OTT STB OTT With Our Android Box by Sumavision

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General Introduction

 With our Android box, you can watch thousands of genuine movie, TV drama, variety show, cartoons, and documentary, even 1080P content; photos and video games can be wireless delivered to your large screen television. Enjoying the audiovisual world now becomes easier than ever!


l Dual core 1.5GHz CPU, Cortex-A9 structure
l 4GB memory 1GB flash
l Movie Lib with tremendous ultra HD genuine content
l Thousands of selected APPs designed for TV
l Formidable local video play ability
l Speedy experience, Optimized Android
l More functions, Simplified operation



Adopting highly customized Android 4.2.2 system, Sumavision HD Smart STB is implanted with a smart “Brain”. Besides basic functions such as live broadcast, VOD, TV replay and Multi-screen interaction, built-in professional App Store and deeply optimized operation interface bring television user brand-new entertainment experiences.
1). Live TV
Self developed live broadcast application provides more than 180 stable TV programs, including mass exclusive collected 1080P full HD live program source, users can enjoy perfect high definition life at home.
2). TV Replay
Built-in TV replay application supports one week replay of main media channels and hot satellite TV programs, ensuring that all exciting moments are in users’ grasp.
3). VOD
Variety of VOD application are built in sumavision smart box, perfectly supporting program searching, filtering and chasing, daily updating featured posters on home page. By clicking one button on remote control, user can easily access hot TV programs and films.
4). Multi-screen interaction
Sumavision has self-developed system-level support for DLNA and Airplay functions, which enable cross-screens interaction (pictures, local/on-line video&audio files) among cell phone and tablet device with IOS or Android system.
5). App Store
Sumavision Smart STB comes with preloaded App Store which is maintained by professionals. Massive applications (games, music, SNS and browsers) are specifically designed for TV and have passed strict tests, ensure normal downloading and running; all commercially available video applications are included in App Store and enable the users to watch internet video without omission.
6). Media player
By hardware decoding, the built-in stable media player supports playing of local video/audio, pictures files in all formats, even Blue-ray HD and 3D video.
7). Application list
Revolutionary designed application list considers users’ experience deeply: main menu shortcut setting enable adding commonly used applications to personal favorite, application access is easily achieved without entering secondary menu; with factory-installed video, game, stock, browser, news, micro blog and other applications, users are able to enjoy smart entertainment life once they bring sumavision smart box home

8). Others
Based on years of industry experience, Sumavision brings the refreshing UI designed specifically for TV users. Android’s system-level interfaces, such as main menu, application list, system setting, etc. are gorgeous and user friendly; perfectly combining with standard remote control, remains the traditional TV operating custom; more accessories are available, such as 2.4g 6 axle/9 axle somatosensory remote control, optical somatosensory remote control, mouse, keyboard and infrared remote control which can heighten users operation experience.
OTT STB OTT With Our Android Box by Sumavision

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Q:How can I use the star 9 set-top box?
Connect the wire, according to the key information, appearance of signal strength and signal quality (signal intensity, line up after the first elevation is about 50~~70), the signal strength to the highest, then adjust the azimuth angle, nine in our country are generally about thirty degrees from the South West, South West slowly turn pot. The signal quality and to the highest, finally can turn a little tuner, the signal to the highest, see all are closed down, fixed on it
Q:Samsung LCD TV plug in network set-top boxes, the image is why black and white?
Unfortunately, your set-top box does not match the TV set!!!Set-top boxes are the simplest kind, with only A/V terminals; yellow interfaces on set-top boxes; and white and red are audio interfacesDo you have a yellow interface on the TV? If not, there is no way.If you connect the red and white audio to the TV, you can hear the sound.
Q:How to use the network set-top box remote controller?
The intuitive method of operation shows the following video (in the video, the left is the set-top box remote control, and the right is the TV remote controller):Special tips: set-top box remote control on the "custom" button, is mainly used to study other buttons on the TV remote, such as buttons, PIP shows the proportion adjustment button and the record button etc.. This design is still very intimate. In addition, if you have made a mistake during the learning settings of the remote control, just reset it according to the steps above.
Q:How to install third party live software on HUAWEI set-top box
A lot of methods, teach you to use U disk installed, you want to put live software download to U disk, software of choice to evaluate, I use HDP live well, then the U disk into the box open to find the corresponding APK file and click Install on it
Q:Does the cable that connects to the network TV set-top box have to come out from the router?
Well, one question, you work out 4 sub problems, let me say it separately:First, the current network set-top boxes are basically supported by wireless WIFI and wired two connection modes.Second, depending on what you're saying, you're using a wired router.If you are using ADSL broadband access (you need to dial), then, whether you connect the set-top box or the TV, the cable should be connected from the router's LAN port, inline, because the port is not compatible.If you use the LAN cell fiber (not dial-up), you can plug in set-top boxes or TV sets (the TV can support the network interface).
Q:What TV set can use a set-top box?
Set top boxes are designed to meet the needs of TV functional upgrading. So a good set top box can work with any TV set under normal conditions.Television is only used as an image receiving and displaying device, and set-top boxes provide video image content.
Q:What does IPTV set top box require of TV?
No request, old TV can do, and now generally support video of their own will be able to solve
Q:How can the remote controller of the network set-top box match the TV remote controller?
1, set-top box remote control can only learn some TV remote control function, generally power, volume, channel several.
Q:How does the learning area of the set-top box remote control learn the Hisense intelligent remote controller?
Specific steps: 1, in the set-top box remote control to find "TV keys" within the region "(some settings on the remote SET)" button, press and hold for 3 seconds, so that the remote control lights up continuously, enter the learning state;2, respectively, holding the TV remote control and set-top box remote control, so that their transmitter relative, distance maintained at about 2~5 cm. A hand to press the remote control on the TV as a "power" button, and the other hand to press the set-top box remote control on the corresponding "power" button, at this time, on the set-top box remote indicator in two or three flashes (after the lamp is flashing when expressed in the learning process), keep on. The rest of the buttons are set the same as the above method;3, after all the key settings, press the set-top box remote control on the "TV function key" region within the "settings (some remote control is SET)" button to turn off the indicator light. The whole course of study is over.Have a nice day!
Q:Music network TV set-top boxes can not be installed after upgrading how to apply?
Radio and television departments have dug a grave for the Internet box: in fact, everyone has a "dedicated to watch TV programs" at home, radio and television digital set-top boxes. However, with the development of the Internet, the acceleration of Internet speed and the richness of Internet video resources, the use of this radio and TV box is becoming weaker and weaker. It can be said that the current Internet box if the policy support, you can most or even completely replace the traditional digital set-top box content. SARFT felt enormous pressure on the Internet and smart TV box, although the rectification activities in order to purify the network environment, to ensure the network video tube can be controlled, but the industry has pointed out, this is the SARFT to compete for users and has had to retain the user's behavior. SARFT introduced a series of measures, but also makes the box from the hot TV gradually become "chicken ribs."".

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