China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Mobile TV DTV-Hardware

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China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Mobile TV DTV-Hardware












CMMB ( China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting ) is the standard of China mobile broadcast. It seems like American standard MediaFLO, European standard DVB-H, and Korean standard TDMB. Users can enjoy broadcast TV services with terminals like cell phone, PDA, MP3, MP4, etc.
Since 2007, Sumavision has launched a series of proprietary software and hardware products, including CMMB encoder, CMMB gateway, CMMB combiner  and divider, CMMB multiplexer, CMMB adapter, CMMB scrambler, CMMB optical transmitter and so on, formed a complete CMMB system solution.

CMMB Encoder
l Support up to 330kbps, step by 1kbps.
l Operate easily: LCD Panel, SNMP, Web
l Integrate Scrambler
CMMB Scrambler
l Stable
l Support multi channels of video, audio, data scrambling
l Web control inside
l Support random/constant key
l Support 4 ECMG simul-crypt, support ECMG backup. Has integrated with Nagra, ZTE, Novel, Alcate CAS.
l Already integrated with many terminals such as ZTE, Lenovo
CMMB Multiplexer
l Support 1+1 backup
l Has good compatibility with the 3rd party’s encoders, modulators and terminals.
l The only provider that can support HTTP and NMS management.
l Mature hardware platform
l Mainstream operation system
CMMB Adapter
l Two- way adapter
l Support DS3, E3, E1 interface
l Support CMMB, DVB-T, DMB-T standard
l Support NMS
l Support remote update

CMMB Splitter and Combiner
l Full transparent transmission
l Two-way
l Support 1+1 backup
l Support LCD, web and NMS management

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Q:Telecom set-top boxes are home network barriers, how to deal with?
A: please confirm whether broadband access is normal, if you can not access the Internet, please follow the broadband troubleshooting process; if the Internet is normal, please go to step two.Two: Please restart Modem and set-top box. If the fault still exists, please proceed to step three.Three: check the Modem and cable set-top box is normal, you can view the concrete are respectively connected to the set-top box and the interface of Modem light is green light (green light normal), if the red light, then try to insert or replace the cable tight Modem other port, if the conditions are a good replacement cable, restart the set-top box to see whether the problem disappears. If the fault persists, proceed to step four.Four: please check the broadband and iTV network connection, if you use a router or have the routing function Modem, switch, please remove the routing, disconnect the computer, a single set-top box directly connected to Modem, restart the set-top box to see whether the problem still exists. If the fault persists, please call the telecom customer service hotline for advice.
Q:How can I use the star 9 set-top box?
Connect the wire, according to the key information, appearance of signal strength and signal quality (signal intensity, line up after the first elevation is about 50~~70), the signal strength to the highest, then adjust the azimuth angle, nine in our country are generally about thirty degrees from the South West, South West slowly turn pot. The signal quality and to the highest, finally can turn a little tuner, the signal to the highest, see all are closed down, fixed on it
Q:How do cable TV networks (set-top boxes) connect wireless routers?
The problem can be solved, and the rest is not difficult.Contrast the normal cable network card status, look at the status of the wireless network card, is not to get the IP, DNS, gateway and other projects, manual settings, compared to copy it.In addition, slowly familiar with some of the concepts of wireless router settings, try learning to use WLAN port connection. Set the main tip: automatic acquisition of IP===LAN IP WAN: (login using IP): manual and cat over IP different segments of the ===LAN DHCP = open when necessary, manual fill local DNS=== computer cable card, wireless card: automatic.Because change this setting, the relationship is slightly more complex, less skilled will have more trouble, so to give you a way to catch up by the way of knowledge. Ha ha, I wish you a happy study.
Q:Can Telecom set-top boxes be viewed wirelessly?
APK to U disk.Two, insert the box, open the application management in the TV box, find the APK application in the U disk, click the installation of the market file.Three, open the app market, home page search, download, install the software you need.If you can't identify, it is recommended to open the tutorial center in the app market, where there is a tutorial on the installation of massive machines, and find tutorials that match your TV or box brands and models. I hope I can help you!
Q:TV and network set-top boxes can't connect images
The main reasons are:1, TV and set-top boxes of the connection line is not properly connected, or no plug, resulting in loose, poor contact, the connection line re connected, fixed good.2, the TV signal source switching mode is not correct, resulting in a signal source and the input does not match, so there is no image; according to the TV remote control signal source pop-up menu and then one signal source, signal source mode switch, until the TV shows the set-top box picture so far.3, in addition, a hardware failure or TV set-top box will lead to no image, such as interface failure, video signal processing device fault, motherboard chip or internal circuit fault, it is recommended to contact the corresponding customer service service for maintenance of the equipment to solve.
Q:TV set, audio amplifier, network set-top box, three how to answer, beg?!
Connect to the network set-top box and TV HDMI HD audio line, lotus head out of the plug in the 3.5MM adapter to the red, white jack, 3.5MM audio output socket adapter inserted in the TV set, or 3.5MM adapter inserted in AV audio output socket network set-top box, select the signal source input in audio power amplifier the corresponding interface. Have a try!
Q:How do you make set-top boxes connect to routers and watch TV?
The first open wireless router to electricity, and then use a cable to connect the computer and wireless router, which is in the same LAN, then in the browser address bar enter (some routers may not be the specific address, see the router back, will provide the settings interface address, username and password) (General the default is admin, admin), and then enter the setup wizard, "according to the prompt operation step by step, setup is complete, you will get WiFi password (PSK password), standby.
Q:How do I install two set top boxes (two TVs, two set-top boxes)?
The installation of two TV sets and 2 set top boxes is not very special. If your house is newly decorated, the wiring should be all covered. As long as the connected line, if not, you can consider some of the future demand, in a weak box, leaving power, will install a TV splitter, Internet routers, set-top box Internet hub. Each should use the points are radial, pull in place, can not wiring, one in the end, the TV there coaxial lines, cable, computer network there, the kitchen and bathroom should also consider the cable in place, the door window can also be considered. In the future, the Internet can control the electrical appliances at home.
Q:After the set-top boxes are connected, the TV becomes black and white. How can I get it back?
4, the TV circuit Xuhan phenomenon.Solution: first to find out the location of weld circuit, after finding the TV weld position, the weld place re welding, the connection will be able to solve the color TV due to the television circuit board becomes the problem of black and white.5. The color has been adjusted to 0.Solution: increase the color value.6, set-top boxes and television connected to the audio and video cable error.Solution: re connect the video line with the corresponding color.
Q:4K TV and 2K TV set ordinary set-top boxes, why 2K clear?
4K TV size is big, the resolution of set-top boxes on small size TV must be clear. It is not so clear on TV with big screen, so it is not afraid to buy an HD set-top box

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