CAS DTV-Software Support Multi Languages

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CAS DTV-Software Support Multi Languages



















Support Multi Languages
Support DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, IPTV, Mobile TV
Most Advanced Security Technologies
Support over 10 Million Subscribers in One Single Network
Over 75 Million Smart Cards Issued Globally

Most Advanced Security Solution
- Advanced security chipset
- Statistics & analysis technology to prevent CW sharing
- Encrypted STB and smart card communication
- Local security methodology for terminal Ends
- Multiple secret keys associated with algorithms
- Content delivery tracking strategy



Support Multi Languages
Support DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, IPTV, Mobile TV
Most Advanced Security Technologies
Support over 10 Million Subscribers in One Single Network
Over 75 Million Smart Cards Issued Globally



Distinguishing FunctionsBasic functions                    
- Covert/Overt fingerprint
- Forced message
- Various types of OSD
- Blacklist
- Pre-authorization
- Enhanced free preview
- Emergency broadcasting
- Advanced addressing

- Pay-per-view (OPPV, IPPV)
- Pay-per-time (OPPT, IPPT)
- Card paring
- TV mail
- PVR control
- PIN protection
- Regional lock
- Program hiding
- Master/Slave cards
- Online ordering
- Group authorization


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Q:LCD TV how to use intelligent set-top boxes and wireless router connection?
First connect TV and set-top boxes, set-top boxes can be connected to the router with the router, if set-top boxes have wireless receive function, you can not use, and then set the router
Q:The set-top box can not open the machine for British Fick.
What you describe is a system problem, and you can solve it by yourself
Q:How do I find the set-top box number?
There is a sticky sticker on the back of a set top box. There is a bar code. There is a number on it. This is the set-top box number.
Q:Telecommunications, network television and set-top boxes are connected, but no images?
4, set-top boxes and TV connected video line is not connected.Solution: re connect the box to the video line of the tv.5, the TV screen backlight plate is broken or other special circumstances.6, inside TV screen drive circuit failure caused by weld.7 、 the AD board in the TV set controls the switch of the high voltage board and the circuit is burnt out.Solution: more than 3 point to let the professional master disassemble inspection and maintenance, if television is still under warranty period, repair shop can be sent to the TV brand warranty.
Q:Where is the set-top box smart card?
Digital TV set-top boxes are equipped with smart cards in this position:The smart card (the user card) of the digital TV set top box is installed in the right end of the set-top box panel. There is an open door outside the card cabin. It closes after inserting the user card and is in line with the front panel.
Q:Beijing Gehua cable set-top box size allotted?
There are many kinds of set-top boxes.There are many kinds of set-top boxes. There are two kinds that are widely used: 1, standard length,
Q:Digital set-top box remote control off TV
You first find the remote control button for the set-top box (there are two power off buttons on the remote control, one for TV, and one for set-top boxes)When you find it, press it and see if it is bright or not. See if the remote controller is out of power, or this function is not open (the second case is almost nonexistent)If it is bright, click on the flash point of the set-top box (not the TV set)
Q:Telecom ITV set-top box exception error code is 0007
You can also set the DHCP (open DHCP router function), or assign a router and the same address segment IP, set-top box so you can normally watch tv.If you need to buy Telecom mobile phones, you can log on China Telecom (Anhui) online mall, a number of new mobile phone preferential purchase, contract for the program, more valuable calls.
Q:Why can't HD set-top boxes connect to the network?
The first to confirm whether this HD set-top box has the network function, if have, but also support the wired network connection, or wireless network connection; general network HD set-top box can not be connected to the network connection or network failure causes and solutions are as follows:1, if the wireless connection, it may be a set-top box and a router distance, resulting in the set-top box to search the WiFi signal, the router can close the set-top box, the set-top box can receive WiFi signal can; if it is a wired connection, no problem;2, the set-top box network settings have unable to connect to the network, you can enter the set-top box network interface settings, the set-top box is set to automatically obtain IP address; if it is the correct password to enter the WiFi connection requires a wireless connection;3, the router settings caused problems that can not connect to the network, you can restart the router to solve, if necessary, you can reset the router, and then re set its parameters;4, the network service communications link or server problems, resulting in routers can not be networked, generally can only wait for service providers to repair the fault before re networking;5, set-top boxes hardware failure caused by networking, such as network module failure, antenna failure, motherboards and other parts of the fault, etc., it is recommended to contact the set-top box after-sales service can be repaired.
Q:The set-top boxes on TV are out of order. How many calls?
Look what brand set-top boxes you have. Just call the appropriate manufacturers! Please accept!!

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