Mosaic Navigation DTV-Hardware New Generation Mosaic Navigation System Solution

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Mosaic Navigation DTV-Hardware New Generation Mosaic Navigation System Solution











SUMAVISION releases new generation mosaic navigation system solution. It has powerful ability to support multi-format HD and SD programs, helping operators to provide value-added services and advertising platform, and also provide users with fast-track program navigation.

Powerful ability, stand-alone device supports up to three sets of Mosaic programs
Single device of Mosaic system supports 36 split screens,single screen can be flexibly combined, one screen max up to 4*5=20 programs
Support MPEG-2, H.264 format of SD and HD programs
Organize program trailer automatically according to the program menu, broadcast advertise file in the program unit
Support set the program unit to the entrance of other value-added and advertising service; make the user easily to get the service page.


1. Provide operator mosaic navigation solutions
2. Provide operator the interfaces of other value-added and advertising service for users
3. Provide operator the way of broadcasting new added advertising



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Q:How can I use the HDMI interface on the set-top box?
Directly connect the HDMI interface on the set-top box and the HDMI interface of the TV through the HDMI line.
Q:Household set-top boxes installed why display E06 sorry, unauthorized card
This is a signal to adjust the situation, put the lid on your open receiver, behind the cross screwdriver unscrew the two screws on the receiver can open, open after you watch, a panel is put mobile phone card slot, you put the card into the mobile phone, mobile phone card arrears not GPS, also opened the network, you will see a prompt 30 seconds, press the green button, the red button, you press the red button, the red button is stored, wait 30 seconds will prompt confirmation. And. Press. Return. You press confirm, wait 30 seconds will be prompted to send failure this time you put the receiver power plug and then plug power, later prompted by the red button and green button, you can press the red button, in 30 seconds prompted by the confirmation and return you to confirm, wait 30 seconds, will be prompted to send congratulations on your success! Please wait while installation process...... Just a minute, OK, I don't understand
Q:Can digital TV set-top boxes connect the computer screen to screen display?
Set-top boxes generally have HDMI, AV, YPbPr, S ports and other interfaces, check your computer monitor, there are no more than any of any kind, if there is, find a corresponding data line on it. The highest possibility is the HDMI, and several other public displays will not be configured.
Q:What is SKYWORTH network TV set top box for?
Network set-top box shopping considerations:Brand choice, as far as possible to select some well-known brands, such as millet, moons, Kai bor, HUAWEI and other brands, so as to ensure that the workmanship and materials, the most critical is to get better warranty and upgrade after-sales service.Function, network set-top box has now developed features include: television, network television, network game, application installation, TV program recording, hard disk or U player and other functions, to choose according to your needs. Now most of the network set-top boxes are Android systems, basically meet the above functions, in addition to the program recording function, you need to buy set-top boxes with hard disk, according to your needs, choose the size of the hard disk.The video interface is divided into composite video signal (CVBS) interfaces - the simplest and most original video interface. Commonly known as the RCA interface, yellow for the video signal, white for the left channel audio signal, red for the right channel audio signal. VGA: the most common interface of computer monitors, which can support the resolution display of 1920X108060Hz. YPbPr: chrominance component interface used to connect a television or monitor. HDMI: Currently, high resolution video output is used to connect high definition televisions or displays. According to your current TV configuration, choose the appropriate interface set-top boxes, now new TV is generally HDMI interface, easy to watch high-definition TV, old TV are generally CVBS (RCA) interface, buy attention. Before you buy, first understand the maximum resolution of the TV, select the appropriate resolution of the network set-top box.
Q:How does Konka smart TV connect with internet set-top boxes?
4, wait until the TV screen appeared in the network set-top box playback content, select the appropriate application software, you can watch movies and other programs
Q:How to switch input method for D2 set-top box of Bor bor network
After the virtual keyboard appears, the lower right corner can switch between Chinese and English
Q:Can the set-top boxes be adjustable?
You can put the remote control and set-top boxes together, the touch-screen phone may also be touch-screen, and finally apply for a patent, maybe you are still rich
Q:TV set top box
The set top box is television set-top box. The true complete description of the set-top box industry is IPTV SetTop Box
Q:China set-top box remote control learning
2: hold the set-top box remote learning "Settings" button for 3 seconds, see the lights on the remote control and change slightly dark bright and often bright, then press the set-top box remote learning to learn keys, such as "TV power button", see the lights to flicker, Press TV remote control machine the corresponding "TV power button", until the set-top box type learning indicator light on the remote back lit, then click on the remote learning "Settings" button, the light is off, the success of a learning.
Q:Mobile broadband set-top box closed, WiFi can use it?
You can close the WiFi connection to the wired network, can be used as Ps, also do not know what to "ZNDS smart TV Forum" to find relevant information, can also recommend to the administrator for help, smart TV & set-top box to download and install the tangbe application store, expand resources, free of charge to see all live on demand! I hope I can help you!

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