IPQAM 3.0 NEW Broadcasting-level and High Density IP QAM

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IPQAM 3.0 is a broadcasting-level and high density IP QAM (Edge QAM) Modulator, With high density, un-adjacent frequency, high reliability, high flexibility characteristics, IPQAM 3.0 Using the independent research and development of the algorithm by Sumavision, With the international advanced performance, the product use 1RU chassis structure, modular design concept, it can insert 4 block boards, each interface card has two RF output, Support maximum 192 frequency output. It can be widely used for cable digital television broadcasting and digital television VOD system.



IPQAM 3.0 Using the independent research and development of the algorithm by Sumavision, With the international advanced performance, the product use 1RU chassis structure, modular design concept, it can insert 4 block boards, each interface card has two RF output,



l   High density 1RU chassis; support max 192 frequencies QAM channels

l  un-adjacent frequency, one physical port support 24 frequencies and maximum 750 MHZ bandwidth

l   gigabit Ethernet input, support max 960Mbps data throughput

l   Compatible with ITU-T T.83 Annex A, B, C international standard and DVB-C standard

l   1+1 SFP interface redundancy to ensure high reliability of data reception;

l  Powerful core processing: IP over TS multiplexing, scrambling, PSI / SI processing, modulation        and up-conversion

l  Compatible with DWDM optical fiber network, optional single mode / multimode optical receiver;

l  Agile full-band: 45 ~ 1000MHz;

l  Support various types of VOD server seamless connection;

l  Each card supports 2048 concurrent streams, each frequency can support up to 64 programs, each program with 16 PID processing ability.

l   Redundancy power supply system to strengthen the reliability

l   Module support hot plug, convenient maintenance

l   Low power consumption saving design, single frequency point power consumption is about 1.5W, suitable for large-scale deployment

 IPQAM 3.0 NEW  Broadcasting-level and High Density IP QAM



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Q:Telecom set-top boxes are home network barriers, how to deal with?
How do you do? I hope the following answer will be helpful to youITV set-top box is connected to the network can not be normal, there will be this tip, you check the set-top box to a cat or a router connection, disconnect the connector to connect once a broadband can confirm normal Internet account, no arrears.
Q:The home has only one cable TV set-top box. How can cable TV distributors be installed?
Your method is not workable.Because the digital TV signal must be received through the set-top box, the user identity authentication is adoptedTherefore, the cable digital TV program can only be watched normally with only one TV set and a set top box,Because set-top boxes have intelligent identification function.Unless you buy another set-top box, pay a subscription fee.
Q:How can I use the star 9 set-top box?
Zhongxing 9 set-top boxes are as follows:1, according to the remote control on the "menu" button, enter the main menu interface, select "system settings"; 2, enter the password "9999"; 3, "system settings and select" Install "interface and signal detection" (default has chosen), press "confirm" key two time. Standing in the back of the satellite antenna, satellite antenna for the positive from south to slowly turn the direction of the satellite (suggested that the rotational speed is slower than the speed of the second hand watch). In the process of turning to stare at the TV satellite receiver debugging interface signal strength and signal quality change indication signal turns green when stop action, that has been locked and identify the satellite satellite signal;
Q:How can digital TV set-top boxes connect broadband?
Computer does not need to set PPPOE dial-up can go up? Automatically get IP? If so, then you can buy a route, WAN port received on the cat, set to automatically obtain IP, and then two other computers connected to the router on the internet.
Q:Oriental Cable set top box, panoramic DVT6020-NDS settings password is how many, 4 digit?
The password for DVT6020-NDS system settings is typically 4, 0, or 4 9.The role of cryptography:1, you can unlock the password after entering the password, you can check the initial password manual (not corrected).2, according to the set-top box remote control on the "menu", enter the system settings, find "set password", there is an option "program lock", the program lock to "not enabled" can be.3, according to the remote set-top box on the "menu", enter the system settings, find the restore factory settings, OK to restore factory settings, and then prompted to search the program, click OK, and then search after the show can normally watch TV.
Q:The set-top boxes are unable to receive signals
Ask where the smart card is. How can I not find it?This kind of paste is too irresponsible!My set-top boxes are free of charge. Contact the cable office first and check it out for you.Do not repair yourself, unauthorized repairs, man-made damage, cable stations can refuse free change.
Q:4K TV and 2K TV set ordinary set-top boxes, why 2K clear?
Your 2K TV is small in size, large size 4K TV set-top box ah, the resolution must be clear in the small size of the TV, in the big screen TV certainly is not so clear, buy a high-definition set-top box is not afraid
Q:Why is there no signal after the TV set-top box is switched on?
The TV shows no signal, usually video input, switching, no selection, checking the assembly line, or selecting one by one
Q:How to set top box into six from nine
6, Airet: press blue key channel information - "up, down, left and right", pop up the switching interface, select "yes", you can "DVB-S" and "ABS-S" conversion.7, Airet: press the blue key on the remote control, pop up the channel information, press 4 red keys, ok.8, Gerd Will: press F4- to select Yes, you can convert.7 days, according to F4-: interface pop-up switch, select "yes" can be converted between "DVB-S and ABS-S".
Q:Music network TV set-top boxes can not be installed after upgrading how to apply?
Recently, SARFT's "despot" clause banned television applications, causing public indignation netizens counter attack. The bottom of the article is attached to the solution:San November 16th news, there have been user feedback, its box live software can not be used. Tmall's box responded that, in order to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the State Administration of radio, and other relevant departments decided to upgrade the system in November 15, 2015. After the upgrade, the State Administration of radio, film and television announced the first 81 illegal applications of third parties will be screened. Including China Unicom's bundled box, including the original in order to lure users to install boxes, under the name of a variety of official, and even some areas prohibit users install other boxes, and now is the same, banned by radio and television. Each brand box also issued "stop service upgrade announcement"",The content of the announcement is basically the same: "requirements for the relevant policies and strictly implement the State Administration of press and publication, will stop service upgrade in November 15, 2015, check and offline processing on illegal content and illegal application may exist. After stopping taking upgrades, illegal violation of the relevant provisions of the State Administration of radio, film and television, third party applications and content will be completely shielded."

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