Mosaic Navigation DTV-Hardware New Generation Mosaic Navigation System Solution

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Mosaic Navigation DTV-Hardware New Generation Mosaic Navigation System Solution











SUMAVISION releases new generation mosaic navigation system solution. It has powerful ability to support multi-format HD and SD programs, helping operators to provide value-added services and advertising platform, and also provide users with fast-track program navigation.

Powerful ability, stand-alone device supports up to three sets of Mosaic programs
Single device of Mosaic system supports 36 split screens,single screen can be flexibly combined, one screen max up to 4*5=20 programs
Support MPEG-2, H.264 format of SD and HD programs
Organize program trailer automatically according to the program menu, broadcast advertise file in the program unit
Support set the program unit to the entrance of other value-added and advertising service; make the user easily to get the service page.


1. Provide operator mosaic navigation solutions
2. Provide operator the interfaces of other value-added and advertising service for users
3. Provide operator the way of broadcasting new added advertising



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Q:Network set-top box network has been disconnected, how is it, how to network?
Network set-top box network disconnect may be due to network settings or cable is not connected.The network set-top box connects the network method as follows:Firstly, the network cable is extracted from the router and connected to the network port of the network set-top box backboard, and the network setting of the set-top box is opened, and the IP address is automatically obtained, and the network is connected successfully.
Q:How can digital TV set-top boxes connect broadband?
If you need to set up IP on your computer, configure the WAN port on the route for the IP you currently have on the internet.If you need to use PPPOE dial-up to access the Internet, then you can find him to go to the account number and password, or the grid one day asked him to come home to lose a password. You also need to use the router, set up PPPOE with WAN port.
Q:How can the remote control of the set-top box remote with the TV remote control?
4, after learning successfully, press the set-top box remote control to control the TV set.
Q:Telecom ITV set-top box broken, where can I fix it?
Telecom ITV TV set-top box broken, generally can not be replaced free, repair suggestions:General accessories (remote control, power adapter, wire) three months warranty, the whole machine a year warranty.If the telecom ITV TV set-top box is broken, you should contact the set-top box customer service staff first;If it is artificial damage, in the warranty period, you can fix it for free; if the detection is determined after the set-top box hardware failure, and unable to repair the need to replace the set-top box, the replacement period will generally provide users with a free replacement new set-top box; if it is man-made damage to the user is required to pay.
Q:There are set-top boxes, AV, TV switch, how do?
There are set-top boxes AV/TV switch, you must first learn the TV set TV/AV set-top box key "AV/TV"".The method for connecting a TV remote controller with a set-top box learning remote controller is as follows:1. Hold down the "SET" button on the top of the learning remote controller (set-top box) for about 2 seconds. Wait until the red light is long and then release the "SET" setting button. At this point, the remote control is on standby;2, press the TV remote control "AV/TV" key, learning remote control indicator light flashes, then press learning remote control learning area "AV/TV" key, then the indicator light will become more light;3, after learning a key, you can choose other keys to learn (e.g., change keys), and so on;4, after learning successfully, press the set-top box remote control to control the TV set.
Q:Can radio and TV broadband network TV set top box be used?
Very card. HD programs do not need to think directly, the Internet is slow
Q:Telecom ITV set-top box exception error code is 0007
Telecom broadband users hello dear, thank you for your support of the China Telecom, according to your description, your error code: 0007, because the network access mode of set-top box settings for your mistake, the default is PPPOE mode, need you to fill out the right into the broadband internet account and password, if you are using the Internet router.
Q:How can I watch a movie without a set-top box?
Hello, is likely to be banned by radio and television, radio and television recently banned, not their authorized set-top boxes and network TV APP, basically this is the cause. Thank youCircular of the General Administration of radio, film and television on Relevant Issues Concerning Strengthening the management of Internet audiovisual programme services with television as receiving terminals1. By connecting the Internet or other electronic products such as set-top boxes, the Internet shall obtain a license in accordance with the relevant regulations.Two, to carry out the TV receiving terminal for Internet audio-visual program integrated operation service, should be established with program broadcasting, program guide, copyright protection and other functions of the integrated control system, perfect the content management system, security system and emergency handling mechanism to ensure the dissemination of audiovisual content can be managed and controlled.Three. Audiovisual programs transmitted to television end-users through the Internet and other information networks shall comply with the relevant provisions. The dissemination of film and television dramas shall be subject to the license issued by the administrative department for radio, film and television.Four. To carry out the Internet audio-visual program service with television as receiving terminal, it shall comply with the provisions of copyright laws and administrative regulations and obtain the relevant authorization of the copyright owner. Copyright protection measures shall be adopted to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the copyright owner.
Q:How does the remote control function of the TV set combine with the remote control function of the set-top box?
Method for setting up remote control function of TV set and remote control function of set-top box:1, operation set-top box remote control: long press the "set" button for about 3 seconds, the prompt light will come on, press the "power" button, the prompt lights flashing, ready to receive the TV remote control signal.2. Operate remote control for TV set. The transmitter infrared transmitter TV remote at the set-top box remote. (the front infrared transmitter is generally located in the remote controller is shaped like a small bulb, but not light), press the power button to the TV remote. At this point, the set-top box remote control lantern will turn on again.(TV remote control)3. Operate the set-top box remote control again. Press the settings button again to complete the function learning settings. The warning lamp goes out, indicating that the set-top box remote control has been finished with the TV remote controller. The set-top box remote controller has learned the power supply function of the TV remote controller.In the same way, the user can according to the above steps on the TV remote control on the "volume +" and "volume" and "AV/TV" of the three key functions of learning.Above is the conversion of the digital TV set-top box and TV remote control method, through such settings, the TV remote controller we can not use the remote controller directly, a set-top box can be fully realized on TV and set-top box control.
Q:Cable TV set-top box smart card lost, what should I do?
It's not easy to lose it. You can either sign up or register for the digital tv. But the card costs at least 20 dollars, which is still the cost.

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