Multiviewer DTV-Hardware Multi-screen Monitoring Processor

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Multiviewer  DTV-Hardware Multi-screen Monitoring Processor

Multi-screen Monitoring Processor (xView 5000) is a high-performance product for subjective monitoring, developed by Sumavision. Supporting a number of encoding formats including MPEG-2, H.264 and so on, it receives SPTS or MPTS through Gigabit IP, be able to cope with HD and SD decoding simultaneously. With high integration, it can display multiple screens simultaneously, applied widely in various places including digital television monitoring room, radio, TV monitoring center and so on.

• High Integration. With four screens DVI/HDMI outputs and 8*8 split-screen mode for each screen, one equipment can support up to 150 programs simultaneously displaying on the split screens, effectively reducing large cost of deployment.

• One equipment supports 150 MPEG-2 SD /36 MPEG-2 HD, 110 H.264 SD/20 H.264 HD programs.
• Supporting HD/SD simulcast rate detection
• Supporting station caption detection
• Supporting HD/SD adaptive decoding, be able to display HD/SD simultaneously
• Supporting a various audio formats including MP2, MP3, AC3, AAC and so on
• Supporting video images combined freely and screen video images configured respectively
• Supporting decoded video image and left & right audio track sound post displaying simultaneously
• Supporting display interfaces configured freely, including the background picture nested, independent scrolling titles, display picture, clock and so on
• Supporting program carousel and polling
• Supporting the automatic detection of abnormal phenomenon including static frame, black field, video lost, too high/low volume and so on
• Supporting both the screen superposition and the scroll display of received alarm information
• Integrated and administrated by graphical network manager, support SNMP V3 protocol through which both the exception information and the recovery information can be sent to integrated management system
• Support dual power redundancy.

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Q:Telecom ITV set-top box broken, where can I fix it?
Telecom ITV TV set-top box broken, generally can not be replaced free, repair suggestions:General accessories (remote control, power adapter, wire) three months warranty, the whole machine a year warranty.If the telecom ITV TV set-top box is broken, you should contact the set-top box customer service staff first;If it is artificial damage, in the warranty period, you can fix it for free; if the detection is determined after the set-top box hardware failure, and unable to repair the need to replace the set-top box, the replacement period will generally provide users with a free replacement new set-top box; if it is man-made damage to the user is required to pay.
Q:Haier TV le48a700k how to connect high-definition set-top boxes radio and television
 3, after the corresponding line is properly connected, you need to check the signal line and audio and video cable is loose;4, after the installation, turn on the TV and set-top box power, and then use the TV remote control to convert the signal source to the set-top box input video signal source;5, wait until the automatic search after the program, you will be able to watch TV programs.
Q:TV set top box, telecom broadband set-top box, connection prompt, PPPOE dial-up failure
I think it might be a problem with the set-top box. You can try to see if your set-top box is out of order.You can dial the number on the computer, enter the IPTV dial-up account number and password for testing.If the dial fails, there are generally two cases:PC dial 678 error prompt, indicating fault because the line is blocked.If the normal ADSL access, then consider the line if there are problems, namely link indicator cat is often bright; in addition, consider whether there is MAC restricted ADSL physical port of the user, if the MAC address restrictions, may appear on the computer, and the computer can dial the set-top box can also dial.If LAN/EPON and other access methods, take into account the LAN switches, /ONU switches between the lines are unblocked.PC dial up 691 error prompt, indicating the IPTV dial-up account username / password error, or the account's fine binding parameter is incorrect.Please call 10000 or the network query IPTV dial-up account username and password are normal, IPTV dial account finishing tied parameters are correct.If the dial-up is successful, the set-top box dial-up failure, usually set top box failure.
Q:How to use the network set-top box can be installed tejet watch live TV
Of course the network set-top box is used to watch televised tejet
Q:When the refrigerator starts to finish, the signal of the set-top box will be broken,
Related to the line, other people's home appliances are not the caseThe fridge is PTC soft start
Q:How can the red, white and yellow lines of the digital TV set top box be connected to the TV? Three?
1, the set-top box placed in the appropriate position, the IC card to map tattooing, along the direction of the arrow into the set-top box at the top right.
Q:A four group barcode on the set-top box represent what
A four group of bar code on the set-top box representing the STB ID, CA ID, IMEI, SCID.The four group of bar code is unique, each machine should have four groups of bar code entry to the popularization of satellite broadcast service system in order to open an account, otherwise it is impossible to use the account.
Q:HUAWEI IPTV set-top box set password
If you are the password for telecommunications, 10000, the password is also 10000
Q:Set top box error code 20015
3, when the transmission signal or user misoperation, the set-top box to make the corresponding error prompts.Solution: by restarting the set-top box and reloading some programs, it may be resolved.
Q:Can I use two set top boxes for a TV set?
You can use two set-top boxes at the same time. High definition interface for cable tv. AV audio and video cable for network tv. The television only needs to change the channel to be OK. Hope to adopt the points.

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