Multiviewer DTV-Hardware Multi-screen Monitoring Processor

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Multiviewer  DTV-Hardware Multi-screen Monitoring Processor

Multi-screen Monitoring Processor (xView 5000) is a high-performance product for subjective monitoring, developed by Sumavision. Supporting a number of encoding formats including MPEG-2, H.264 and so on, it receives SPTS or MPTS through Gigabit IP, be able to cope with HD and SD decoding simultaneously. With high integration, it can display multiple screens simultaneously, applied widely in various places including digital television monitoring room, radio, TV monitoring center and so on.

• High Integration. With four screens DVI/HDMI outputs and 8*8 split-screen mode for each screen, one equipment can support up to 150 programs simultaneously displaying on the split screens, effectively reducing large cost of deployment.

• One equipment supports 150 MPEG-2 SD /36 MPEG-2 HD, 110 H.264 SD/20 H.264 HD programs.
• Supporting HD/SD simulcast rate detection
• Supporting station caption detection
• Supporting HD/SD adaptive decoding, be able to display HD/SD simultaneously
• Supporting a various audio formats including MP2, MP3, AC3, AAC and so on
• Supporting video images combined freely and screen video images configured respectively
• Supporting decoded video image and left & right audio track sound post displaying simultaneously
• Supporting display interfaces configured freely, including the background picture nested, independent scrolling titles, display picture, clock and so on
• Supporting program carousel and polling
• Supporting the automatic detection of abnormal phenomenon including static frame, black field, video lost, too high/low volume and so on
• Supporting both the screen superposition and the scroll display of received alarm information
• Integrated and administrated by graphical network manager, support SNMP V3 protocol through which both the exception information and the recovery information can be sent to integrated management system
• Support dual power redundancy.

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