EMR DTV-Hardware for Home Application Drive

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EMR DTV-Hardware for Home Application Drive











General Introduction

EMR is designed in full accordance with 3G standard, so it is the world’s only DTV 3G product which follows the truly complete 3G standard. EMR can support any inputs (DVB-S/S2/T/T2/ASI/IP/DS3/E3, etc.), any outputs (DVB-S/S2/T/T2/ASI/IP/DS3/E3, etc), any processing(encoding/decoding/multiplexing/scrambling, etc.) and the combination of all these functions. EMR is one rack-unit (1-RU) signal processing platform with flexible card-insertion structure (6 slots).


• Support flexible combination of any different type of cards
• Massive internal multiplexing: maximum 8.5G data processing
• Maximum 24 IRDs for DVB-S/S2/T/T2 FTA streams
• Maximum 20 IRDs for DVB-S/S2/T/T2 encrypted streams
• Multi-encoding support: SD/HD MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.264
• Maximum 12 programs encoding/decoding
• Maximum 48 programs transcoding
• Maximum 24 QAM outputs
• Maximum 30 ASI inputs or outputs
• Maximum 8 GbE IP inputs/outputs
• Maximum 512 streams scrambling over IP
• Support IPTV and conversion of MPTS from any type of inputs to SPTS
• Maximum 180 programs statistic multiplexing
• Maximum 512 SPTS IP input/output through GbE IP ports
• Support dual-power supply and hot-swap

Function Cards

Encoding/ Transcoding Modules
MPEG-2 Analog SD Encoding Card
MPEG-2 Digital Encoding Card
Dolby AC3 Encoding Card
MPEG-2 Analog Encoding Card
MPEG-2 Digital Encoding Card
MPEG-2 HD Encoding Card
4:2:0 H.264 Encoding Card
H.264 Analog Encoding Card
H.264 Digital Encoding Card
H.264 Low Latency Encoding Card
Multi MPEG-2/H.264 Encoding & Transcoding Card

Decoding Modules
Analog Decoding Card
Digital Decoding Card
Digital HD Decoding Card
HD 4:2:2 Decoding Card

Adapting Modules
DS3 Bi-directional Adapting Card
DS3 Input Card
DVB-T/DTMB Single Frequency Network Adapting Card

ASI Interface Modules
ASI 4 Output Card
ASI 5 Input Card
ASI 5 Input/Output Card

Modulating & Demodulating Modules
DVB-S/S2 Modulation Card
QAM Modulation Card
DVB-T/H Modulation Card
Descrambling Card
DVB-S/S2 Descrambling & Demodulation Receiving Card
ABS-S Descrambling & Demodulation Receiving Card
DVB-T2 Demodulation Receiving Card
DVB-S2 Demodulation Receiving Card
DVB-C Demodulation & Descrambling Card

Switch Modules
ASI Switch Card
DS3 Switch Card
IP Switch Card
RF Switch Card
IP Optical Detection Switch Card
IP Optical Switch Card

Statistic Multiplexing Module
Statistic Multiplexing Card

Other Functional Modules
ATSC M/H Multiplexing Card
EPG Processing Card
T2MI De-multiplexing Card
T2MI Replacement Card
HD SDI Optical Interface Card

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Q:Haier TV le48a700k how to connect high-definition set-top boxes radio and television
Haier TV le48a700k method for connecting radio and TV set top box:1, first, the cable signal line (white) is connected to the signal input port of the backboard of the set-top box;2 and then connect the set-top boxes and TVs with audio lines and video lines [audio, red and white], video lines (yellow), and corresponding colors.Attached: audio and video cable    If set-top boxes and televisions are high definition, you can also use high-definition multimedia interface line (HDMI line) to connect the TV and HD set-top box HDMI interface.Attached: high definition multimedia interface line    
Q:Where is the set-top box smart card?
In front of the set-top box, from the front view to the right, there is a grid, with the hand pulled down, down opened, you see the card. Turn off the power before they can take the card out!Different location, set-top boxes are slightly different, but about the same! You can find it carefully!
Q:How does the learning area of the set-top box remote control learn the Hisense intelligent remote controller?
Dear Hisense users, Hello!First of all, make sure that your set-top box remote control has a TV control area. The following is to illustrate the specific learning process by learning the power button of the TV set.To hold the set-top box remote control "Settings" button (about 2 seconds), the red light from dark to light after the release of the "Settings" button, the red indicator light.The control area of the "power" button click on the set-top box remote control TV, the LED flashes, said into learning mode, waiting for the signal to learn.Will the TV remote infrared emission head at the set-top box remote infrared emission head (1 - 4 cm). Press and hold the TV remote control "power" button, until the set-top box remote control red indicator light flashes 3, then become "normal", indicating that the signal has been received, learning success.How can the other step, according to the above method to study other keys.The "Settings" button, then press the red indicator lamp can be used normally.Such as a key is not normal, can follow the steps above to learn again.Because set-top boxes, models and TV models are not clear, do not rule out the phenomenon of some functions can not be realized. Hope to help you, I wish you a happy life.
Q:Who will use the TV set top box for TV playback? What about a step?
According to the remote center of the green button, enter the menu, select the horizontal TV recording, after entering the first TV, Beijing TV sports channel, select the date, according to the page+ page buttons on the remote control right under the 100 program to find the football press OK, can play (in - Home - arrow - TV see - - determine the up and down arrow - program - Determination of play)More questions may focus on WeChat's "enjoyment of home appliances" further questions
Q:HUAWEI set-top box remote control learning how to use
According to the setting of the learning area, the key indicator light is always on, and the keys to be learned are one-to-one correspondence. The remote control window presses the remote control window simultaneously, and the indicator lamp flashes and stops. After the study, press the setting button to press out the indicator light. Keys without learning are re taught.
Q:How is the IPTV Set-top Box upgraded?
Yes, it is automatically upgraded, and the landlord is right
Q:Millet set-top boxes there is no TV broadcast software, how to install?
3, and then download 360 mobile TV assistant mobile phone version and install completed.4, after the installation is complete, open the mobile phone on the 360 TV assistant software, the software will automatically search with Android network equipment, find millet box, click on the link in the millet box of my application will appear 360 TV assistant, intelligent mobile phone will prompt a successful connection, also showed that the name "millet millet box box".
Q:How does TV connect set-top boxes and WiFi?
3, the allocation of smart cards inserted into the set-top box, pay attention to the direction of insertion and positive and negative, the instructions are illustrated with examples of pictures.4, connect the set-top box power and boot, turn on the TV, switch to the corresponding AV status.If none of the above, it is necessary to find operators (dealers) to deal with (repair, etc.), ask where the smart card.
Q:Can radio and TV broadband network TV set top box be used?
Can be used, but the three trillion together with the card, the general network set-top box at least four trillion or more
Q:Millet set-top box maintenance, how to solve?
Wired to your set-top box property rights belong to cable TV station, you let the cable people to repair you, free of charge; if he does not repair, you are threatening not to see.

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