Electronic Program Guide System (EPG) Edit Workstation

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Electronic Program Guide System (EPG) Edit Workstation

The Digital Video VisionSky Electronic Program Guide (EPG) System introduction :

l  The system is in compliance with the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) standard, ETS 300 468 standard and GY/Z 174-2001 standard of Specification of Service Information for Digital Television Broadcasting;

l  Sumavision is one of the manufacturers invited to participate in the standard-formulation process of national EPG;

l  With a modular design, the system boasts less maintenance workload;

l  Provided with testing interfaces, the system supports EPG test with TS analyzer;

l  The system is capable of automatic recovery based on real-time surveillance;

l  The flexible SI transmission configuration supports multiple EPG transmission modes;


The Digital Video VisionSky Electronic Program Guide (EPG) System Feature :

l  The unique TS transmitting and EPG updating mechanism ensure a continuous and uniform seamless transmission of PSI/SI Table;

l  Supports all types of SI Tables and descriptors, as well as private tables and descriptors;

l  EPG Information output is achieved through ASI interface or TCP/IP Ethernet interface;

l  Compatible with CHINA-EPG, supports texts and XML files for menu import/export;

l  Equipped with open interfaces for connections with CAS, SMS, Storage and Broadcasting System and Data Broadcasting System and supports multi-frequency NVOD system;

l  Supports presentation of additional information of programs, such as program outline, cast and program comments;

l  Supports classified display function of programs according to channels, broadcasting time and program type;

l  Search programs by key word for speed and convenience;

l  Supports multi–level networking schemes to meet requirements for head-end multi-level networking;

l  Supports digital signature and data dictionary;

l  Supports Mosaic descriptors;

l  Transmission strategy (TSDCN) may be determined by any combination of TS, Service, Day, and Current/Next;

l  Supports real-time extraction of program menu;

l  Supports generation of dynamic EPG;

l  Calibration function of time is provided;

l  International practice is brought in with the use of Unicode; multiple languages and character library classification are supported.


The system consists of the following components:

l  EPG Edit Workstation

l  EPG Review Workstation

l  EPG Broadcasting Server

l  EPG Database Server



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Q:Samsung surface 55 inches, how to connect digital set-top boxes?
Two 、 network set-top box1, the network set-top boxes and TV are switched on;2. Connect the network cable to the network port of the network set-top box and automatically obtain the IP, that is, to connect the network successfully;3, with audio and video line line [audio line (red and white), video (yellow line)] color corresponding with set-top boxes and TV set-top boxes, and connect the power adapter; if the set-top box and TV are HD, also can use the high definition multimedia interface line (HDMI line) HDMI interface connect the TV with HD set-top box.4 after installation, switch the TV signal source to the video source which is consistent with the input of the set-top box;5, in this way you can watch network movies and television.
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Q:When the refrigerator starts to finish, the signal of the set-top box will be broken,
Related to the line, other people's home appliances are not the caseThe fridge is PTC soft start
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The intuitive method of operation shows the following video (in the video, the left is the set-top box remote control, and the right is the TV remote controller):Special tips: set-top box remote control on the "custom" button, is mainly used to study other buttons on the TV remote, such as buttons, PIP shows the proportion adjustment button and the record button etc.. This design is still very intimate. In addition, if you have made a mistake during the learning settings of the remote control, just reset it according to the steps above.
Q:How can the set-top boxes adjust the channel order?
Method for adjusting channel order of set top box:1. Open the set-top box and TV switch and wait for the set-top box to start;2 、 after the set-top box is started, press the "menu" button of the set-top box remote control;3, enter the "menu", and then use the remote control direction key to find "program management", click the remote control "confirm" button to enter;4, find "program editor", click "OK"";5, according to the menu program bottom tips, green build mobile programs;6, after the change, press the "OK" key to save and exit.
Q:What format movies do cable TV set-top boxes connect to U?
1, wired set-top box USB interface, old-fashioned, can only be used to upgrade firmware, can not play. The new model can play some media files.2, wired transmission, is based on TS stream transmission, encoding is MPEG2, therefore, set-top boxes play video, the most basic format is MPEG2.3, but set-top box playback ability is very limited, because the cost limit is relatively dead, so more formats are not many, generally support up to DivX or XviD encoding MPEG4 and avi is good.
Q:How do you change the original digital TV set-top box remote control to a new one?
According to the learning button, and so on, the red light from weak to long bright, and then by learning the remote control need to learn the key, generally as long as learning power, TV/AV conversion key, volume add and subtract can be. Wait for the red light to go off three.
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You can put the remote control and set-top boxes together, the touch-screen phone may also be touch-screen, and finally apply for a patent, maybe you are still rich
Q:China set-top box remote control learning
1: the set-top box remote control with the original TV remote control, infrared emission tube aligned at the same straight line, the distance is not more than 5 cm.
Q:As TV, can you pick up the set-top boxes at home?
Hello, you can.What line does your set-top box use to connect with the TV?Situation 1: if the red and white yellow 3 color lines: red and white, yellow, yellow line, according to the corresponding color, respectively, connect set-top boxes and television interface. Then the signal source is switched to "video" and can be used normally.Two: red green blue white red color line: X60 cannot support 5. S50 and S40, first of all to the RGB cable into the back of Ypbpr interface, then RGB three lines connected with the cable, then red and red lines are connected to the audio interface side corresponding to the audio input. Switch the signal source to the "component" for normal use.Situation three: HDMI line: connect the HDMI wires to the HDMI interface of the set-top box and TV respectively, and pay attention to which one of the HDMI3 interfaces is connected to the tv. Switch to the corresponding signal source.

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