CAS DTV-Software Support Multi Languages

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CAS DTV-Software Support Multi Languages



















Support Multi Languages
Support DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, IPTV, Mobile TV
Most Advanced Security Technologies
Support over 10 Million Subscribers in One Single Network
Over 75 Million Smart Cards Issued Globally

Most Advanced Security Solution
- Advanced security chipset
- Statistics & analysis technology to prevent CW sharing
- Encrypted STB and smart card communication
- Local security methodology for terminal Ends
- Multiple secret keys associated with algorithms
- Content delivery tracking strategy



Support Multi Languages
Support DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, IPTV, Mobile TV
Most Advanced Security Technologies
Support over 10 Million Subscribers in One Single Network
Over 75 Million Smart Cards Issued Globally



Distinguishing FunctionsBasic functions                    
- Covert/Overt fingerprint
- Forced message
- Various types of OSD
- Blacklist
- Pre-authorization
- Enhanced free preview
- Emergency broadcasting
- Advanced addressing

- Pay-per-view (OPPV, IPPV)
- Pay-per-time (OPPT, IPPT)
- Card paring
- TV mail
- PVR control
- PIN protection
- Regional lock
- Program hiding
- Master/Slave cards
- Online ordering
- Group authorization


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Q:How to upgrade the set-top boxes of satellite antennas (small pot covers)?
Machine to machine upgrade: you need a machine that is exactly the same as your machine, and you have brushed the latest version of the machineA data line is needed.
Q:How to connect LCD TV set-top boxes?
OneFirst, you need to connect the power adapter and the output line to the set-top box marked "5V" position; one end of the high definition line is connected with the set-top box marked with "HDMI" interface.TwoFind the "HDMI" HD interface for LCD TV, usually on the side of the TV, and then connect the other end of the high definition line.ThreeRemove the plastic sheet from the top box remote control battery, so that remote control can be used. Then the set-top box power is opened by remote control.FourPress the LCD TV remote "source" key, try "HDMI1" or "HDMI2", which has an interface optionThe set-top box contents will appear. The options box will automatically select and enter the set-top box screen for a few seconds at this location.FiveSelect "system settings" with one of the symbols of the wireless network, and then select your own WiFi, enter the password to enter the set-top box.SixWhen the network connection is successful, you can enter the video classification or video recommendation to watch your favorite programs.
Q:Digital TV set-top box and LED TV connection problem: set-top box has AV three wire interface
Of course not. Thread is not the same. One is standard and the other is HD
Q:What does TV set-top box display 13050 mean?
The connection server failed to provide the program service!Please try again later. If you still fail, please call the customer service hotline for consultation. 1. The EPG home address has not been tested by validity;2 、 domain name resolution for EPG home address failed;3, many attempts to connect to the EPG home address failed and could not be connected to itThe reason for the trouble is that the address of the main authentication server of the set-top box is not set properly;Correct primary authentication server address:Solution: 1. Replace the new set-top box to ensure the correct address of the main authentication server;2, manually modify the primary authentication server address;As the set-top box version reasons, this paper introduces the current Hunan upgraded set-top box modified authentication server method:Enter the set-top box configuration interface the basic settings the network connection access mode the service settingsThe cause of the failure is two: the network is not connected or configured incorrectly. The network is blocked and it is unable to connect to the authentication server;Solution: 1, check whether the network is normal, replace the cable, to ensure that the hardware connection is normal;
Q:How can the set-top boxes adjust the channel order?
Fixed, operator controlled, cannot move, be convenient to use my collection.
Q:4K TV and 2K TV set ordinary set-top boxes, why 2K clear?
My 46 inch Toshiba TV, with ordinary set-top boxes, the same is not clear, the previous 42 inches of SONY TV is still clear, after a high-definition set-top box, the pores can be seen
Q:How to buy high-definition set-top boxes?
1, hardware configurationFirst of all, the hardware configuration, hardware indicators mainly look at CPU, memory these aspects:The CPU of 1CPU network set top box mostly adopts ARM-A9 core. Just pay attention to two points, one is the main frequency, and the two is the core. The main frequency is above 1G, and the core, it is better to dual core!ROM and RAM:ROM are user available storage space, the network set-top box is generally equipped with 4G, and RAM read-write memory refers to the memory, the general 1G on the line.Network set-top box configuration does not need to be very high, CPU main frequency above 1G, memory 1G or more can be!2, start with what you need:The second is function. First of all, understand what function we need3D network set-top boxes can watch 3D movies via TV, and Android set-top boxes have high playability. Through the Android set-top boxes, we have a large screen mobile phone or tablet.And HD set-top box flagship HD this piece, because it is using high-end decoding chip, so the playback effect is very good, especially 1080P such movies, decoding ability super. But the price is more expensive!3, the network TV set-top box in what way to connect the TV?Since many of the older TV units have HDMI HD interfaces, it's important to pay attention to whether the set-top box can connect to the TV set when buying a set-top box
Q:How to use the TV remote control switch Gehuayouxian set-top box?
1: the set-top box remote control with the original TV remote control, infrared emission tube aligned at the same straight line, the distance is not more than 5 cm.2: hold the set-top box remote learning "Settings" button for 3 seconds, see the lights on the remote control and change slightly dark bright and often bright, then press the set-top box remote learning to learn keys, such as "TV power button", see the lights to flicker, Press TV remote control machine the corresponding "TV power button", until the set-top box type learning indicator light on the remote back lit, then click on the remote learning "Settings" button, the light is off, the success of a learning.
Q:How can set-top boxes receive wireless signals from routers?
At the top right-hand side of the set-top box, there is a system setting - Wireless Network - here to go - find our router name - go in and enter the password. Can.
Q:Can I use two set top boxes for a TV set?
Yes, but you need to switch between different set-top boxes.

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