MINIX NT-1 High Quality Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Subwoofer Headset Headphone With NFC Black

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Product Description:MINIX NT-1 High Quality Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Subwoofer Headset Headphone With NFC Black, Bluetooch Version : Bluetooth V3.0+EDR ; Support: HSP, HFP,A2DP and AVRCP

Driver Unit : 40mm

Speaker Impedance : 32 +15%

Speaker Frequency Range : 20 - 20KHz

Output S.P.I : 93+/- 3db

Mic. Dimension : 6mm

Mic. Impedance : 2.2 K

Buttons : Volume (+/-); Song (Previous/Next); MFB pair/ answer call/ reject call/ end call/ redial

Operating Range : 10 meters (33 feet)

Operating Time: Music : Up to 10 hours; Talk Time : Up to 11 hours

Standby Time: Up to 250 hours

Input: DC: 5V/160mA

Charging time: Approx - 2 hours

Microphone: Built-in 360 Directional

Rechargeable : Micro USB cable

Polymer-Li battery : 320 mAh

Product dimensions : 140 x 170 x 53 mm (W x H x D)

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Q:Can the original 5.1 channel home theater install wireless receive function?
The sound quality is not wired sound. And the cost is high.
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Another is by users of different countries and manufacturers of audio equipment to match the combination, known as the combination of sound. The former is multifunctional and systematized, but it does not achieve the best sound quality. The latter pursues purely functional high quality sound reproduction, which is achieved by the selection of limited investment to improve the quality of sound. I hope my answer can help you.
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3 sets of U disk boot disk boot first: press DEL (notebook is generally F2 or other) to enter the BIOS settings interface, enter the BOOT Settings tab USB disk as the first boot item (Note: at this time need to insert U disk identification to set computer).4.U disk boot and reinstall the system: insert the U disk, start the computer, enter the U disk, start the interface, press the prompt to use the downloaded GHO file for cloning and installation.
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Nowadays, 3D technology is popular, and the trend of 3D has swept the whole video market, and a great 3D revolution is going on. And the domestic 3D products are also more and more, how to realize the 3D image playback has become the most concern of many video enthusiasts, the high quality 3D movie theater how to copy home? How do you choose the right 3D player? We can begin with 3D display technology, gradually understand the secret of 3D play, ready to select high-quality 3D broadcast equipment. Why can we see stereoscopic pictures? The formation of stereo images, we cannot do without the visual system of the human eye, the eye to see the image is three-dimensional, the reason is because people have two eyes, and two eyes with poor vision, object can be observed through different angles, while two eyes of observed images are transmitted to the brain when the brain will form a three-dimensional image, so we can feel the object is three-dimensional, and can distinguish between human and object distance and azimuth.To record and replay the 3D picture, there have been several mature technology support, we can through the terrestrial digital high-definition signal transmission and receiving 3D signals (now appear in Japan and South Korea), second online direct access to 3D experience sources (such as Dolby and nVidia provide a 3D movie download) third, through the Blu ray playback 3D Blu ray 3D film to watch, the fourth is through the installation of 3D on a personal computer display card collocation 3D display for stereo image playback, the last is a DIY 3D film, there have been many video camera manufacturers launched with double image shooting ability.
Q:Home theater audio debugging
First look at the room layout and decoration, the kind of square room is bestSecond, look at the seat position, the best sound around, about the distance from the seatIn order to ensure the sound effect, when decorating the wall with soft sound-absorbing materials better, like the KTVThe bass is in front of the seat. The effect is betterGood horse with good saddle, try to use a good sound power amplifier and audio sourcePower amplifier is responsible for power amplification, the audio in the high and low frequency and each channel through different speakers out, some power amplifier to make the hearing more pleasant, will be different sound channel to mix, let sound restore more like the sceneSound source must choose the compressed sound file, the distortion of the sound source file is unable to try out the sound and power amplifier
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Q:Which is more useful, home, home, music system and home theater?
Family background music:It can wiring in many rooms, each room control panel, the operating system can be independent and flexible, let the music of radiation to the entire Home Furnishing space, the maximum break the space constraints.The background music such as the undercurrent, gently flowing in each room, to provide a relaxed, pleasant and beautiful music environment, meet the love of music, the pursuit of high-quality life needs of people.But its main function is to enjoy leisure, music will be integrated into Home Furnishing life, providing a quiet and warm atmosphere of life.The intelligent degree is better, the control room independent sound source and sound, do not interfere with each other, more personalized, to meet the different needs of the family of music.If the source is rich, can output DVD, satellite TV, radio, computer, MP3, and other sources, to meet the needs of a variety of music family.The rapid rise of the new concept of product, is a part of the modern decoration, reflect fashionable life, highlight the noble identity.The high usage rate, almost every day use.The family background music system, the biggest limit, breaks the space limitations that can radiate throughout the home. IBA intelligent background music system.
Q:5.1 home theater audio selection
It depends on how large your living room is.Small living room recommended: Pentium home theater, satellite sound 6 sets, about 3200 yuanChinese living room recommended: Pentium home theater classic
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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2008
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Eastern and Western Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 30 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 4
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Professional