MiddleWare DTV-Software Gives a Uniform and Excellent Interface

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MiddleWare  DTV-Software Gives a Uniform and Excellent Interface





middleware gives a uniform and excellent interface to different types of STB, providingenjoyable user experience at the terminal. As a uniform platform for value-added service, middleware helps operators deploy services smoothly and efficiently.middleware gives a uniform and excellent interface to different types of STB, providingenjoyable user experience at the terminal. As a uniform platform for value-added service, middleware helps operators deploy services smoothly and efficiently.middleware gives a uniform and excellent interface to different types of STB, providingenjoyable user experience at the terminal. As a uniform platform for value-added service, middleware helps operators deploy services smoothly and efficiently.


Open platform
• Java/Browser double engine
• Open API, easy development for third-party value-added services
• Portable Java applications
Great User Experience
• Quick boot
• Smooth operation
• User friendlyinterface
• NGB standard
• International MHP standard

1. Dual-core Structure of JAVA Virtual Machine and Browser
2. Three Operation Supporting Tools
3. Uniform Application Program Management
4. Uniform Loader System
5. Support to Third-party Development and Guarantee of Say of Broadcast and TV Operator
6. Wide STB adaptivity
7. Full Two-way and Interactive Support

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Q:Home set-top boxes have WIFI, why not even ah?
Do you have a wireless network card in your set-top box and with no wireless network card? You can't accept WIFI,,
Q:Can digital TV set-top boxes connect the computer screen to screen display?
Set-top boxes generally have HDMI, AV, YPbPr, S ports and other interfaces, check your computer monitor, there are no more than any of any kind, if there is, find a corresponding data line on it. The highest possibility is the HDMI, and several other public displays will not be configured.
Q:What kinds of set-top boxes are available?
It can be divided into one-way set-top boxes, two-way set-top boxes and IPTV set-top boxes according to functions.Digital video converter box (Set Top Box STB), commonly known as set-top boxes or set-top boxes, is a device that connects a television to an external signal source. It can compress the digital signals into television content and show them on the tv. The signals can come from cables, satellite antennas, broadband networks, and terrestrial broadcasting. In addition to the image and sound provided by analog television, the set-top box receives more digital content, including electronic program guide, Internet web page, subtitle and so on.
Q:How does the Oriental digital set-top box language switch? Now it's only English
The menu of set-top boxes will not be in English, only the TV will appear in English menu, you can enter the menu, find the "Ynglish" option, press the "execute" button to change the Chinese menu.I wish you happy.
Q:Do you have a satellite TV set-top box with adult TV programs?
Hello, LZ, the situation you described needs to find the right firmware, but you can solve the problem yourself. If you still don't understand, you can explain it on the QQ
Q:HUAWEI set-top box remote control learning how to use
According to the setting of the learning area, the key indicator light is always on, and the keys to be learned are one-to-one correspondence. The remote control window presses the remote control window simultaneously, and the indicator lamp flashes and stops. After the study, press the setting button to press out the indicator light. Keys without learning are re taught.
Q:Does HUAWEI EC1308 IPTV set-top box support WiFi Internet access?
Set stepWhen you go to the configuration menu, select network settings, select wireless connection, and then click next".If the telecommunications installation crew has been successfully debug a wired connection, please do not modify the wireless PPPOE settings. For "wireless connection", select PPPOE and click "next"". (network access mode can be normal to watch, please click here: wireless network settings)Enter the wireless PPPoE settings interface, enter the IPTV account number, password (general telecommunications, home installation are set up, do not change)Return to the previous page, select the "wireless network settings" button to enter the following page, click the "search", the set-top box will search the wireless network signal, select ChinaNet-IPTV (wireless name behind this name and smart cat consistent) ", select" WPA2PSK "authentication encryption AES, wireless key: * * * * * * * (Note: wireless key in a wireless cat behind can see the input method of remote control in the lower left corner can switch numbers and letters)Note: IPTV set-top box wireless network authentication, encryption must be the same as the wireless cat settings, otherwise it may not connect successfully.Set up, press OK, save, and then press the Cancel button to return. Select save exit.
Q:Telecom set-top boxes are home network barriers, how to deal with?
A: please confirm whether broadband access is normal, if you can not access the Internet, please follow the broadband troubleshooting process; if the Internet is normal, please go to step two.Two: Please restart Modem and set-top box. If the fault still exists, please proceed to step three.Three: check the Modem and cable set-top box is normal, you can view the concrete are respectively connected to the set-top box and the interface of Modem light is green light (green light normal), if the red light, then try to insert or replace the cable tight Modem other port, if the conditions are a good replacement cable, restart the set-top box to see whether the problem disappears. If the fault persists, proceed to step four.Four: please check the broadband and iTV network connection, if you use a router or have the routing function Modem, switch, please remove the routing, disconnect the computer, a single set-top box directly connected to Modem, restart the set-top box to see whether the problem still exists. If the fault persists, please call the telecom customer service hotline for advice.
Q:Mobile broadband set-top box closed, WiFi can use it?
You can close the WiFi connection to the wired network, can be used as Ps, also do not know what to "ZNDS smart TV Forum" to find relevant information, can also recommend to the administrator for help, smart TV & set-top box to download and install the tangbe application store, expand resources, free of charge to see all live on demand! I hope I can help you!
Q:TV set top box invalid smart card what happened, yesterday was ok
The main reasons and solutions are as follows:1, the smart card authorization period has to lead to invalid, need to apply for renewal extension to normal use to the local TV service providers.2, the set-top box connected to the server has been upgraded, and the smart card is not upgraded, resulting in the authorization data is not timely refresh, so that wireless smart card tips; this needs to call the local television service provider, by the customer service online refresh authorization data of smart card users, refresh can be restored to normal.3, the smart card or set-top box failure caused the smart card invalid, this situation can only contact the local TV service providers to apply for change cards and maintenance set-top boxes to solve.

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