Mosaic Navigation DTV-Hardware New Generation Mosaic Navigation System Solution

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Mosaic Navigation DTV-Hardware New Generation Mosaic Navigation System Solution











SUMAVISION releases new generation mosaic navigation system solution. It has powerful ability to support multi-format HD and SD programs, helping operators to provide value-added services and advertising platform, and also provide users with fast-track program navigation.

Powerful ability, stand-alone device supports up to three sets of Mosaic programs
Single device of Mosaic system supports 36 split screens,single screen can be flexibly combined, one screen max up to 4*5=20 programs
Support MPEG-2, H.264 format of SD and HD programs
Organize program trailer automatically according to the program menu, broadcast advertise file in the program unit
Support set the program unit to the entrance of other value-added and advertising service; make the user easily to get the service page.


1. Provide operator mosaic navigation solutions
2. Provide operator the interfaces of other value-added and advertising service for users
3. Provide operator the way of broadcasting new added advertising



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Q:How can the TV set with set-top box be used?
TV sets with built-in set-top boxes are usually reserved with smart card slots, which can connect cable / digital TV smart cards to watch cable / digital TV programs:1, with the identity card of the householder, go to the local cable / digital TV business hall, buy Cable / digital TV smart card, open cable / digital TV service;2, after opening the service, the cable / digital television engineers to the door for users to connect the TV signal cable, but also help users install and debug a good tv;
Q:How to set up the network of Chongqing cable set top box?
Dear users, Hello:There are two main network connectivity methods for set-top boxes: wired network connection and wireless WIFI. Here is a detailed description of the network set-top box network settings, I believe that through the introduction of your box will be smooth even connected to the internet.First, the family commonly used network access way introducedADSL line PPOE dial-up access (home will have a cat), cell broadband (this has two access methods, one is PPPOE, and one is static IP). No matter which access method, you'd better install the router first. If you do not install the router, your home network services only network set-top boxes, home computers, mobile phones can not go up, a bit uneconomical, ha ha.
Q:Nine South Samsung dual-mode set-top box to switch in six receiving
10, good: according to the channel information (blue button or F3), then press the 4 red button, you can switch.11: outstanding: according to F2 five, the pop-up switch interface, select "yes" can be converted between "DVB-S and ABS-S".12, general method: menu - channel information, up, down, left, right - OK, automatically from start.Prior to the arrival of the Goethe will transit section method: click the menu, F4, to determine
Q:What is the working principle of digital TV set top box?
(8) scrambling technique: scrambling technique is used to encrypt and decrypt digital programs. The basic principle is to use the scrambling control word to encrypt the transmission method, and the user uses the IC card to decrypt. In the MPEG transport stream, there are 2 data streams associated with the control word transmission: the authorization control information (ECMs) and the authorization management information (EMMs). The control word after encryption by the business key (SK) is transmitted in ECMs, including program source, time, content classification and program price. The business key encrypted with the control word is transmitted in the authorization management information, and the business key is encrypted by the user's personal distribution key (PDE) before being transmitted. EMMs also includes addresses, user authorization information, such as programs or time periods that users can watch, user ratings, etc..The user's personal key distribution (PDK) stored in the user's smart card (Smart Card), at the user end, the set-top box based on PMT and CAT in CA - descriptor, EMM and ECM PID, and then filter out the ECMs and EMMs from the TS stream, and through the Smart Card interface to Smart Card. Smart Card first read the user's personal key distribution (PDK), remove the SK of EMM decryption, with PDK, and then use SK to remove the CW decryption, ECM, and CW through the Smart Card interface to descramble engine, transmission and descrambling engine using CW can be scrambled stream descrambling.
Q:How do you copy part of the function of the TV remote controller onto the set-top box remote control?
And should be the function of television design is different, if the instructions did not say, there is no slightly.
Q:Does anyone know the serial number of the cable set top box is that? Where is it?
The bottom, or the back of the line, thank you for taking it
Q:What does set-top box mean?
2, digital set-top box functionsThe basic function of digital set top box is to receive digital television broadcast program, and has the function of broadcast and interactive multimedia application, such as:Electronic program guide (EPG). To provide users with a friendly interface, easy to use, quick access to the show in a way that the user can see one or more channels and all channels will broadcast TV programs through the function;High-speed data broadcasting. Can provide users with the stock market, ticketing information, electronic newspapers, hot websites and other news;Software online upgrade. Software online upgrade can be regarded as one of the applications of data broadcasting. According to the data broadcasting server DVB data broadcast standard will upgrade the software radio, the set-top box can identify the version of the software, the version is not received at the same time the software, and saved in the memory of the software update;Internet access and e-mail. The digital set top box can conveniently realize the Internet access function through the built-in cable modem. Users can send e-mail via the set-top box built-in browser. At the same time, set-top boxes also provide a variety of interfaces, connected to the PC, using PC and Internet connection;Conditional acceptance. The core of conditional access is scrambling and encryption, and digital set-top boxes should have descrambling and decryption functions.
Q:How to set top box into six from nine
6, Airet: press blue key channel information - "up, down, left and right", pop up the switching interface, select "yes", you can "DVB-S" and "ABS-S" conversion.7, Airet: press the blue key on the remote control, pop up the channel information, press 4 red keys, ok.8, Gerd Will: press F4- to select Yes, you can convert.7 days, according to F4-: interface pop-up switch, select "yes" can be converted between "DVB-S and ABS-S".
Q:Why is there no signal after the TV set-top box is switched on?
The TV shows no signal, usually video input, switching, no selection, checking the assembly line, or selecting one by one
Q:Konka LCD TV set-top boxes after setting how to set up watching TV?
Dear Konka users:Hello, thank you for your support of konka! Konka TV through the AV port or HDMI port connected set-top box signal, relevant interface function can refer to instructions, after a successful connection, please use the TV remote control switch will switch to the TV signal source, can be used AV or HDMI signal condition; if there is no channel signal access, please use the set-top box remote control station search;Thank you for your advice and wish you a pleasant life!

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