China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Mobile TV DTV-Hardware

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China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Mobile TV DTV-Hardware












CMMB ( China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting ) is the standard of China mobile broadcast. It seems like American standard MediaFLO, European standard DVB-H, and Korean standard TDMB. Users can enjoy broadcast TV services with terminals like cell phone, PDA, MP3, MP4, etc.
Since 2007, Sumavision has launched a series of proprietary software and hardware products, including CMMB encoder, CMMB gateway, CMMB combiner  and divider, CMMB multiplexer, CMMB adapter, CMMB scrambler, CMMB optical transmitter and so on, formed a complete CMMB system solution.

CMMB Encoder
l Support up to 330kbps, step by 1kbps.
l Operate easily: LCD Panel, SNMP, Web
l Integrate Scrambler
CMMB Scrambler
l Stable
l Support multi channels of video, audio, data scrambling
l Web control inside
l Support random/constant key
l Support 4 ECMG simul-crypt, support ECMG backup. Has integrated with Nagra, ZTE, Novel, Alcate CAS.
l Already integrated with many terminals such as ZTE, Lenovo
CMMB Multiplexer
l Support 1+1 backup
l Has good compatibility with the 3rd party’s encoders, modulators and terminals.
l The only provider that can support HTTP and NMS management.
l Mature hardware platform
l Mainstream operation system
CMMB Adapter
l Two- way adapter
l Support DS3, E3, E1 interface
l Support CMMB, DVB-T, DMB-T standard
l Support NMS
l Support remote update

CMMB Splitter and Combiner
l Full transparent transmission
l Two-way
l Support 1+1 backup
l Support LCD, web and NMS management

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Q:Why can't HD set-top boxes connect to the network?
The first to confirm whether this HD set-top box has the network function, if have, but also support the wired network connection, or wireless network connection; general network HD set-top box can not be connected to the network connection or network failure causes and solutions are as follows:1, if the wireless connection, it may be a set-top box and a router distance, resulting in the set-top box to search the WiFi signal, the router can close the set-top box, the set-top box can receive WiFi signal can; if it is a wired connection, no problem;2, the set-top box network settings have unable to connect to the network, you can enter the set-top box network interface settings, the set-top box is set to automatically obtain IP address; if it is the correct password to enter the WiFi connection requires a wireless connection;3, the router settings caused problems that can not connect to the network, you can restart the router to solve, if necessary, you can reset the router, and then re set its parameters;4, the network service communications link or server problems, resulting in routers can not be networked, generally can only wait for service providers to repair the fault before re networking;5, set-top boxes hardware failure caused by networking, such as network module failure, antenna failure, motherboards and other parts of the fault, etc., it is recommended to contact the set-top box after-sales service can be repaired.
Q:Gehua cable set-top box remote control and the TV remote docking?
Align the set-top box remote controller with the original TV remote controller and infrared transmitting tube on the same line, and the distance is no more than 5 centimeters.2: hold the set-top box remote learning "Settings" button for 3 seconds, see the lights on the remote control and change slightly dark bright and often bright, then press the set-top box remote learning to learn keys, such as "TV power button", see the lights to flicker, Press TV remote control machine the corresponding "TV power button", until the set-top box type learning indicator light on the remote back lit, then click on the remote learning "Settings" button, the light is off, the success of a learning.
Q:Nine South Samsung dual-mode set-top box to switch in six receiving
10, good: according to the channel information (blue button or F3), then press the 4 red button, you can switch.11: outstanding: according to F2 five, the pop-up switch interface, select "yes" can be converted between "DVB-S and ABS-S".12, general method: menu - channel information, up, down, left, right - OK, automatically from start.Prior to the arrival of the Goethe will transit section method: click the menu, F4, to determine
Q:Cable TV set-top boxes have paid, but show no authorization, how should I do?
96090, connected by 3, according to the voice prompts to re-enter the TV card (check the set-top box inside the Zhang Ka number), the set-top box chaca running can be authorized immediately.If the operation does not come, you can call the 96868 service hotline, but generally not easy to get through.
Q:TV set, audio amplifier, network set-top box, three how to answer, beg?!
Connect to the network set-top box and TV HDMI HD audio line, lotus head out of the plug in the 3.5MM adapter to the red, white jack, 3.5MM audio output socket adapter inserted in the TV set, or 3.5MM adapter inserted in AV audio output socket network set-top box, select the signal source input in audio power amplifier the corresponding interface. Have a try!
Q:What is a set-top box OTT?
OTT set-top box analysis:OTT TV is the abbreviation of "Over The Top TV", which refers to the video service based on open Internet. The terminal can be a TV set, a computer, a set-top box, a PAD, a smart phone, and so on. Refers to the provision of services over the network, emphasizing the independence of the service and the physical network. The content of video programs transmitted via the Internet, such as PPS and UUSEE, is transmitted to the display screen (including television). From the consumer's point of view, OTT TV is the Internet TV, to meet consumer demand, the integration of interactive TV features full-featured Internet tv. OTT TV (Over-The-Top TV), that is, the Internet TV service in Over-The-Top mode. Such as the Apple, TV and Google TV introduced in the market in 2010, is this mode. Internationally, OTT TV refers to the convergence of IP video and Internet applications via the public Internet for television transmission. The receiving terminal is an Internet TV integrated machine or a set-top box + a television set. In our country, OTT TV refers to the controllable and manageable services provided by the public broadcasting and television organizations through the public Internet for television transmission. Generally, the receiving terminal is a domestic Internet TV set.OTT TV refers to the convergence of IP video and Internet applications via the public Internet for television transmission, and its receiving terminal is an Internet TV set or set-top box + tv.
Q:How to set up the TP-LINK wireless router on the set-top box?
Set your computer network card to automatic access, and then check the network parameters obtained, through the gateway IP to log on the router
Q:Modern TV set-top boxes to remind the upgrade announcement
Four specific requirements are released after the beginning of 2015 models is the USB installation application; no built-in browser to access the Internet or other means is prohibited; app store push aggregation application software, video website, radio client application software; application of remote prohibited app store or other means to push the remote video indirectly through mobile phone the. This meat has once again been cut to "lose weight" several boxes. Boxes bought by consumers are becoming a fixture in the family today.
Q:HUAWEI IPTV set-top box set password
On the remote control, press the settings, the password is 6321, note that the remote control has 2 settings key, do not press the wrong!
Q:Classification of set top boxes
The narrow sense only include digital set-top box equipment, according to the standard can be divided into digital satellite set-top box (DVB-S), European standard digital terrestrial set-top box (DVB-T), GB terrestrial digital set-top box (DTMB), digital cable TV set-top box (DVB-C). It can be divided into one-way set-top boxes, two-way set-top boxes and IPTV set-top boxes according to functions.

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