Electronic Program Guide System (EPG) Edit Workstation

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Electronic Program Guide System (EPG) Edit Workstation

The Digital Video VisionSky Electronic Program Guide (EPG) System introduction :

l  The system is in compliance with the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) standard, ETS 300 468 standard and GY/Z 174-2001 standard of Specification of Service Information for Digital Television Broadcasting;

l  Sumavision is one of the manufacturers invited to participate in the standard-formulation process of national EPG;

l  With a modular design, the system boasts less maintenance workload;

l  Provided with testing interfaces, the system supports EPG test with TS analyzer;

l  The system is capable of automatic recovery based on real-time surveillance;

l  The flexible SI transmission configuration supports multiple EPG transmission modes;


The Digital Video VisionSky Electronic Program Guide (EPG) System Feature :

l  The unique TS transmitting and EPG updating mechanism ensure a continuous and uniform seamless transmission of PSI/SI Table;

l  Supports all types of SI Tables and descriptors, as well as private tables and descriptors;

l  EPG Information output is achieved through ASI interface or TCP/IP Ethernet interface;

l  Compatible with CHINA-EPG, supports texts and XML files for menu import/export;

l  Equipped with open interfaces for connections with CAS, SMS, Storage and Broadcasting System and Data Broadcasting System and supports multi-frequency NVOD system;

l  Supports presentation of additional information of programs, such as program outline, cast and program comments;

l  Supports classified display function of programs according to channels, broadcasting time and program type;

l  Search programs by key word for speed and convenience;

l  Supports multi–level networking schemes to meet requirements for head-end multi-level networking;

l  Supports digital signature and data dictionary;

l  Supports Mosaic descriptors;

l  Transmission strategy (TSDCN) may be determined by any combination of TS, Service, Day, and Current/Next;

l  Supports real-time extraction of program menu;

l  Supports generation of dynamic EPG;

l  Calibration function of time is provided;

l  International practice is brought in with the use of Unicode; multiple languages and character library classification are supported.


The system consists of the following components:

l  EPG Edit Workstation

l  EPG Review Workstation

l  EPG Broadcasting Server

l  EPG Database Server



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(3) modulation and coding of uplink data: to carry out interactive applications, the modulation coding problem of uplink data needs to be considered. At present, there are 3 ways to use the telephone line to transmit uplink data. The uplink data is transmitted by Ethernet card and the uplink data is transmitted through the wired network. (4): embedded CPU embedded CPU is a digital TV set-top box in the heart, when the data channel decoding, first demultiplexing, the transmission stream into the video and audio, video, audio and data from the special digital TV set-top box CPU integrates more than 32 programmable PID filter. Two of them for the video and audio filter, for PSI, SI and the rest of the filtering of Private data. CPU is the platform of embedded operating system, it should complete the network management and operating system, display management, conditional access management (IC card and Smart card), teletext decoding, data decoding, OSD, video signal up and down conversion function. To achieve these capabilities, many new features must be extended on the average 32~64 bit CPU, and the speed is constantly increased to suit the requirements of high-speed networks and 3D games. (5): MPEG-2 decoding of MPEG-2 is one of the key technologies in digital television, the digital video processing technology and practical basically is based on MPEG-2 technology, including MPEG-2 is transmitted from the network to a high-definition TV all specifications. MP@LL, H.263 and H.261 for VCD, videophone conference and videophone are its subsets. MP@ML is used for DVD, SDTV, and MP@MH for HDTV. The video image signal processing method of motion prediction, DCT, quantization, variable length encoding 4 step, circuit is a ASIC circuit by the RISC processor as the core. MPEG-2 decompression circuit including video, audio decompression and other functions.
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Set-top box or Android TV installation application method:The live or on-demand installation file (APK) installed in the U disk inside, and then U disk inserted in the set-top box (TV) installed!Live software recommend: TV masters, HDP, blueberry live, gitv, these are CCTV and TV (Phoenix)!Movie: VST, Thai express video on demandThe set-top box - or HDMI - line TV, AV cable TV remote convert AV or HDMISettings - Wireless Settings - find hot spots - enter passwords, or connect directly to a network cable.

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