CAS DTV-Software Support Multi Languages

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CAS DTV-Software Support Multi Languages



















Support Multi Languages
Support DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, IPTV, Mobile TV
Most Advanced Security Technologies
Support over 10 Million Subscribers in One Single Network
Over 75 Million Smart Cards Issued Globally

Most Advanced Security Solution
- Advanced security chipset
- Statistics & analysis technology to prevent CW sharing
- Encrypted STB and smart card communication
- Local security methodology for terminal Ends
- Multiple secret keys associated with algorithms
- Content delivery tracking strategy



Support Multi Languages
Support DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, IPTV, Mobile TV
Most Advanced Security Technologies
Support over 10 Million Subscribers in One Single Network
Over 75 Million Smart Cards Issued Globally



Distinguishing FunctionsBasic functions                    
- Covert/Overt fingerprint
- Forced message
- Various types of OSD
- Blacklist
- Pre-authorization
- Enhanced free preview
- Emergency broadcasting
- Advanced addressing

- Pay-per-view (OPPV, IPPV)
- Pay-per-time (OPPT, IPPT)
- Card paring
- TV mail
- PVR control
- PIN protection
- Regional lock
- Program hiding
- Master/Slave cards
- Online ordering
- Group authorization


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Q:How can I use the HDMI interface on the set-top box?
When buying a set-top box, you should have a HDMI line. Use it to connect the set-top box with the TV. But the TV doesn't work if it doesn't have an HDMI interface......The HDMI line doesn't say anything at all. Connect it and then use the remote control to select the HDMI video source. That's the one with the DVD AV terminal
Q:Ider network TV set-top boxes, how to use it?
Ider network set-top box is so bad, even the central 1 can not receive, let alone other TV programs. Difference, difference, difference.
Q:Telecom ITV set-top box broken, where can I fix it?
200 is it a little expensive? I remember asking in the telecom business last year that the new one was 180
Q:Network set-top box network has been disconnected, how is it, how to network?
Network set-top box network disconnect may be due to network settings or cable is not connected.The network set-top box connects the network method as follows:Firstly, the network cable is extracted from the router and connected to the network port of the network set-top box backboard, and the network setting of the set-top box is opened, and the IP address is automatically obtained, and the network is connected successfully.
Q:Who will use the TV set top box for TV playback? What about a step?
According to the remote center of the green button, enter the menu, select the horizontal TV recording, after entering the first TV, Beijing TV sports channel, select the date, according to the page+ page buttons on the remote control right under the 100 program to find the football press OK, can play (in - Home - arrow - TV see - - determine the up and down arrow - program - Determination of play)More questions may focus on WeChat's "enjoyment of home appliances" further questions
Q:Leroy TV set-top box connected to answer
Two, network set-top box 1, Internet set-top box and TV boot; 2, connect the network cable network set-top box network, to automatically obtain IP, network connection is successful; 3, with audio and video line line [audio line (red and white), video (yellow line)] relative the color should be connected with the set-top box and TV set-top box, and connect the power adapter; if the set-top box and TV are HD, also can use the high definition multimedia interface line (HDMI line) HDMI interface is connected with the TV and high-definition set-top box. 4, after the installation, turn on the TV and set-top box power supply, switch the TV signal source to the set-top box input video signal source; 5, this will be able to watch the network movies and tv.
Q:After the set-top boxes are connected, the TV becomes black and white. How can I get it back?
The reason why TV can be turned black and white after connecting set-top boxes and its handling methods:1, the image mode of TV is changed to "nostalgic mode"".The solution: change back to the standard mode, or "soft" mode".2, the TV screen backlight plate is abnormal or bad.Solution: let the professional master disassemble inspection and maintenance.3, color TV is black and white because of the color problem of the TV set.Solution: in the TV menu bar can be standard for setting television become "automatic" or "PAL", if the digital set-top box cable TV in the digital set-top box menu bar will become standard setting "automatic" or "PAL".
Q:How is the IPTV Set-top Box upgraded?
The IPTV set-top box defaults to networked automatic detection and upgrades:1, open the IPTV set-top box, access to the IPTV main interface;2, use the set-top box remote control operation, select the settings, press the confirmation key to enter;3, enter the settings interface, to find the upgrade settings, press the confirmation key to enter;
Q:HUAWEI IPTV set-top box set password
If you are the password for telecommunications, 10000, the password is also 10000
Q:Oriental Cable calls to change high-definition set-top boxes, in the end whether or not to change?
If your TV set is liquid crystal, then change, and watch the effect is really good.

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