OTT STB OTT With Our Android Box by Sumavision

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General Introduction

 With our Android box, you can watch thousands of genuine movie, TV drama, variety show, cartoons, and documentary, even 1080P content; photos and video games can be wireless delivered to your large screen television. Enjoying the audiovisual world now becomes easier than ever!


l Dual core 1.5GHz CPU, Cortex-A9 structure
l 4GB memory 1GB flash
l Movie Lib with tremendous ultra HD genuine content
l Thousands of selected APPs designed for TV
l Formidable local video play ability
l Speedy experience, Optimized Android
l More functions, Simplified operation



Adopting highly customized Android 4.2.2 system, Sumavision HD Smart STB is implanted with a smart “Brain”. Besides basic functions such as live broadcast, VOD, TV replay and Multi-screen interaction, built-in professional App Store and deeply optimized operation interface bring television user brand-new entertainment experiences.
1). Live TV
Self developed live broadcast application provides more than 180 stable TV programs, including mass exclusive collected 1080P full HD live program source, users can enjoy perfect high definition life at home.
2). TV Replay
Built-in TV replay application supports one week replay of main media channels and hot satellite TV programs, ensuring that all exciting moments are in users’ grasp.
3). VOD
Variety of VOD application are built in sumavision smart box, perfectly supporting program searching, filtering and chasing, daily updating featured posters on home page. By clicking one button on remote control, user can easily access hot TV programs and films.
4). Multi-screen interaction
Sumavision has self-developed system-level support for DLNA and Airplay functions, which enable cross-screens interaction (pictures, local/on-line video&audio files) among cell phone and tablet device with IOS or Android system.
5). App Store
Sumavision Smart STB comes with preloaded App Store which is maintained by professionals. Massive applications (games, music, SNS and browsers) are specifically designed for TV and have passed strict tests, ensure normal downloading and running; all commercially available video applications are included in App Store and enable the users to watch internet video without omission.
6). Media player
By hardware decoding, the built-in stable media player supports playing of local video/audio, pictures files in all formats, even Blue-ray HD and 3D video.
7). Application list
Revolutionary designed application list considers users’ experience deeply: main menu shortcut setting enable adding commonly used applications to personal favorite, application access is easily achieved without entering secondary menu; with factory-installed video, game, stock, browser, news, micro blog and other applications, users are able to enjoy smart entertainment life once they bring sumavision smart box home

8). Others
Based on years of industry experience, Sumavision brings the refreshing UI designed specifically for TV users. Android’s system-level interfaces, such as main menu, application list, system setting, etc. are gorgeous and user friendly; perfectly combining with standard remote control, remains the traditional TV operating custom; more accessories are available, such as 2.4g 6 axle/9 axle somatosensory remote control, optical somatosensory remote control, mouse, keyboard and infrared remote control which can heighten users operation experience.
OTT STB OTT With Our Android Box by Sumavision

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Q:Music network TV set-top boxes can not be installed after upgrading how to apply?
Recently, SARFT's "despot" clause banned television applications, causing public indignation netizens counter attack. The bottom of the article is attached to the solution:San November 16th news, there have been user feedback, its box live software can not be used. Tmall's box responded that, in order to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the State Administration of radio, and other relevant departments decided to upgrade the system in November 15, 2015. After the upgrade, the State Administration of radio, film and television announced the first 81 illegal applications of third parties will be screened. Including China Unicom's bundled box, including the original in order to lure users to install boxes, under the name of a variety of official, and even some areas prohibit users install other boxes, and now is the same, banned by radio and television. Each brand box also issued "stop service upgrade announcement"",The content of the announcement is basically the same: "requirements for the relevant policies and strictly implement the State Administration of press and publication, will stop service upgrade in November 15, 2015, check and offline processing on illegal content and illegal application may exist. After stopping taking upgrades, illegal violation of the relevant provisions of the State Administration of radio, film and television, third party applications and content will be completely shielded."
Q:How do I find the set-top box number?
This is usually a factory number, can not be changed, and two in two ways to see.1., usually on the back of the strip, there are some.2., through the menu operation, and then look at the set-top box number
Q:How can I adjust the output of set-top boxes to 16:9?
Menu in and after the settings in the two menu into the video settings, modify it.
Q:What does TV set-top box display 13050 mean?
2. Check whether the network parameters in the access mode are correct and ensure the network access is correct;3, if the user is PPPOE access, you can view the set-top box configuration interface network information, to see whether set-top boxes have access to public network IP;4, check whether the user's LAN firewall exists, to ensure that the firewall opened 8080 ports; (this generally occurs in the office network or through the proxy server LAN)
Q:What happens when the TV set-top box is installed and no signal is shown on TV?
The video cable is not plugged in, the Yellow video output set-top box behind the mouth, red and white audio output plug AV cable, connected to the corresponding interface on your tv.
Q:Gehuayouxian SD installation method of set-top box
3, after the corresponding line is properly connected, you need to check the signal line and audio and video cable is loose;4, after the installation, turn on the TV and set-top box power, and then use the TV remote control to convert the signal source to the set-top box input video signal source;5, wait until the automatic search after the program, you will be able to watch TV programs.
Q:How to get set-top box remote control learning
1: the set-top box remote control with the original TV remote control, infrared emission tube aligned at the same straight line, the distance is not more than 5 cm.2: hold the set-top box remote learning "Settings" button for 3 seconds, see the lights on the remote control and change slightly dark bright and often bright, then press the set-top box remote learning to learn keys, such as "TV power button", see the lights to flicker, Press TV remote control machine the corresponding "TV power button", until the set-top box type learning indicator light on the remote back lit, then click on the remote learning "Settings" button, the light is off, the success of a learning.3: the first to try on TV just learning the successful key is available, if not repeat it again (Note: some basic with a TV remote control in heavy on learning may not always learning success or a few days after the success and failure, you only find the original remote control TV for the new study).4: continue to complete the study of other keys. (learning remote control), in general, only learn the original TV remote control "TV power", "volume or channel", "TV/AV switching key")
Q:What's the two USB interface behind the network TV set top box?
Two USB interface network behind the TV set-top box is used to connect the USB device, can connect the keyboard, mouse, U disk, the more important is that it can connect the computer through it, update or reinstall the set-top box software.
Q:After the set-top boxes are connected, the TV becomes black and white. How can I get it back?
4, the TV circuit Xuhan phenomenon.Solution: first to find out the location of weld circuit, after finding the TV weld position, the weld place re welding, the connection will be able to solve the color TV due to the television circuit board becomes the problem of black and white.5. The color has been adjusted to 0.Solution: increase the color value.6, set-top boxes and television connected to the audio and video cable error.Solution: re connect the video line with the corresponding color.
Q:Digital TV set-top box remote control and TV remote control docking unsuccessful?
Set-top box built-in instructions:Press the set-top box, remote control, menu key, self help service and remote control guideOperation method:1 press the settings button on the set-top box remote control (about 3 seconds) until the blue light on the remote controller is bright.2, press the button to learn (such as power), the blue light began flashing, at this time the remote control is in the learning receive state.3, the TV remote control and set-top box remote control (top relative emission tube relative), hold down the TV remote control to learn the key for a few seconds, the set-top box remote blue indicator light flashes quickly into a few long bright state, which represents the key learning success.4, if you need to learn other keys, repeat the 2 and 3 steps.5, press the "set" button or 30 seconds without operation, the blue light goes out, indicating that the operation is saved and has exited the learning state.

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