Multiviewer DTV-Hardware Multi-screen Monitoring Processor

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Multiviewer  DTV-Hardware Multi-screen Monitoring Processor

Multi-screen Monitoring Processor (xView 5000) is a high-performance product for subjective monitoring, developed by Sumavision. Supporting a number of encoding formats including MPEG-2, H.264 and so on, it receives SPTS or MPTS through Gigabit IP, be able to cope with HD and SD decoding simultaneously. With high integration, it can display multiple screens simultaneously, applied widely in various places including digital television monitoring room, radio, TV monitoring center and so on.

• High Integration. With four screens DVI/HDMI outputs and 8*8 split-screen mode for each screen, one equipment can support up to 150 programs simultaneously displaying on the split screens, effectively reducing large cost of deployment.

• One equipment supports 150 MPEG-2 SD /36 MPEG-2 HD, 110 H.264 SD/20 H.264 HD programs.
• Supporting HD/SD simulcast rate detection
• Supporting station caption detection
• Supporting HD/SD adaptive decoding, be able to display HD/SD simultaneously
• Supporting a various audio formats including MP2, MP3, AC3, AAC and so on
• Supporting video images combined freely and screen video images configured respectively
• Supporting decoded video image and left & right audio track sound post displaying simultaneously
• Supporting display interfaces configured freely, including the background picture nested, independent scrolling titles, display picture, clock and so on
• Supporting program carousel and polling
• Supporting the automatic detection of abnormal phenomenon including static frame, black field, video lost, too high/low volume and so on
• Supporting both the screen superposition and the scroll display of received alarm information
• Integrated and administrated by graphical network manager, support SNMP V3 protocol through which both the exception information and the recovery information can be sent to integrated management system
• Support dual power redundancy.

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Q:How do you change the original digital TV set-top box remote control to a new one?
No need to switch, it should be used directly.To the radio and television network company to buy an original, the price of 20 yuan a.
Q:How do set-top boxes make full screen?
1, there are many set-top boxes for the first time, there will be Settings Wizard, you can adjust the screen display size on the TV screen, such as moons. If the size of the screen is not set for the first use, you can enter the set-top box settings - display or image settings, find pictures, zoom or adjust, use the remote control button to adjust the screen size.2, the majority of the set-top box has screen resolution settings in the settings, can be set according to the set size and resolution specifications, such as millet box, in the settings - image sound settings, you can set the 1080P, 720P and 4K resolution. Note that our minimum refresh rate is 50Hz TV, LCD TV the refresh rate can reach more than 100Hz, so you can use the 50Hz and 60Hz refresh rate, high refresh rate of vision benefits, can reduce eye fatigue.3, in the use of set-top box built-in applications or watch live TV programs, if the screen is not full, can press the menu button on the remote control menu, find the video rate (or similar words) to adjust the proportion of images, there are 16:9, 4:3, full screen, full screen drawing options, adjust to the appropriate size until the full screen display can be.
Q:How do I find the set-top box number?
This is usually a factory number, can not be changed, and two in two ways to see.1., usually on the back of the strip, there are some.2., through the menu operation, and then look at the set-top box number
Q:How to install third party live software on HUAWEI set-top box
A lot of methods, teach you to use U disk installed, you want to put live software download to U disk, software of choice to evaluate, I use HDP live well, then the U disk into the box open to find the corresponding APK file and click Install on it
Q:Radio and television WiFi set-top boxes how to connect wireless routing
4, log into the router settings interface, select quick settings, follow the prompts to enter the broadband optical fiber network, account / password; WiFi signal name and then set a good launch and password, save the settings, restart the router.5, the next user can open the mobile phone or other terminal equipment of the WiFi search function, WiFi signal nearby, find the router sends the WiFi signal, click on the link, enter the corresponding WiFi code, can be successfully connected, the internet.
Q:What is the working principle of digital TV set top box?
In fact, the digital set top box is a transform device that converts digital signals into analog signals.Most of the time we have this kind of doubt. Since the analog signals from TV stations are received, the TV receiver must also be analog signals, so why use digital set-top boxes? Now life, we always hope that their TV can broadcast high-definition TV, from analog TV to high definition digital TV transition, is a leap of transition, can be said that can not be directly compatible, that is to say at present all of the analog TV is not used, so in one step is not realistic. Usually it is: the TV station will first analog signals into digital signals, digital set-top box transfer home after the digital signal into analog signal input to the analog TV now display information, which can effectively avoid interference and lead to loss of TV signal in the transmission process, the TV signal quality has been greatly improved.
Q:Do you have a satellite TV set-top box with adult TV programs?
A, digital sky, Chinese plane, Yihua broadcast network set-top box, IPTV, and so on. All charges, there are adult stations to reach more than 30.
Q:When the refrigerator starts to finish, the signal of the set-top box will be broken,
The starting current of the refrigerator is large, which causes the voltage in the circuit to decrease, and the voltage is reduced, so that the work of the set-top box can not be carried out, and the power is in the state of losing power,When the refrigerator starts to finish, the voltage in the circuit is restored to normal again, so that the work of the set-top box is called, so that the work can be done normally,The solution is two routes. If the lines affect walking, then change the wires in the line to another gearIn addition, the current increases, the voltage drop, and you use metal paper or metal plate to block the magnetic field of the set-top box is irrelevant, useless. Buy a filter socket is useless
Q:Suzhou Galaxy brand set-top box remote control (Shenzhen beauty home) how to learn TV remote control board?.
1 press the remote control left under "learning" key, the red emitting light by micro light becomes bright, bright and long instructions, loosen the learning remote control key, this time in the learning standby.2.10 seconds press the remote button to learn (can only choose the remote "TV power button" the "TV/AV" key, "volume +" button, "volume" four key), chose to study key (such as the remote "TV power button") after the red emitting light flashing indicator, is now receiving signal with.3. in front of learning state to learn on this TV remote learning the remote control about 2CM, two remote transmitting tube alignment, launch tube in front of the remote control. Press the "TV remote power" button for about 3 seconds to launch learning signal, if the signal receiving successful red light will learn quickly after three flashes and long light indication at this time Release the TV remote controller "power" button, the set-top box remote learning in the standby state can according to the.4. 2,3 step, and then learn the other three buttons on the remote control ("TV/AV", "volume +", "volume"), the completion of a total of 4 keys, press the key of "learning" from the receiving learning signal.
Q:What does set-top box mean?
2, digital set-top box functionsThe basic function of digital set top box is to receive digital television broadcast program, and has the function of broadcast and interactive multimedia application, such as:Electronic program guide (EPG). To provide users with a friendly interface, easy to use, quick access to the show in a way that the user can see one or more channels and all channels will broadcast TV programs through the function;High-speed data broadcasting. Can provide users with the stock market, ticketing information, electronic newspapers, hot websites and other news;Software online upgrade. Software online upgrade can be regarded as one of the applications of data broadcasting. According to the data broadcasting server DVB data broadcast standard will upgrade the software radio, the set-top box can identify the version of the software, the version is not received at the same time the software, and saved in the memory of the software update;Internet access and e-mail. The digital set top box can conveniently realize the Internet access function through the built-in cable modem. Users can send e-mail via the set-top box built-in browser. At the same time, set-top boxes also provide a variety of interfaces, connected to the PC, using PC and Internet connection;Conditional acceptance. The core of conditional access is scrambling and encryption, and digital set-top boxes should have descrambling and decryption functions.

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