TV BOX Q7 Quad Core Android 4.1 Allwinner A31s 2GB 8GB Bluetooth WIFI HDMI Mini PC Streaming Media Player

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Product Description:

Product Description: TV BOX Q7 Quad Core Android 4.1 Allwinner A31s 2GB 8GB Bluetooth WIFI HDMI Mini PC Streaming Media Player Specification
Operation System: Android 4.1
Chipset:A31S Cortex-A7 Quad core
Nand Flash:8GB Nand Flash
Storage Extension:Support MicroSD(TF) ,Up to 32GB
Network:2.4GHZ WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Power Supply:DC 5V/2A
Language: Chinese,English...Multi-Language support
Video Codec:HD MPEG1/2/4,H.264,HD AVC/VC-1,Xvid,RealVideo8/9/10,VP6
Video Format:ts/m2ts/tp/trp/mkv/mp4/mov/avi/rm/rmvb/wmv/vob/asf/flv/dat/mpg/mpeg
Resolution:Full HD 2160P
H.264 Data Rate:Support up to 40Mbps
Subititle Format:SRT/SMI/SSA/ASS
Photo Format:JPG/JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG Support high resolution photo
Software Extension:Support Google Play & APK install 。
IM Software:Support Skype/QQ/MSN/GTALK (Depends on APK install)
Offic Software:WORD/EXCEL/PDF(Depends on APK install)

HDMI Out:1xHDMI,HDMI1.4 Full HD 1920x1080P
USB Port:2xUSB Host
Card Reader:1 x Micro SD card (TF card) reader
MIC Out:1x3.5mm Headphone Jack(support stereo )
Power Supply:1xDC power adapter
Antenna:External WiFi antenna

What`s in the box
1 x Q7 tv box
1 x HDMI cable,
1 x Power charger adapter(DC 5V/2A),
1 x remote control,
1 x USB to RJ45 adapter,
1 x User manual,
1 x Antenna

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Q:How is the home theater system wired?
The wiring of surround speakers requires three points:• as long as possible in both sides reserved long enough lines, often encounter some users in the final completion of speakers and amplifier installation, found that the reserved wire short so long. Surround the installation height should be the listener than sitting in a chair when the ear height of more than 0.5~1.0m, to ensure the sound diffusion in space.Try to walk straight - line, not around the bend. Because of the long line around the audio signal will be lost, affecting the sound quality of the speaker, in general, you can walk under the floor.The line around the floor, separated in the sofa position about each one, generally set aside part of the ground line is slightly longer as well, is generally 1/2 plus two meters length of the sofa as well, this is going to support users around. If going to surround speakers hanging on the wall of the user, can just above the sofa on both sides of the position, about eight meters, turn around the line left out, a length of fifty cm to one meter as well, do not leave line too high, close to the top of the wall, it will produce great influence on the sound the.In addition, the need to focus on is that, because HDMI wire is relatively fragile, but also can not bend too much, especially the joint part. If necessary, prepare one more when wiring.Wiring seems small, but knowledge is great. The above content, for some experience of the family theater players, you can try to practice, I believe that can greatly improve their DIY capabilities.
Q:Shh, take a look at the home theater sound system, how to choose it?
Foshan ZCL!Make sure you find out about the brand!
Q:How is the star top installed in the home theater?
3 projection screen where the wall wall made of cloth: the sound absorption module, a color, the color is dark 4 screen opposite wall: acoustic module and diffusion module collocation 5 on both sides of the wall: sound insulation, diffusion and absorption installation. The outer layer of all sound-absorbing modules, the inner layer for sound insulation, sound absorption and diffusion treatment. If you have any other problems with a private theater, you can take a personal experience at the home theater customization Center
Q:Where can Chengdu hear more brands of home theater sound system? Five
There's a video store on the 4 floor of IFS. It feels great.
Q:About the establishment of 5.1 home theater system, please come in, thank you!
3: notebook does not have 5.1 sound to connect the output interface to do??: notebook does not have 5. 1 output, you can consider buying an external sound card. HDMI's English full name is "High Definition Multimedia", which means high definition multimedia interface in chinese. HDMI interface can provide data transmission bandwidth of up to 5Gbps, which can transmit uncompressed audio signals and high resolution video signals. At the same time, there is no need to perform digital / analog or analog to digital conversion before signal transmission, which ensures the highest quality video and audio transmission. The application of the benefits of HDMI is that it only takes one HDMI line, it can transmit video signals at the same time, unlike now needs a plurality of wires to connect; at the same time, due to the wireless analog / digital or analog / digital conversion, audio and video transmission can achieve higher quality. For consumers, HDMI technology not only provides a clear picture quality, but also because of audio / video using the same cable, greatly simplifies the installation of the home theater system.
Q:How should the home theater be configured?
The pursuit of affordable, suggest that you consider the European and American professional audio system. Don't think of home appliance city set sound, expensive, fancy is the effect is a lot of difference, not on the level of. Of course, if you buy a set of speakers for decoration is another matter. The sound sector has been widely praised in Europe and America speakers, mature technology, rigorous workmanship, less flashy frivolous, more of the top quality of the persistent pursuit. Domestic brands do not want to say more, we all know.
Q:How do you reinstall the nut home theater system? I don't want Iqiyi!
Dongguan Song Sheng Yi anti-static experts told you that the system U disk production and reinstall the system steps for:1 make U disk boot: U disk to the store to buy a 4-8G (you can ask the boss to help make the system U disk can omit the following steps), Internet search and download installed member U disk PE production tools, U disk into the computer to run this software into U disk boot.2 copy system files: the Internet to download the WINXP crew forum or WIN7 operating system GHO file copied to the U disk or U disk boot tool specified folder.3. set the U disk as the first
Q:General home theater audio with 5.1 or 7.1?
5.1 and 7.1 require a special listening room with no furniture, only sound and chairs.If this condition is not met, there is no real surround sound, that is, a reflex sound that has no 2 stereo sound.Those who know sound and have good ears are fond of using 2 stereo to enjoy music and watch movies. Just because they know the surround sound needs too much listening, their families are not satisfied.If you don't care about the sound quality, you can choose surround sound as long as you have a stereo there.The same price, 7.1, no 5.1, good effect, 5.1, no 2 good.
Q:Millet TV 3S 65 how to connect home theater?
Say the signal source. 1: you can use the Blu ray player, Blu ray player but relatively few sources (at least currently available on Blu ray disc is not rich enough): cheap; can also use the hard disk player, this good, T hard disk can store more than real movies, can also need to be replaced at any time according to the hard disk, you can even use a lot a film full of hard for it, as long as you are happy; you can also be equipped with a computer, display requires 100P, HDMI interface, sound requires coaxial or optical digital output, the hard disk of the bigger the better, the more the more;
Q:The future of home cinema
Domestic home appliance manufacturers have focused their attention on the domestic cinema market.The micro projector home theater, has occupied a market share of 50% from 2009 to 2010 in just one year, the projection to enter the home theater forces had defeated the TV to occupy the market peak, especially its unique function and the CMMB function of watching TV set-top box directly processing, built-in storage, can download the latest network movie and music and other functions, is already can replace the color television, mini projector will occupy the future home theater market. However, with the development of time, the market situation of domestic cinema has been observed, but the situation is not as optimistic as some household electrical appliance enterprises predict.In a few years ago in a seller's market, much larger than the demand for audio products, the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong set up earlier sound enterprises with advantages of material advantage, richly endowed by nature of human resources, has achieved great development in the market. And after that, due to the good profits of sound products, a large number of individual industrial and commercial enterprises in Guangdong have begun to enter the field of home theater manufacturing and management, and the market competition situation has become increasingly severe. In addition, color TV enterprises drive into the home theater, even refrigerators, air-conditioning production enterprise also to the home theater, they think the refrigerator air conditioning and home theater in the market season time is complementary, and profitable, why not? From the market point of view, although the home theater products overall market supply and demand situation is far more color TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other household appliances products supply and demand situation is much better, but in some specific price level, the product tends to saturation trend.
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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value
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Eastern and Western Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 30 People
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Factory Size: Above 5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 4
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Professional