EMR DTV-Hardware for Home Application Drive

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EMR DTV-Hardware for Home Application Drive











General Introduction

EMR is designed in full accordance with 3G standard, so it is the world’s only DTV 3G product which follows the truly complete 3G standard. EMR can support any inputs (DVB-S/S2/T/T2/ASI/IP/DS3/E3, etc.), any outputs (DVB-S/S2/T/T2/ASI/IP/DS3/E3, etc), any processing(encoding/decoding/multiplexing/scrambling, etc.) and the combination of all these functions. EMR is one rack-unit (1-RU) signal processing platform with flexible card-insertion structure (6 slots).


• Support flexible combination of any different type of cards
• Massive internal multiplexing: maximum 8.5G data processing
• Maximum 24 IRDs for DVB-S/S2/T/T2 FTA streams
• Maximum 20 IRDs for DVB-S/S2/T/T2 encrypted streams
• Multi-encoding support: SD/HD MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.264
• Maximum 12 programs encoding/decoding
• Maximum 48 programs transcoding
• Maximum 24 QAM outputs
• Maximum 30 ASI inputs or outputs
• Maximum 8 GbE IP inputs/outputs
• Maximum 512 streams scrambling over IP
• Support IPTV and conversion of MPTS from any type of inputs to SPTS
• Maximum 180 programs statistic multiplexing
• Maximum 512 SPTS IP input/output through GbE IP ports
• Support dual-power supply and hot-swap

Function Cards

Encoding/ Transcoding Modules
MPEG-2 Analog SD Encoding Card
MPEG-2 Digital Encoding Card
Dolby AC3 Encoding Card
MPEG-2 Analog Encoding Card
MPEG-2 Digital Encoding Card
MPEG-2 HD Encoding Card
4:2:0 H.264 Encoding Card
H.264 Analog Encoding Card
H.264 Digital Encoding Card
H.264 Low Latency Encoding Card
Multi MPEG-2/H.264 Encoding & Transcoding Card

Decoding Modules
Analog Decoding Card
Digital Decoding Card
Digital HD Decoding Card
HD 4:2:2 Decoding Card

Adapting Modules
DS3 Bi-directional Adapting Card
DS3 Input Card
DVB-T/DTMB Single Frequency Network Adapting Card

ASI Interface Modules
ASI 4 Output Card
ASI 5 Input Card
ASI 5 Input/Output Card

Modulating & Demodulating Modules
DVB-S/S2 Modulation Card
QAM Modulation Card
DVB-T/H Modulation Card
Descrambling Card
DVB-S/S2 Descrambling & Demodulation Receiving Card
ABS-S Descrambling & Demodulation Receiving Card
DVB-T2 Demodulation Receiving Card
DVB-S2 Demodulation Receiving Card
DVB-C Demodulation & Descrambling Card

Switch Modules
ASI Switch Card
DS3 Switch Card
IP Switch Card
RF Switch Card
IP Optical Detection Switch Card
IP Optical Switch Card

Statistic Multiplexing Module
Statistic Multiplexing Card

Other Functional Modules
ATSC M/H Multiplexing Card
EPG Processing Card
T2MI De-multiplexing Card
T2MI Replacement Card
HD SDI Optical Interface Card

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Q:Old TCL TV set top box installation tutorial
4, the rear panel with signal input, signal ring out, RCA interface, S- terminals, SPDIF terminals, RS-232 six portsWhen connecting to the RCA connector, the common major problem is on the television:5, the TV RCA port due to a long time without relaxation, resulting in forced insertion of audio and video lotus head joint damage.
Q:Why is there no signal after the TV set-top box is switched on?
After the set-top box is installed, the TV shows no signal, because the connection is not correct or the TV is not switched to the corresponding signal source mode.It is recommended that you reconnect and set up in the following ways:1. The digital TV signal line is inserted into the signal input interface of the digital TV set top box. If there is a smart card, the smart card is inserted into the slot of the set-top box;2, the use of AV cable, AV interface plug into TV, AV interface, the other end is inserted into the digital TV set-top box, plug and pay attention to correspond to the color of the interface;3, press the TV/AV button of the remote control, and switch the TV signal source to AV mode to display the picture of the set-top box, indicating that the TV set and the set-top box have been successfully connected;4, then you can use the set-top box remote control operation, the implementation of automatic search table, after the search station is completed, you can begin to watch digital TV programs.
Q:How does Konka smart TV connect with internet set-top boxes?
2, and then use the high definition multimedia interface line (HDMI line) to connect the set-top box and the LCD TV, just need to HDMI line is connected with the set-top box, the other end is inserted into the TV to high definition multimedia interface.High definition multimedia interface lines are shown below:
Q:Digital TV set-top box remote control and TV remote control docking unsuccessful?
Turn off the TV and the digital TV. Turn it on again
Q:Can the set-top boxes be adjustable?
The set-top box is not clear, but you can choose the clarity of the playback source.
Q:How can set-top boxes receive wireless signals from routers?
After the wireless router is set up, the wireless network can be connected through the set-top box.The setting method is as follows:1. Set up the set-top box and TV set before setting.2, use the remote control to move to the settings, click [OK].3, enter the settings interface, click on [network settings] - [network settings].4, click into [WIFI connection] after entering.5, in the choice of connection mode, you can choose "automatic access" or "static address].When you select the automatic access, the connected wireless network will be displayed. After you select it, click the link to enter the password, then you can connect it properly.The static address needs to input the network segment of the wireless router, gateway, DNS and so on. You must enter a password when you are connected normally.6, connection success.
Q:Suzhou Galaxy brand set-top box remote control (Shenzhen beauty home) how to learn TV remote control board?.
No more than 30 seconds, no operation, automatic withdrawal from learning status mode.In the process of learning, if not learn the correct code, the corresponding LED only after flash back to flicker. At this point, you can continue to learn the function until you learn the correct remote control code.The key is: Learning in learning state, learning to the remote control code storage. In the non learning state, press the button of the learning section,The corresponding LED flashes, and the remote control code is transmitted according to the mode.
Q:Classification of set top boxes
The narrow sense only include digital set-top box equipment, according to the standard can be divided into digital satellite set-top box (DVB-S), European standard digital terrestrial set-top box (DVB-T), GB terrestrial digital set-top box (DTMB), digital cable TV set-top box (DVB-C). It can be divided into one-way set-top boxes, two-way set-top boxes and IPTV set-top boxes according to functions.
Q:As TV, can you pick up the set-top boxes at home?
Yes, but if you have a network, you can watch live TV for free, and you will pay for radio and television programs every year
Q:How to install a set-top box?
Insert the three lines behind the TV, match the colors and insert the closed line onto the set-top box

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