EPON E2-CMTS leading in the Network Transmission Area

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PN8600 adopts the next generation product architecture leading in the network transmission area, main control and business board adopts double star bus architecture , not only ensures the bandwidth of users, but also ensures fast switch when it fail to work. PN8600 serials product support various types of hot plug interface board, support switch of the key board to achieve 1+1/1:1protection,prevent single point of failure effectively.PN8600 adopts the next generation product architecture leading in the network transmission area, main control and business board adopts double star bus architecture , not only ensures the bandwidth of users, but also ensures fast switch when it fail to work. PN8600 serials product support various types of hot plug interface board, support switch of the key board to achieve 1+1/1:1protection,prevent single point of failure effectively.


According to the needs of different operators, Topvision supply with medium and small capacity of OLT equipment, PN8603, PN8602 respectively, coordinated with terminal equipment such as ONU/ONT/E2-CMTS equipment to provide complete FTTX access scheme, satisfied the characteristic demand of the users with voice, data, video business needs.

l High speed processing of business: multi-business processing platform, greatly improve the system processing capacity
l Large capacity processing: using 10GE exchange platform, T level backplane capacity
l DBA:support flexible bandwidth allocation and QoS, so as to ensure the quality of service
l High reliability: control and business adopts the double star structure, passive optical network transmission, optical fiber detection, ensure the safety of the network
l Operation and maintenance convenience: no need much maintenance because of passive components used in the system transmission
l XPON compatible platform:system is compatible with EPON、2.5GEPON、10GEPON、GPON、NGPON platform.


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Q:Our network set-top box is disabled?
Set-top box or Android TV installation application method:The live or on-demand installation file (APK) installed in the U disk inside, and then U disk inserted in the set-top box (TV) installed!Live software recommend: TV masters, HDP, blueberry live, gitv, these are CCTV and TV (Phoenix)!Movie: VST, Thai express video on demandThe set-top box - or HDMI - line TV, AV cable TV remote convert AV or HDMISettings - Wireless Settings - find hot spots - enter passwords, or connect directly to a network cable.
Q:How does the Oriental digital set-top box language switch? Now it's only English
The menu of set-top boxes will not be in English, only the TV will appear in English menu, you can enter the menu, find the "Ynglish" option, press the "execute" button to change the Chinese menu.I wish you happy.
Q:Does the cable that connects to the network TV set-top box have to come out from the router?
Third, cable connected set-top boxes and TV connection what is the difference between the first look at both the function of the product development team to develop, optimize and improve the application and so on in place or not, generally similar between the two, secondly, the set-top box is used for using Android to achieve appreciation and use of cyber source, application of multimedia network technology the TV developed brands or general introduction, to realize the appreciation and use of cyber source, or in front of a personal love, each one has its own merits.Well, your hands are killing me. If you have any questions, please ask.If satisfied, please adopt.
Q:How to use network set-top boxes to watch live TV
1, since the broadcasting policy restrictions, the set-top box and TV manufacturers on the market regular to product built-in TV broadcast services are deleted, so the network set-top box can not find basic built-in TV broadcast software.2, however, most of the network set-top box is installed to support the third party Android software; so the user can use U disk to install third party TV set-top box software to watch live TV programs, installation methods are as follows (to install TV cat for example):(1) prepare a U disk and download the installation kit for the TV CAT software on your computer (APK format). When the download is complete, copy the installation package to the root directory of the U disk;(2) insert the U disk into the USB interface of the set-top box;(3) start the TV set and set-top box and enter the main interface of the set-top box;(4) find the file management, press the confirmation key to enter, and then find the external storage device, open, you can see the contents of the U disk;(5) find the installation package for the TV CAT software in the U disk and open it and install it on the set-top box;(6) after installation, return to the main interface of the set-top box and find the TV CAT software. When you open it, you can watch the live / live TV program.
Q:Konka TV how to connect set-top boxes?
3, the allocation of smart cards inserted into the set-top box, pay attention to the direction of insertion and positive and negative, the instructions are illustrated with examples of pictures.4, connect the set-top box power and boot, turn on the TV, switch to the corresponding AV status.
Q:What format movies do cable TV set-top boxes connect to U?
General MP4, mpeg,You can install excellent playback software that is compatible with all formats.Open the program, find the installation software, install the browser, and then search the installation of QQ video and so on, strong function, decoding ability of the player software.If it cannot be installed, contact customer service and let it install for you. Home agreement, there is a customer service phone
Q:The set-top boxes on TV are out of order. How many calls?
1, home agreement, there is a customer service phone.2, the invitation fee receipt should also be there.3, to the business hall cloud consultation. When you go, bring your ID card, your mobile phone number, or invite you to receive the receipt. You can receive the maintenance receipt directly and make maintenance. Maintenance must have set-top box identification and home proof, otherwise, many people may pretend to enjoy the maintenance service, or future repair, do not know your proof of delivery.4, 114 consultation.5, if it's 10000 for Telecom, 10086 for mobile. Select the manual service and explain your detailed account information, such as ID card, mobile phone number, account name and so on. He will arrange a special repair for you. Or give you the phone number.
Q:Unicom TV set-top box error code 102004
Resolvent:Please confirm whether broadband Internet access is normal. If you can not access the Internet, please follow the broadband troubleshooting process. If the Internet is correct, please proceed to step two.Please restart the Modem and set-top boxes. If the fault persists, please proceed to step three.  Check the Modem and cable set-top box is normal, you can view the concrete are respectively connected to the set-top box and the interface of Modem light is green light (green light normal), if the red light, then try to insert or replace the cable tight Modem other port, if the conditions are more for a good cable, restart the set-top box to see whether the problem disappears. If the fault persists, proceed to step four.Please check the broadband and iTV network connection, if you use a router or have the routing function of the Modem, you must first remove the routing, disconnect the computer, a single set-top box directly connected to Modem, restart the set-top box to see whether the problem still exists. If the fault still exists, you can only call Unicom customers, please professional maintenance staff to solve.
Q:TV set, audio amplifier, network set-top box, three how to answer, beg?!
Connect to the network set-top box and TV HDMI HD audio line, lotus head out of the plug in the 3.5MM adapter to the red, white jack, 3.5MM audio output socket adapter inserted in the TV set, or 3.5MM adapter inserted in AV audio output socket network set-top box, select the signal source input in audio power amplifier the corresponding interface. Have a try!
Q:Where is the smart card number of the set-top box?
At the top of the set-top box there is a small grid with the smart card slot. Press that slot will open, you can directly pull out the smart card on it. There's some smart card number on that smart card.

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