the other set-top boxes from the loop output of the set-top box.
Q:How do you record TV programs on HD set-top boxes?
HD doesn't matter whether you can record or not. It depends on whether it has this function.

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